Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's New Year's Eve!

Christmas has just passed us by and tomorrow, we are about to tear off our last page of the 2008 calender!

For me, I'm to count down in my teacher's place tonight with all my choir pals.

Did you know that Each year on New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square in Manhattan, New York City, a time ball made of crystal and electric lights is raised to the top of a pole on the One Times Square building and then lowered to mark the coming of the New Year. The Ball descends 77 feet (23 meters) over the course of a minute, coming to rest at the bottom of its pole at 12:00am. Toshiba's Times Square billboard directly below the Ball counts down to midnight as well.

Cool, huh?

In Japan, people celebrate the new year from the 1st of January to the 3rd.

Before the New Year, homes are cleaned, debts are paid off, and osechi (food in lacquered trays for the New Year) is prepared or bought. Osechi foods are traditional foods which are chosen for their lucky colors, shapes, or lucky-sounding names in hopes of obtaining good luck in various areas of life during the new year.

People try to stay awake and eat toshikoshisoba, which is soba noodles that would be eaten to at midnight. People also visit Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Traditionally three shrines or temples are visited.

London has a major fireworks display along the River Thames, followed by a parade on New Year's Day.

So to all, Happy New Year and wish you a great year ahead of you! I wish that you will have the courage and strength to knock over your troubles. Usher in the new year with a brand new start, a brand new perception and a brand new attitude! =) Peace to the world and love to all nations!

GOOD LUCK & HAPPY NEW YEAR!! See you again, next year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

26th December...

Err... I guess this is a more correct translation of Merry Christmas...

Before I go, I would like to confess. Remember I telling you that I like the Jonas Brothers not mostly because of their songs but their personality? Well, as most JB fans, they should know that Nick Jonas was the one to actually come out with an album when he was about 11 or 12. And his voice back then was really phenomenal! You can go search it on Youtube. His voice back then is way better than it is now... =)
So again! Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, Y'All!

Hear ye! Hear ye! It's Christmas! But.. It doesn't snow... =_=

I remember exactly last year, my family and me were on our way to my grandpa's place for a Christmas party from Pangkor. Most of our time spent last Christmas was in the car...

Well, as for this year, I kinda got into the Christmas spirit by go caroling with my fellow choristers but I'm still not in the Christmas mood. Everything here is dull and un-Christmas-sy..

Last night, my dad made last minute plans to go to Genting to spend the rest of our Christmas Eve. As usual, it was packed and everyone there was wearing a Christmas cap or the reindeer's antennas. I met 1 of my choir pals there and my family just walked around, taking pictures and ended up counting down in Starbucks where I enjoyed my Iced Green Tea Latte..! I lurve Latte!!! =)

For those who are curious about what I've got for Christmas... I've only got a bag with music notes printed on it from my piano teacher who gives us Christmas presents every year.. And... Nothing else! T.T Christian told me that he got a laptop for Christmas! How cool is that?!

When I went to KLCC to watch MPO perform The Lord of the Rings: A Symphony, I dropped by the Sony Digital Shop and I was wandering through the laptops and fell in love with a pink laptop! Pink wasn't exactly my favourite colour, but I loved it!

Ok, about Christmas, what do you know about it? This is what I know.

  • It's celebrated by Christians and Non-Christians all over the world, to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Some people celebrate it on the 7th of January.
  • Saint Nicholas but more widely known as Santa Claus who lives in the North Pole will take his sleigh pulled by reindeer and send out presents made by the elves in his factory to the children on the Nice List according to what they've wished for. Climbing down chimneys and place the presents under the Christmas tree or in stocking placed near the fire place. Eat the cookies and drink the milk left by children, and be off to the next home.
  • There are traditions that one should kiss under a mistletoe.
  • There are 12 days of Christmas.
  • Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ in a simple stable in Bethlehem.
  • The candy cane is a candy shaped like an old man's walking stick, with red and white stripes. It's given out on Christmas.
  • Christmas pudding!
  • Christmas caroling is those who spread the joyous mood of Christmas / the good news that Jesus Christ is born by singing. That's us! =P
  • There's also the Yule log... Which I'm not sure what it's for... Burning, I guess...

Here are how you say Merry Christmas in different languages! I'm not sure if it's correct 'cuz I just used the Yahoo! Translator.. =_=

  • 圣诞节快乐!(Chinese)
  • Selamat Hari Natal! (Malay)
  • Vrolijke Kerstmis! (Dutch)
  • Joyeux Noël! (French)
  • Frohe Weihnachten! (German)
  • Χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα! (Greek)
  • Buon Natale! (Italian)
  • メリークリスマス! (Japanese)
  • 즐거운 성탄! (Korean)
  • Feliz Natal! (Portuguese)
  • С Рождеством Христовым! (Russian)
  • ¡Feliz Navidad! (Spanish)

Merry Christmas to all! And a Happy New Year! =)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hell Camp...

I'm not sure if it's purely coincidence or not, but when I mentioned that I'm going to Choir Camp with the Chung Hua choristers for 6 days, full of practice, I told her that this was pure Hell..

I got so shocked when I saw the theme of this camp... =_=

But anyway, this 6 days was tiring yet it was something new for me. I've never been in such intense practice like that before.

Although the schedule for the 6 days were merely different, wake up at 6 or 7, exercise, breakfast, choir practice, lunch, rest, choir practice, dinner, sleep... =_+ We have to wake up at the breaking of dawn and run around the school for 2 rounds, or the field for 2 rounds... and their school is so darn HUGE!

So, I just wanna thank all Chung Hua Chorister! Thanks to all who made this camp, scary AND memorable... Although I wasn't really looking forward to this camp, but I felt a little sad when we have to leave. Thanks to our great group leader, 健升! "Sorry... Sorry... Sorry..." Haha! This is what he always say... Thanks for the drinks and the 'sacrifice' you made for us when we play station games... *Taking off his shirt to make our "line" longer...* =P Woot! Haha! And all Altos of Chong Hua and La Voce... Joshua, who made our free time more "meaningful" with all that gossip... =) Ah Ju Ju, the hyperactive Tenor... The teachers and committee members... Thank you!

My back and all those joints are aching and thighs are crazily facing Oxygen Debt after this 6 days of sleeping on the floor.. Sorry, Qiao Fang if I disturbed you when I sleep... I know that I'm not that "quiet" when I sleep.. Haha! My voice have also turn sexy and deep... Muahaha... Call me if you wanna know how I sound, but mind you! It will only last a few days la...

Even bathing is a HUGE problem for us...

I've also met many friends in camp, just like every camp. But the only difference is that we all share the same passion in music. If there's any unfavourable things that have happened between LV and CH, I would like to sincerely apologize!

Before I sign off, please support our concert this coming Feb! Beautiful Tones - entwined by John Rutter and Lu Zai Yi... Contact me if you are interested! Please, please, please support us! In better words, I would like to invite you guys to join us on a musical journey to the East and the West, blending in perfectly in music... =)

Hehe... Thanks! =)

Signing off! Tataz!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Leehom Craze!

Leehom's new songs... Loved all of them!

So long, pals!

In less than 24 hours, 3 of my besties will be flying their way off to the land of the rising sun...

I'm gonna miss them... T.T I won't be receving their sms-es wishing me Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year... But they'll be having a great time there, I'm pretty positive about that! =P

But! I'll keep reminding myself that I will have prezzies from them when they get back! Wooohoooo! Hehe...

Plus, my parents are already in Shanghai now.. Leaving us 4 brats at home.. Haha! And, more prezzies from them! =P

I'll be going to Choir Camp soon too... Hoping that it'll be fun and memorable.. Keeping my fingers crossed..

*Sigh!* I guess I'll be spending the rest of my days at home and start touching the holiday homework that I'm supposed to hand in when school reopens... LAZY~~~ T.T

ps: Leehom's Hearbeat!!! Can't wait for it to come out in stores, 26th Dec! A day after Christmas! How great is that?! And yea, BUH BYE, MAGZ!!!!!!! (fro the Chatbox)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is going to be very short post..

So it's basically about my obsessions for my past few days. And an obsession to me is searching everything I can on the youtube and wikipedia. What's great about youtube is that there's those links beside the video and the list is never-ending! I can go on watching for hours and hours...

Yesterday: Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Corpse Bride [Victor's Piano Solo and the Piano Duet] searching for the piano scores.

Today: Still... Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Harry Potter/Cedric Diggory rather, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the piano scores of River Flows into You, Kiss the rain and Love Me by a Korean composer, Yiruma...

Ok! That's for now, bye!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008



我還在煩惱,應不應該買臺灣版的專輯。因爲通常,臺灣版的預購禮物迴避本地的好幾百倍!就像上一張專輯改變自己一樣,臺灣版的預購禮物是一雙很炫的環保筷,而本地只是一件衣服。=_= 但是麻煩的是,臺灣版的蠻貴的!雖然是400台幣(RM40),但是加進郵費就大概是RM60了!原本說要賣給我的大姐卻説她不願意付那麽多錢!他只要買大馬版的~ T.T

加上,臺灣版的專輯不能在大馬簽唱會時給力宏簽名。我因該不會再買一模一樣,大馬版的專輯, 爲了要給他簽名吧?好奢侈!煩惱中!!!

王力宏的「心.跳」TEASER 12/8在各大電視台開始跳動,12/26正式發行。期待以久的樂迷朋友可以在12/12全省唱片行跟7-11開始搶先預購。為了答謝王力宏歌迷的熱情支持,此次專輯預購分為兩個版本一是『心跳浪漫版王力宏』包括”心跳銀刻戒指+心跳時刻明信片”,另一個版本是『心跳寫真版王力宏』內容物包括”2009寫真年曆+2008事紀寫真本”。想要蒐藏最真的王力宏嗎?那你一定不能錯過王力宏2008年的最新專輯 「心.跳」。

A) 7-11『心跳浪漫版王力宏』包括”心跳銀刻戒指+心跳時刻明信片”[Xin.Tiao Romance Version] include - Silver Ring + Postcard

B)CD SHop『 心跳寫真版王力宏』內容物包括”2009寫真年曆+2008事紀寫真本”。[Xin. Tiao Biography Version] include 2009 LeeHom Calender + 2008 Biography Book.

好吧!就不多說!現在就給你下載王力宏的新歌,心跳,的link.. Enjoy!

ps: the album will be releasing a month before my bday! Muahaha.. Yea well, it's a long time too la..


詞 : 王力宏 易家揚
曲 : 王力宏

想跟我吵架 我沒那麼無聊
不懂得道歉 我沒那麼聰明

你又在哭泣 我給不了安慰
我又在搖頭 有那麼點後悔

但身不由己出現在胸口 兩顆心能塞幾個問號

逆轉時光到一開始 能不能給一秒


Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy weekends!

witThis whole Genting trip was really a last minute trip! It was decided almost in less than 24 hours. And I just came back from Ling Wee's house that evening...

On Saturday, I went Christmas Caroling when I don't need to. So I called up Qiao Fang and told her that I will be going. She asked me to call Cheng Syin and Joyce to come too. So when I called Cheng Syin, she said that she will be going to Genting with Joyce. I wanted to go since I was so bored. So I called up Joyce to... And the trip is ON!

Basically, this trip was to just attend a dinner which I don't have a clue was about before. J just informed us to bring some suitable dresses for dinner.

After Caroling, we sat J's parents car up to Genting. I actually lied to teacher that I have to go back to Klang to perform that night (which I actually really have to, but cancelled) to be able to go to Genting and not going to practice with Chung Hwa... =P But she actually called my cell the next day! I was in line to go on the roller coaster when she called. All 3 of us freaked out... =_= And ignored her call... Shhhh!!!

She called like, 3 times... Gosh!

After the dinner the night before, we changed into our casual wear and went out to breath some fresh, mountain air... Cool~ J and me even bought Starbucks! She was crazy enough to order the a Venti Frappacinno, which was the largest cup which cost me RM17! I ordered the Dark Cherry something, a Christmas drink, and it wasn't so good... So I traded with J, who ordered the Toffee Nut something something.

We were 3 girls who went crazy, drinking a cup of iced coffee and standing in the cold, night air...

The next morning, we were planning to buy the outdoor ticket (which I was quite reluctant, because I didn't have that much money), and I was lucky enough to escape cuz the counter said that it's too misty and all rides are closed... So we bought the indoor ride.

J and I went to try the Laser Mirror Maze where it's similar to those villains who wants to steal precious antiques or jewellary and need to pass through a maze of lazer beams. If we touches the lazer beam, the alarm will go off... Hehe, quite thrilling, but the game is too short.

Bah... Too lazy to tell the rest and I'm sure that you don't want to read anymore of it.

So, I've watched Twilight, downloaded it. It was not bad, all about romance and vampires. Frankly speaking, Robert Pattinson, who played Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the GOF, wasn't that good looking in that movie. I liked him more in HP4 and thought that it was really a pity for him to only come out in one movie of HP.

I've just borrowed to book from YYV and have start reading a few of the pages.

The amazing and wonderful thing of reading is that I can imagine the settings and characters in my mind while I read. So after watching the movie, I can actually think of Edward and Bella like in the movie. Edward's messy, blonde hair ( in the book, auburn hair), gorgeous eyes which changes colour (Coal black to Golden Brown), his muscular body and his pale, icy-cold appearance. Bella's long, black hair, slender body, and those misty eyes...

Many said that the book is better than the movie, a lot better... I'm looking forward to the next movie and hope to read the book, New Moon. According to websites, it already started filming and I hope that it would be better than Twilight. =)


ps: Gosh! December December, the fastest month in a year... It will be January in a blink of an eye! Help! Form 4-ers, get ready to stand into the battlefield...! CHARGE!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Air...

Ahhh... I just love this song! =) Jordin Sparks Ft. Chris Brown

I know that I'm not those who listen to the lastest songs and this song has been on the radio for quite some time... But I'm sure that many still loved this song and listen to it. Plus, I just fell in love with it! Jordin Sparks, the 1st runner up of American Idol! And she was only 16 when she auditioned! Gosh... Wish I have such a mind-blowing voice!

She' really a great person to be with too! Down to earth and a lovely lady!

"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air
Can't live can't breathe with no air
It's how I feel whenever you aint there
Theres no air no air

Got me out here in the water so deep
Tell me how you gone breathe without me
If you aint here I just can't breathe
Theres no air no air" *swoons!* =3

Another song of her's, Tattoo

"I can't waste time so give it a moment
I realize, nothing's broken
No need to worry 'bout everything I've done
Live every second like it was my last one
Don't look back at a new direction
I loved you once, needed protection
You're still a part of everything I do
You're on my heart just like a tattoo"

Also, there's David Archuletta, also known as Archie! The 2nd runner up of the latest season of American Idol. Another young artist but too has a great voice! =) There's his song, Crush...

Ok, so back to myself.

Lately, the row of Christmas caroling has just begun. It's quite the 1st time I've joined the my choir and go for caroling. But since this year, I'm gonna be left home behind by my parents while they go to Shanghai. The previous years was always spending time together going for holidays, like last year, we went to Pangkor. And the year before, we went to Bangkok. This year, I'm stuck at home...

So, I went caroling and it was quite nice. Despite some weird looks from the people in the mall when we walk around singing jolly tunes, it was nice.. =P Not to mention tired... =_= But we even have to perform that night for the Subang Music Festival... Worn out! Awww.... My feet are killing me that night when I went home 12 hours after I went out that morning. We still have to kill our brain cells to memorize those song lyrics... The snow...! It was a nice song, but the lyrics are weird and we have a not-really-professional-pianist who usually performs solo and never plays accompaniment before. He got the stage all to himself!

He should be looking at my teacher while he plays! But instead, he was drowning in his own world, playing a deadly slow speed, adding the boring-ness of the whole already-very-slow song... =_=

I've performed a duet with him before and it was such a torture! Not to mention performing after a few 3 days of practising! GOSH!

Err... I'll probably not mention the malls that we will go for Christmas Caroling... But I love the uniform-like clothes that we wear! It's a red vest with a white shirt with a collar and a white skirt... Nice! It would look great for a school uniform. But we students will suffer from the heat... =_=

So, I'll most probably start to take driving lessons after my birthday! ps: My bday's in January! And this year, it's the day jsut before CNY! Yesh!

I don't know if I should be excited or scared of this cause learning to drive may not really be a nice thing... Parents will nag to bring your younger sister or brother to and fro from the tuition centres or run errands for them... And, the road is quite a dangerous place.... Choi! Choi! Choi! *slaps!*

So before I go, I would like to congratulate all who has officially graduated from High School by finishing their SPM's! Yay! =) But it's an Oh-oh for me.... T_T And I would like to wish YYF, Ivy, Chua, LLW, Mum and Dad a safe and pleasant trip to... Wherever you all are going... =_= Erm, YYF -> Aussie, Ivy, Chua & LLW -> Nippon, Mama and Dada -> Shanghai. Me -> Christmas Caroling, Choir Music Camp and HOME... Just GGRRRREEEEAAAATTT... =_=

Still desperate to FLYYYY~~~!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Desperate to FLY!

I'm ready to FLY~!

T.T Everyone around me seems to be going off to enjoy the last few weeks of the holidays!

Mum and Dad are going to Shanghai without me... *Sobs!* I wanna go to Shanghai! Especially after watching 命中 which has some scenes in Shanghai... Hehe! I know some will call me dumb, but I will go anywhere in the world! At least take 1 step in every country on the the face of the Earth...

The 3 musketeers are going to Nippon, leaving me behind... Pitiful me~ Hey, you 3! I expect 3 prezzies from 3 of you, huh? =P and I'll be waiting for Wee's postcard.. Ehehe! Now, I can have 3 postcards from 3 different countries! From Germany, Norway and Japan! Actually, I can get another 1 from the USA, but it was sent in August yet it haven't reach my place! Chris, did you get the address right?! Lol... Maybe it got lost in the letters... Sigh!

By the way, the postcards from Germany and Norway are both from Christian. Thanks! =)

Do you get the exhilarating feeling and the urge to quickly rip off the envelope when you see it has your name on it? It's not everyday that I can get a letter from snail-mail... I'm quite fed up with E-mail's actually. Never get exited to check my inbox... Plus, receiving REAL letters really makes my day... =)

I'm lately listening a lot of Jordin Sparks'. No Air, Tattoo and I love One Step At A Time! The sound of the high heels walking at the intro... Gosh! Sounds sexy! =P *Pardon me if I sound.. Err.. Not myself and I know that I don't usually use words like that... *

In a nutshell, I just wanna FLY! Don't know when can I feel on top of the world on the plane... The last time I saw clouds up close was when I was on my way to Bali.. When will the next time be? Wish that it will be pretty soon!

And, sad to say that I will most probably lose another chance to fly! This time, it's to Korea. Not because of choir, but it's because of the dumb SPM that I will have to take next year. And this time, it's because of choir that we will FLY there. Knowing that I couldn't go, teacher still ordered me to look up on the information about the competition that will be held there... How could she?! Haha... Bah.. Since I'm the one who's usually translating for the choir, I have no choice.. If only Joyce is good in both English and Chinese! *sigh!*

Bah... Now, pitiful me can only enjoy the last few weeks of the last year end holidays that I can really relax since we ex-Form 4-ers will be having our SPM next year! *gasps!*

ps: AirAsia is finally flying to LONDON! Yay! It looks cheaper than MAS flights... When will I set foot on the land of the Olden English?? I'll never know... But Tian Yu promised to sponsor me~! Haha... Although he said that he'll only sponsor my 1 way flight... =_=

*drifts off, heads down, dreaming of FLYING...*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Choir in my eyes...

Another year is nearly over. And, my choir is active all over again! Just like last year's year end holiday, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before... ... It's like I can't enjoy my holidays! Because of practice, music camp, performances, this and that, I can't go anywhere during the year end holidays! At least I can give them a reason to go off at Christmas, and not go Christmas carolling with them.

I missed my chance to go to Shang Hai with my parents because of that, I also missed my chance to go to Phuket with them, I even missed my chance to go to my cousin's wedding dinner because of that!! I haven't make any sacrifices?! What do you call all the things that I've missed then? Something not important?!

I know that many in our choir have made more sacrifices that I do because of their devotion and dedication for La Voce. But I don't think I didn't make any sacrifices to it. I regret making these sacrifices for them...

Whenever I can't go for any performances, she would give me that face... She always say that everyone is important in a choir. Not that I'm an important person there, but I don't think that people won't sing when I'm not performing with them!

But, surely, there was also good times. After every performance or concert, there's a great feeling of satisfaction in all of us. No matter how bad or how good our performance is, we tried our best.

The feeling when we heard that we got into the finals during the World Choir Competition in Xiamen, China 2006 was really undescribable in words. Most of the girls, including me, screamed with tears of joy in our eyes. We've earned what we got after all the hard work. We've been practising so hard and our teacher even got angry during practice. All our hard work has bring us to what we have today. 1 Gold and 2 Silvers! =)

Joining a choir was the best thing that happened to me in my life! It made we realize what music was and how important it is to my life...

However, I sometimes feel like giving up this choir and go to another, like most of the ex-choir members did. Some got sick and tired of her attitude and decided to leave the group.

But I feel that it is the most irresponsible thing to do. It's like leaving someone that you've been together with for so many years because of it's fame and fortune, but has become not as famous as before, for another more successful one.

So, for those who know any boys who are interested in singing in a choir, please contact me! =P

We are desperate for boys to join since may of the choir boy members from Tenor and Bass has left to further their studies. Hehe...

But first, let me state that it isn's something sissy or whatever you boys think if you join a choir!Even Leehom was once in a choir! =P And, boys who can really perform music, like playing a musical instrument really well or even sing really well, can really win the heart of girls around you! That's why singers or performers have so many fans huh? =P Now's your chance, boys! Show the ladies what you can really do!

Lend me a helping hand and help me gather more boys to join us! Haha!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


First, I would like to say that after posting up videos of Leehom, my blog looks a little... Errm... Untidy... ^^' So I decided to take it down... Some might be sooo relieved, saying "Ahh! Finally! She learns!" Lol... But, no! Leehom will be back... Very soon!!! Muahaha!

Why am I nostalgic? I just realized that because I have been doing stuff lately that I have not done in a long time and misses the days...

As it is so obvious, that I've already cut my hair short.. And that picture in my last post made me look.... Round, plump, mushroom-like.. What else? Oh yea... I almost forgot... Fat! T.T

Back to the nostalgic part.

For some who doesn't know, I just kept my hair long when I started Form 1. I've been waiting for that day for ages! We are not supposed to have long hair in our primary school, unless you have a letter stating that you learn ballet. I envied those girls with long hair so much because they can have cute hair clips and show off in school... They look prettier and more lady like too... Haha! I was so desperate to have long hair that I sometimes even think of asking my mum to fake a letter so that I could keep my hair long. But, my mum firmly said no... She said that I could only keep my hair when I got into Form 1... I kept imagining myself having long, shiny,jet black hair! Ahh... How much I longed for that very day to come!

So Form 1 finally came and I was over joyed! I kept my hair long and didn't really care about it anymore... Since in Form 1, almost every girls will be keeping their hair long. I wasn't the one standing out and it wasn't something to be proud of...

Until now, when Rihanna started to make Bobs the latest hair style, everyone seems to be cutting their hair short... So, I have the urge to cut it short again since then... Not because it's the latest fashion. It's just because it have been quite a while since I see myself in the mirror with my hair short and I wonder how I will look in that... But I was uncertain with my decision, afraid that I would look weird after that haircut...

Until one day when I came across a magazine which says that even those with round faces, like me, can cut my hair short. Just keep my hair's length below my chin. So I finally gathered enough courage to go for a haircut. And.... ta-da! My new look! But most commented that I look like a mushroom... I don't know if that's a compliment, but thanks... =_=

I think that that picture made me look fat because the hair stylist blew my hair inwards and made me look puffy.. But it looks ok now...

Another nostalgic thing is that I suddenly talked about my primary school teachers with my mum. And since she was a teacher there and knew most of the teachers there, she always talks a lot when it comes to the things that she know and I doens't. For example, she went to Shangri-la and Yun Nan with my cousins and 'abandoned' us at home. When she came back, she told us almst everything about the trip. Hmph! Jealous! And when she looks at pictures showing Yun Nan or Shangri-la, she would start blabbering about her trip again... @_@

So about primary school, I found my class picture taken 4 years ago when we were in primary 6M. Everyone looked so different! O.o Especially those boys... They looked so cute back then! Lol... All short and cute looking! Haha!

I wanted to scan it but I didn't know how to use the scanner at home... Until I figure out a way to use it, you maybe wouldn't be able to see the picture. Maybe LLW can help to upload it for me...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ta-da! New Haircut!!!

My new haircut!
Weird right?? =_=

Prezzie for Mr Lee, our 'beloved' add maths teacher.. Hah! Dolly bought the frame but I came up with this BRILLIANT idea!!! =P

All About Leehom!

Yay! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! This chant can go on forever!!! =P

*Before I start, for those who don't really wanna read this can skip this post.. Hehe! I'm just blogging out of the blue... =P *

I've just stop by HOManiacs' forum and realized how much I've missed Leehom!!! T.T

Leehom's so unfair! *Sorry!* But he went to Singapore for a concert and not back here in Malaysia, Truely Asia! He seriously said that when he was thanking his LOYAL fans from Malaysia~ And, I'm also proud to be a HOManiac because we have our own special name! For example, for the China fanclub, they have OurHome China, for Indonesia, OurHome Indonesia, OurHome Singapore and .... But! We are the HOManiacs!! Yay! And we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary! 10 years of continuous support for Leehom! =)

Leehom! Please! If you are reading this, come stop by Malaysia to have a concert!! Lol.. As if he will really read my post! Maybe in my wildest dreams! And I DO hope my wildest dreams will somehow come true!

I'll be posting some of Leehom's videos here if you all don't mind... Haha! And if you DO mind, I don't really care!!! =P I'll just stick it here and take it down whenever I want to...

Before I leave, I would like to congratulate Leehom for making it a wonderful night for all who attended Music Man, Leehom's concert in Singapore! Yay! And Leehom, bring on your passion of music to Malaysia lah! We will surely welcome you! Selamat Datang! Haha! And, I would like to congratulate Leehom for being able to conduct the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for 3 shows! December 22 to 24! According to, accepting a baton especially made for him will be his early Christmas present!

Awww! Come and conduct for MPO or KL Pac then! =P Even your teacher has conducted for us before!! Go ask for his opinion!! Muahahahaha!

*continues to day dream about Leehom and bugging Dolly to watch his videos sent to her... =P *

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Having too much to say

Even by owning a blog, I still have lots to say that I can't really spill it all out here. Many thoughts come to me in only a short time of 24 hours and didn't really have the space in my mind to remember all that. So here was what I thought of and do today:

1. I want to just drop of everything and go to a beach where there are sandy beaches, clear blue skies, deep blue oceans and a not-too-shabby chalet, just on the shore. Far enough so that I can still hear the waves hitting the shores, composing a calming and relaxing lullaby to bring me to my slumber.

I've recently read and watched a book and a drama all about the sea. First, is the book that I just bought. It's called 小天堂 Little Paradise by 邓秀茵. I have to admit that, even though it's not really a good book, but I imaginations soared when I read this book. It's about a 12 year old girl, anxious to grow up, having a long holiday and working at her uncle's small beach motel. A human mind will think about the place and what's happening in the story as it is really happening and use our imagination to think about it. Having the setting of the story at the beach, I've thought about my perfect beach for that one day which I used to finish the whole story.

And, I've been on another drama since I finished 命中注定我爱你. It's called Wayward Kenting 我在垦丁*天气晴. You remember how I loved Youtube? I found the whole drama (I think) on Youtube and it made me loved Youtube more! The main actor of the drama is Eddie Peng 彭于晏, Ethan Ruan 阮经天 from 命中 and other 2 actress that I've seen before but still don't get their names, yet. Kenting is in Southern Taiwan and a surfer's paradise and the whole drama (I think) takes place there. That makes me even more longing to spend my next 2 months of long vacation there! If you ask me to choose from the beach or the highlands, I would rather choose the beach... =)

2. After finishing the movie, Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, I liked that movie as it teaches us to believe in the unbelievable and make the impossibles possible.

But unfortunately, it didn't receive great reviews about the whole movie. The critics said that it is not a good movie for the kids because it teaches the kids about death. I mean, yeah, I agree that death is still a long way for kids but anything's possible! It's not that children in today's world won't face death. They do! In fact, I think this movie teaches the children to face the death of their beloved in a more positive way.

I really liked the place where Molly said, "Great! Well done! Now, we wait." But Mr Magorium said, "No. We breath, we pulse, we regenerate. Our heart's beat, our mind's .... ( I didn't quite catch what he was saying here) 37 seconds well used, is a lifetime." It really make sense! He said many things that captured my heart, but I didn't really remembered it all. But this is the line that I loved the most!

3. Letting go, is never an easy task. Even though it's something unpleasant, we will still miss it in some time later in our life. But eventually, we still have to make our choices. To let go, or not to let go. It's up to us. The choice will always rest in our hands.

4. The phrase that says, You'll never miss the water until it's gone, from Westlife's When You're Looking Like That, is so true. People never seem to appreciate the little things in life until they've realized that it's gone.

For example, We never seem to take notice about that little thing that we see lying around us when we don't need it. But we can never seem to find it, even if we turn over the whole house or room, when we need it so badly.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yumm! Good food! Concorde Hotel KL, 9/11/2008

Yesterday, Aunt Chyli treated us lunch at the Concorde Hotel, KL for lunch. These are the pictures of it and it's all dedicated to you, sotong! See how much I love you?? I know how much you love food! *evil grin!*

ps; I only took pictures of food in the dessert section because these were the ones who made looks so nice that I couldn't bear to put it into my mouth... =P (drool, sotong! drool!!! =P )

After that, I still have to rush to 精武Stadium for yesterday night's performance for the KL 歌月节... Tired~~~

Friday, November 7, 2008

MPO Unit Asia Jazz Concert 4/11/08

On Tuesday when I was supposed to go to school, I didn't... Instead, I didn't even sleep the whole night! Guess why... Yes, I was up the whole night watching 命中注定我爱你 Fated To Love You the previous night! I was sooo good I couldn't put it down! 7 Eps in a row!

Breaking my record of not sleeping at night for the first time and watching 7 eps in a row in 1 night. Ling said my obsession is scary... Yea, I agree! I get obsessed very easily and will get really crazy about it for quite a while... For example, Korean dramas, Rain, Harry Potter, High School Musical etc. I am obssesed in a way that everything I do online, searching the pictures or videos, is all about that drama or person or even buy it's merchandise... Someone may have seen it before... Hehe!

Ling passed it to me on Monday night and I went straight home to watch it till 7 or 8am in the morning. But I slept at 9am till 2pm then... ^^'

ps: I'm now obessesed with the drama and everything I searched on Youtube is all about the movie and mostly on 陈楚河 Baron Chen too! I just love him as Dylan in the drama and also out of the drama as a quiet person, not to mention, is really good looking! =P *drools!* He also stars in Jay Chou's Kung Fu Slam Dunk as Xiao Lan.

Anyway, because Grace Tay was having health problems, our BM tuition was cancled on Tuesday. That gives me more reasons to finish the drama on that very night and because I have nothing to do except for the night. Sis bought 4 tickets for us for the MPO Unit Asia Jazz Concert. Since I loved Jazz music, I postponed my tuition for the night to watch it.

Unit Asia is a collaborative 5-piece jazz band newly-formed under the thene of "A New Direction in Asian Jazz." Now touring five countries in South East Asia, the badn includes top Japanese jazz musicians Isao Miyoshi (Guitar), Hiroyuki Noritake (Drums) and Shigeki Ippon (Bass), who are joined by prominent Thailand saxophone plaer Koh 'Mr. Saxman' and Malaysian pianist Tay Cher Siang.

I personally love most of the songs but 3 of my favourite is Elephant Vanishes (Composed by Tay Cher Siang), Duo (Isao Miyoshi), Memory of You (Darrn Rahn). Youtube link: I love Mr Saxman because of his quirky attitude and his playing will pull the strings tied to your heart... Literally! His playing is really good and in the programme book, it says that he became a professional musician at a young age of 15! I really hope my little brother could take up this instrument and be as attractive as he is when he plays! =P

I think I am a really lucky girl to have parents who loves music as well and are willing to bring me all the way up to KL to watch a performance, watch our performance in KL Performing Arts Centre (KL Pac) or fetching us to practises in Bkt Tinggi and even KL. I love music and I am also thinking of studying Jazz Piano now. See? Another dream... You must know that I have loads of dreams, just merely dreams... Haha!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tagged!! Again... =_=

So before I begin all these, I've like to state here that... The year end holidays are here! Yay! But... I haven't really plan what to do during this long break... Maybe improve on my studies a little bit and do some cooking or baking... Hehe! Read some books and watch more TV's! I'm currently addicted and desperate for more 命中注定我爱你!! Thanks to Wee, who introduced us this movie when we went over to her place before we go to Cameron... and I'm now officially addicted!!! =P

Here's the tagged Q & A's:

1. What is it that bothers you the most?
People around me who are down and out. Maybe someone too talkative or annoying and bossy or proud being around me...

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
Favourite? Ermm... that would be travelling... ^^v listening to music and read some good books...

3. What kind of news do you read?
News?! Are you kidding me?! I don't read news... Ehehehe.. Heh.. Heh... Perharps some interesting or unsual things that are happening around us. But mostly is all about the juicy gossips although I sometimes don't really know who those celebs are... And mostly are news on travelling and food and cultures of other countries... =P

4. What is your ultimate wish?
I wish to travel around the world and become a jetsetter! But maybe not in 80 days, but I wish to stay at that particular person for at least 1 month! For example, Greece!! =) If I can afford it... =_= But, if I can, I want to be a musician that inspires people and influences people with my music...

5. Is there someone in your heart right now?
I don't think so. I'm not sure. Frankly, I don't even know... Even if I have, why should I tell you?! =P

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
I guess so, at least I think I can... Yea... But it would be quite a desperate and painful life to live on...

7. Are you afraid of pain ?
YES! But I won't cry when nurses come to school for injections, at least... =P I can, maybe, withstand it a little... Just a little...

8. What do you feel like doing right now?
I feel like being on a plane, on the way to Greece on New York, or France, or Canada...!!!

9. Describe yourself in 3 words.
Erm... Lazy, Crazy, Quiet??? *shrugs*

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Can I not do this questions? =P OK lah...
- Competetive (In a good way, and sometimes not)
- Caring
- Loves to do Sudoku in my book... =_=

11. What do you do to people who you dislikes?
Ignore them, don't want to speak to them even if he/she speaks to you, make as little contact as possible with him/her.

12.What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
Smoke? Haha... Does all those bad things that I don't agree with or dislikes.

13. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hmm... As a food lover, I can't possibly asnwer this question. But it maybe... Bah! Can't bear to imagine it... So I don't know...

14. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
I'd choose to be rich. So that I can fulfill my dreams to travel around the world!

15. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
I guess my ability to socialize more with people... or maybe some of my unfavourable characteristics that I have in me.

16. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
10 years then I'll be 26. Hmmm... Maybe having a job that I like, successful in it too, and maybe in another country... =P

17. What is the one thing you love about yourself?
My ability to play the piano although I'm not really good at it. But I'm thankful to my mum for signing me up for music lessons when I asked for it when I was 4... Thanks, mama!

18. If you can bring only one thing along with you to another world, what would it be?
Aladdin's magic lamp! So that I can ask for any other things that I want and need there... =P

19. How do you react towards those young couples around you whether you are in school, at tuition or where ever?
"Ewww...." "How long can they last??" pretend that I see nothing, and walks off like nothing's happened... =P

Can I choose not to tag anyone? Cause Dolly's already tagged those who I can only tag...

Happy Halloween!!! =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cameron Highlands Trip

I've been to Cameron and back again! Well, the trip wasn't that excited but it was nice anyways. So here's the entry and kinda like a journal to this trip. This trip is actually Ling Wee's dad's company trip and Wee =P was kind enough to invite us to join the trip.

Hosted by: Ling wee's (no, it's not a typing error =P) mum
Friends: Ling Wee, Sherene, Ah Chua, Ah Boon, Ah Luz, Teck Kai, Teck Ken, workers from Ling Wee's dad's company n lovely lil' me! =P

Day 1 (25/10) Saturday
The day before, we slept over at Ling Wei's place since we had to get up quite early to prepare for the trip. We woke up at about 6.30am and had to get out of the house at 7am. Still dazed, I changed into my clothes and went downstairs to prepare. Because I had to stay over at Wee's, I had to pack one day earlier and bring all that to my tuition at night so that Wee's mum can pick me and the other 2 musketeers to her place.

Clumsy me, had forgot to bring my towel and sweatshirt.. =_= how silly is that?! I'm going to a chilly place yet I forgot to bring my sweatshirt! So Wee borrowed me one of hers... Thanks, Wee! I'll froze to death if I go without a sweatshirt!

So, to be together, all four of us, we decided to take the back seat of the car which will have 5 seats. But, no, it only has four... And, a worker had settled in comfortably there. So we had no choice but to choose a seat more up front. I sat with Ah Boon, Chua with Sher and Wee with Kai. Ken sat alone...

Before we start our trip, we stopped by a shop, which I had no idea where that is, to have some breakfast. When I took a first look at the shop, I didn't think of it as a restaurant, and it isn't.. Haha! It's actually kinda like an office where they sell health products. We were just borrowing the place for us to eat our breakfast, which is Chicken rice or Nasi Lemak.. Hehe!

So, after that, we started our journey to Cameron. Before checking in our apartment, we stopped by a market where they sell typical Cameron stuff, like Veges and flowers n fruits, and most importantly, they sell Sweet Potato Balls... 番薯旦 It's just mashed sweet potatoes added with a little flour and maybe sugar and other stuff, and it's rolled into small balls and deep fried till golden brown! Hmmm! It's sold 8 for RM 2, and the deep fried 'tempura' oyster mushrooms were nice too, RM 3.

After that, we went back to the apartment. Before dusk, we 'little children' have a little sense of nostalgic and decided to play a game of 'Pepsi Cola', if you know what it is =_=. At night, we have a telematch session where the workers are able to play mini games. I don't know why but we were 5 girls (Sher, Wee, Chua, Boon and me) were called out for a 'friendly' tug-of-war. Ps: The tug-of-war ropes were borrowed from Kwang Hua! Pride! =P So, before us the, sorry, 'older' ladies were against the other group of ladies, who are workers. Omigosh! It was so vicious! The ladies from our side tugged and pulled until they fall to the ground! We was like, Oh.... We're dead meat... Next up, our turn! We were against the Indonesia ladies? I guess. But, we won the game in less than a minute! And the same goes to the next round with the Vietnamese ladies. Yay! Victory! But, after that, I heard Wee and Sher or Chua said that the other ladies who were watching us was whispering something like, Gemuk Gemuk... =_= It means fat... Chua said that they were referring to us, since we won the match so easily... Huh! We won fair and square!

That night, it was all about UNO and Catan... We played till we felt soooo sleepy and finally went to bed...

Day 2 (26/10) Sunday
We woke up at 6.30am, again... For breakfast, we ate fried rice and fried noodles... Because we ate at the same restaurant for lunch the day before, I saw a poster saying 'Cameron Tea and toast' and I thought that it was for our next breakfast. But it's not... After that, we were off to the Cactus Farm or Park. But I don't see why it's called Cactus Park, because it mostly displays other plants than cactus. For example, roses, daises, tomatoes, water lilies, spider lilies, and no kidding, Apples!

Then, we went to the strawbery farm where you can pick your own straberries. 7 of us decided to stay outside instead of picking straberries. There was a small cafe in the farm selling everything made out of straberries imaginable. Strawberry ice (Yumm!), Strawberry milkshake, strawberry salad, strawberry with ice cream and banana, strawberry with ice cream, strawberry with sago, and strawberry with condensed milk. Sher, Wee and Boon bought strawberry, bananas and ice cream for RM 8, and they went bananas about it! They were savouring each bite while Chua and I was digging into our strawberry ice! Yumm... They were so bananas that they got another bowl of strawberry and ice cream and even decided to buy some strawberries and vanilla ice cream to make it when we get back to out apartment. But, they didn't because we were out of time. As for me nd Chua, after our strawberry ice, we bought a bowl of strawberry and condensed milk for RM 5. Before going back, I bought another strawberry ice! I'm obessed with it!

T.T I don't really wanna continue telling you guys about this trip as it is quite tiring... and I wanna sleep since I have school tomorrow and it's quite tiring typing strawberries over and over again. Bah... All that's just some lame excuse to run away from this post... But here's the summary:

- we've ate 面包鸡 Chicken curry covered with bread. Yumm!
- i've bought 4 boxes of strawberries, 1 jar of passion fruit jam, 2 packets of 鸡仔饼, 1 jar of Masala spices to be added to a cup of tea which I heard, is not bad, haven't try it though, and some other stuff for me to eat, alone... =P
- we' ve went to TRAP (Tmn Rekreasi Air Panas) Hot Spring in Sg Klah. @_@ Dizzy... Yet calming and soothing...
- our tour guide was always imitating a chicken rooster which is utterly annoying and can wake up anyone even when he's in a VERY, very deep sleep, when she wants to wake us up when we reach our destination.
- We bought quite a number of snacks and tidbits in the grocery shop which is beside the restaurant where we eat our meals everyday.
- Sher, Wee, Chua, Boon and even Ah Luz won the lucky draw during mini games on the first day, but not me... T.T
- when playing badminton with Wee, we lost 2 shuttle cocks in 5 minutes! One in a tree and another in the balcony of another resident's room...
- the jacket I was has a hoodie and I was just fooling around, wearing the hoodie and pulling the strings tight to make me all covered up. Wee and the others said that I looked like someone who is isolated and who have 自闭症 =_= I think Wee will post some pictures up soon and it will make the picture clearer.
- We talked abt our primary school days all the way back from our trip in the bus, though Sher didn't know what the heck we were talking about, I had a really good laugh walking down memory lane...
- i didn't eat the instant noodles that they bought on the night of Day 2 because I was already asleep. Even when Chua wake me up, I, unknowingly, said I don't wanna eat... Bah! I missed supper!
- we took turns playing the PSP Sher's little brother borrowed Wee and was almost fighting for it. ps: I played till the last stage of Metal Slug X!

I think that's all!

And! I've finally received Leehom's Laos Commemorative Book which I had ordered a few months ago! All that waiting and I've finally got it! Yippeeeee! =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy YouTube Phenomenon

Ok. So YouTube have been around since, I don't know, 5 years now?

Those who don't know what the heck YouTube, have you been locking yourself up and not seeing brad daylight until you suddenly come across my blog one day? =_= Ok, It's one of the biggest and largest website where you can post videos of yourself or maybe, (illegally) some movies or tv shows. It's owned by Google and was founded by 3 guys, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. I guess these people are now enjoying their fortune....

YouTube have been known almost all around the world. People posts anything imaginable there. From the Jonas Brothers having an official account there, to those who are on their way to stardom, like Marie Digby. From people performing their musical instrument's to people teaching them. From people who does crazy experiments to people who does rational Science experiments. From People who teaches us to hack their Household things to people who teaches us to cook something nice. From people who talks about life seriously to people who talks about life in a funny and entertaining way. From people who sings to people who dances.... Anything, Immaginable! But sad to say, there are also some negative videos on YouTube, and I don't wanna mention any of it here...

YouTube has made many impossible things possible. Like for those for love singing will post a video of themselves singing and have people to rate them. There are some people who had gone really popular because of their videos being posted on YouTube has received great comments from the publec. For example, there's Marie Digby (Ma-ri-ay) who was usually seen having a guitar in her arms or a piano near her, singing in front of her couch in her living room or on the bathroom floor. She's an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. She's well known for her acoustic cover version of Rihanna's Umbrella. Marié Digby, whose father isIrish American and whose mother is Japanese. She even released her debut album, Unfold, and have a chance to have a mini-concert tour around Asia, and of course, to Malaysia. I myself enjoys many of her songs:
1. Umbrella
2. Say It Again
3. Miss Invinsible
4. Stupid for you
5. Girlfriend
YouTube Site:

For some well known comedians, there are HappySlip and KevJumba. I'm sorry if I didn't mention others cuz I only know 2 of them... HappySlip is a Philliphino in the US and KevJumba (Kevin Woo) is a Taiwanese in the US. or or

HappySlip or her real name, Christine Gambito, is well known for her impersonation she have made of her family members, and was appointed ambassador for Philippine tourism by the Department of Tourism. She reflects her family background of a typical Philippino family in the US, with the strong accent and has proved her acting skills on some videos. She even sing and has received good response from the crowd.

As for KevJumba, I've known him from a HappySlip video where he acted as Mimi's (Christine's cousin) online 'boypren'. He is known for his humour and has recently went to college. His parents are both Taiwanese based in the US. His videos are not strictly comedy, but are funny because of his deadpan vocal delivery, animated facial expressions and tendency toward unexpected digressions. He, for a change, displays a typical Asian teenager's livestyle in the US. But most of his videos are about his perspectives on life and the way he looks at things and issues. His dog, Jackie, is sometimes seen in his videos and according to him, Jackie even sleeps on his bed...

There are also other websites such as MySpace where Taylor Swift with Teardrops on my Guitar and Colbie Caillat (Coco) with Bubbly has gone from MySpace singer to a signed singer.

There's also the Vancouver Film School or VFS where they post student's animations and it's really fun to watch! =)

Me myself won't really have the guts to do these but will only enjoy it. What do I do on YouTube? Well, I watch videos on almost everything. Not everything, everything. I watch crazy science experiments to videos like, BlendIt, or DIY stuffs to the HouseholdHackers, Taiwanese dramas, Korean Dramas, some Japanese dramas, Leehom's videos, MV's, a little of piano performances, a little of KevJumba, MarieDigby, the JonasBrothers etc... Hehe! I love YouTube! =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thinking 'bout the future

I know that some of you may be thinking that it's too soon for me to think about what course I want to take up or what do I want to be when I grow up. But, even though not everytime, but this question bothers me, since before I even started Form 4, because there is when the crossroads is in my life... Choosing Science or Accounts or Arts?

I don't know about you guys, but since i was in kindergarten, the most frequent question asked by teachers is what do I wanna be when I grow up. That leaves a huge question mark in my mind when I was still a kid. My occupation or dream job varies everytime I saw a new or interesting job in the TV. And, my passion for animals have made me to think of being a vet, or maybe I thought of fulfill my parent's dream for be to become a prestigious lawyer or surgeon or doctor. It's time to take it seriously now... and with my 'not-that-possible-to-get-a-scholarship' exam results.... Sigh!

The exam weeks have come and gone. And, as usual, my marks were not that outstanding in class. Since I'm in the 2nd class in school, I'd most probably even get the lowest marks or be the last in class even though I got 6 A1's ... It's tough and I think that the outlook of this is bleak... Having so many competitors, even the good ones will be facing problems to attain a good scholaship, me??

My mum, somehow, wants me to study music and open a music school with my sister... =_= yea, I love music! But that's not really my dream to pursue this subject further. I have to be really, really, really good to have a well-maintained job. But, the problem is, I'm not that good and there are others who are 100 times better than I am. With me studying music, I may only become a music teacher even when I finished my education. I don't want to, or really can't be a good teacher. One, I'm quite impatient for some of you who knows me. Two, I'm not that good to be a qualified teacher. I was having such a hard time even teaching my little brother or Ivy piano... /.\

I was thinking of studing BioTech or something to do with the study of food! Hehe... But, my brain isn't good enough, or I don't have that much anticipation to study Biology. One of the reasons why study Biology is because of Leehom... =P He studied as a doctor before he become a musician. Then, I changed my mind. Study the English language! But! A language is so wide and broad and, you have to be really really good or a professional since at a young age to have this ability to study it... So, changed to being a chef! Food! Hehe... But, it looks like I dun have any talent in cooking! I can't even help my mum in the kitchen and handle the knife in a correct way. My mum will yell at me when she sees me in the kitchen, thinking 'Sigh! Is she really my daughter?? I have such talents in making delicious looking, and tasting food!' Lol... Nah... Joking. Or maybe, she does think that way... Hmm... I wonder!

So... Maybe I haven't discover something that I would be really willing to put an effort or be willing to trade my life for it... I'll just flow with the river and see where it takes me, then I'll decide. My, oh no no, our future.... Awaits us.... =)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Embarrasing night... T.T

Yesterday night was a total disaster!

My mum planned to go visit my grandpa in Kapar yesterday night but my dad wanted to stop by the Mercedes Benz showroom to look at the new cars on display there... I didn't really know that so I just wore some casual wear. You know, the usual t-shirts and shorts.

So when we reached that place, we was like... WOAH! Dad, you didn't tell us that this was a function?! A FORMAL FUNCTION! I thought we were just gonna linger around the car showroom where there will be NOBODY ELSE AROUND! But the worst part is, I wasn't even dressed for that particullar occassion! My sister, my lil' borther, my mum and me were like... Can we not get out of the car? Cuz' all of us were wearing t-shirts and shorts and everyone there were like, wearing tux and coats and the ladies were wearing dinner dresses, looking glamorous! They even set up tents with 'fake' chandeliers...

So we just take something to eat and sit in a corner not wanted to be noticed. There was this guys sitting next to my sister, looking really prim and proper and I find him really familiar. My sister and me were just sitting there listening to the background music. There was this harpist where they invited her to play live. My sister was saying, 'Poor harpist, no one's listening to her play and no one will ever notice even if she played a wrong note!' So we listened while we were eating. The harpist did a mistake and my sister looked at me and I looked at her at the same time, laughing... I know that was bad! Sorry!

This function was so huge that there was even international French models to promote Jimmy Choo's handbags and shoes! Gosh! My dad called us to go up to a bar there to have a snack, saying that there were cheese! Haha! My brother and me rushed up the bar and pulled my sister along. She was so embarrased and don't wanna be there. She said, "You 2 ah, people can just take a look at you and know that you 2 are just here to eat..." =_= Can't help it! It's FREE FOOD! Lol... So we continued eating and my brother took a round, chocolate looking thing and asked me whether it's chocolate. I guess it was and wanted to open it for him. Luckily I didn't open it! Cuz' after reading the box that my brother took the 'chocolates' from, I realized that it was coffee powder!

So when we wanted to go home, we saw the guy who was sitting next to my sister before standing in front of a camera, interviewing the new young CEO of Mercedes Benz. That shook me and I realized that he was a TV reporter! My brother even purposely walked around the camera so that he could get on TV... =_= He saw the mic that the guy was holding and it says there, NTV7 Breakfast Show... That figures! No wonder he looks familiar! I saw him on TV before...

After that, it was almost 10pm and it was too late to go to Kapar which is an hour's drive from Klang at least. But my parents insisited on going there... I was studying for my History paper with the book wide open in front of me with my earplugs on, listening to Leehom and my mind starts wandering off... Lalalala....~~~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Post?! Already?!

Wow! My new post already?! Yea! It's cuz I have something interesting to tell y'all! Well, maybe not that interesting for you, but it sure IS for me! =) and, I have a new dream! I would like to live in one of the islands in Greece for 1 year! I fell in love twith that place after watching the movie! Almost everything there is painted in blue and white, matching the background of the sky and sea.

I've watched Mamma Mia! and I've enjoyed every part of that movie! I think Meryl Streep is a GREAT actress and Pierce Brosnan is not really a good singer ^^'. Sorry James Bond fans! I love Sophie's character too, I think her name is Amanda. She don't really have the good looks but she has a phenomenal voice! It's quite hard to listen to what they are saying too, because that DVD we watched didn't have the right translation. I was quite surprised that many people from many ages enjoyed this movie. And I thought that only people from my mum's generation would like this... =_= Since they sang the songs from ABBA's generation! But as I said before, I'm one of the older generations who likes to listen to oldies.
So, where or how did I watch it? Yesterday night, I was on a weekly routine to go for English tuition. But when we reached there, there was not many people attending the class. So one of the boys suggested that we watch a movie since our English paper is long gone. So Mrs Lim went over to her neighbours to borrow her DVD! Thanks, teacher! I have been longing to watch this and was thinking of going to the cinemas to watch it. But now I don't have to pay a cent! I've only found out that one of the actress ALSO acted in Harry Potter! Guess who? Yeap, it's Aunt Rosie! She acted as Molly Weasley in HP! Never noticed it till wiki wiki told me! Good information from wiki wiki everytime! =)
Oh! I forgot to mention something after the EST paper 2 yesterday. Yea, I find it quite tricky myself. So after the exams, the boys (there are only 10 in my class =_= poor, poor boys!) i think 8 or 7 of them gathered around my table and said, "Eh, look at the Pro's asnwers la..." I was like, "Huh?!" What.. Why don't you look at Dolly's? Her English is way better than me! =P
Ok, not much to say. Bye bye for now!

Friday, October 17, 2008

2 weeks down, 1 more to go!

OK! So, the Form 3-ers are OFF THE HOOK now... Enjoying their butts off... Lazing around... Haven't even an eenie-weenie thing to worry about... Enjoying the true meaning of life... Lol! In a nutshell, they have FINALLY, finished their PMR! Congrats!

But! Here we Form-4ers are, studying our butts off for the next killer subjects, History, Chinese, 'Moral' and.. I think that's it... Yay! 2 weeks are off the list! 1 more week to go, but to be specific, 4 little days! Woooooohoooooooooo! We have't even finish our exams and here I am, planning on what to do for the break and rest to make up the brain cells that I have killed for the past 3 weeks, although I didn't really studied that hard... But, yea, I still deserve a good break! I'm planning to watch HSM 3: Senior Year with my buddies, Dolly and maybe Kai Xian. Whoever wants to join are welcomed, just gimme ya' names! =)

Today, was Chemistry and English Technology for Science (EST) Paper 2, the easy paper... Hehe! But Chemistry was stressful, since I have to give it to my tuition Chemistry teacher for a TOTAL CHECK-UP! O.o but, there is good news and also bad news. The good news is, the questions that she discussed yesterday, which she said was the weird one, came out! 2 questions, exactly the same, and I managed to remember most of it. But here comes the bad news, I forgot 1 or 2 answers for that questions! Doomed! What will she say if she look at my paper?! One word, dissapointment! T.T

And, our Add Maths totally spoiled the mood of everyone in our class by giving back our Add Maths 2 paper! Of course, my confidence is totally smashed! 44/80... Not so lucky afterall... T.T So, I have no choice to get an A1, not even an A2, but most probably B3 or C4... =_= At least there was some improvements from the last semester... ^^v yea... that's just some words to make myself feel just a little bit better...

Ok, so before I go today, here are the continuation of the spells in Harry Potter:

Pronunciation: ah-LOH-huh-MOR-ah (IPA: /ə'lo.həˌmo.ɹə/)
Description: Used to open and\or unlock doors,[5] but doors may be bewitched so that this spell has no effect.
Seen/Mentioned: Used throughout the series, first use by Hermione in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Later unsuccessfully cast by Ron, on the door from the room with the winged keys in Hogwarts.[PS Ch.16] Loses use gradually in the series as the characters discover more and more doors, chests etc. with counter-charms on them (e.g. The doors into Professor Snape's and Professor Umbridge's offices are mentioned as being Alohomora-proof.)
Etymology: From the West African Sidiki dialect used in geomancy meaning: Friendly to thieves as stated by J.K. Rowling in testimony during the WB and JKR vs. RDR Books

Pronunciation: ah-NAP-nee-oh (IPA: /ə.'næəʊ/)
Description: Clears the target's airway, if blocked.
Seen/Mentioned: Shown in Half-Blood Prince, Horace Slughorn casts this spell on Marcus Belby when the latter begins to choke.[HBP Ch.7]
Suggested Etymology: The Greek word anapneo which means "to draw breath or to revive".

(Anti-Cheating Spell)
Description: Cast on parchment or quills to prevent the writer from cheating while writing answers.
Seen/Mentioned: Mentioned in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as being cast on quills and exam papers for exams at Hogwarts.[PS Ch.16]

(Anti-Disapparation Jinx)
Description: Used to prevent Disapparation in an area for a time. Presumably can be used to prevent an enemy from entering a defended area, or used to trap an enemy in an area.
Seen/Mentioned: Mentioned in Order of the Phoenix, used by Dumbledore to trap several Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries.[OP Ch.36] Also, cast long ago on Hogwarts, the reason why (As Hermione quotes innumerable times throughout the series) "No one can Apparate or Disapparate inside the Hogwarts grounds." In Deathly Hallows, Death Eaters had cast this spell, preventing the trio from escaping Hogsmeade.

(Antonin Dolohov's Curse)
Description: This curse causes serious internal injury, but does not show any external symptoms. It is described as cast with "a slashing motion", sending out a streak of purple flames. Seen/Mentioned: Seen only in Order of the Phoenix, this spell is cast three times by Antonin Dolohov during the battle between the Death Eaters and members of Dumbledore's Army at the Ministry of Magic. All three times it is shown cast non-verbally, although one time this was due to Dolohov having previously been hit by the Silencing Charm and hence unable to speak.

Pronunciation: AH-par-EE-see-um (IPA: /æ.pə'ɹʌm/)
Description: This spell makes invisible ink appear.
Seen/Mentioned: First seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Hermione tries to make hidden writing appear in Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary.[CS Ch.13]
Notes: See also Specialis Revelio.
Suggested Etymology: The Latin word appareo which means "to become visible or to appear."

Atmospheric Charm)
Description: Presumably causes weather patterns to be created.
Seen/Mentioned: It was said in Deathly Hallows that a malfunction of this spell may have been causing offices in the Ministry to rain.

Avada Kedavra (Killing Curse)
Pronunciation: ah-VAH-dah kuh-DAHV-rah (IPA: /ə.'væ.də kə.'dæv.ɹə/)
Description: causes a bright green flash and a rushing noise; the curse causes instant death to the victim. There is no known counter-curse or blocking spell (with the exception of the curse striking another spell midflight, negating both), although the caster can be interrupted, the victim can dodge the green jet, hide behind solid objects (which burst into flame when hit by it), or, if the casting wizard is not sufficiently competent, the curse may be completely ineffective as described by Barty Crouch Jr (acting as Alastor Moody) in Goblet of Fire. Harry twice countered this spell by casting Expelliarmus. It is one of the three Unforgivable Curses; the use of this spell on another human being renders a life sentence in Azkaban.
The magical conditions have also been documented to defeat the curse, even on a direct hit:
Harry Potter was given magical protection against Lord Voldemort's use of the curse, when his mother sacrificed herself to save him.
Harry is the only person in the history of the magical world to have ever survived a direct hit to the killing curse.
Harry is saved by the twin cores effect between his wand and Voldemort's during a duel, as well as during a battle. During this battle, Harry's phoenix feather wand snaps the wand Voldemort borrowed from one of his servants, Lucius Malfoy. The reason for this is unknown. Dumbledore believes this feat to be due to the unique connections and relationships between the two duellists, which are complex and are "realms of magic hitherto unknown".
In Deathly Hallows, Harry is saved twice. The first time because when Voldemort tried to kill Harry as a baby, a piece of Voldemort's soul flaked off and was trapped within Harry himself (giving Harry a connection to, and many of the powers of, Voldemort). When the killing curse hit Harry in the Forbidden Forest, it killed the piece of Voldemort's soul trapped in Harry, and sent Harry to a nether region where Voldemort's use of Harry's blood gave Harry a lifeline back to the world of the living, should he choose to use it, and he decided to return to life. The second time, Harry was able to deflect the curse back at Voldemort (who died from it) because of a special condition involving the Elder Wand. This had been 'won' by Draco when he disarmed Dumbledore of his wand, but none understood this at the time, and Draco did not use the Elder Wand. Harry had won Draco's wand in a life-or-death duel, thereby proving to the Elder Wand that Harry should be the wand's true master. Therefore, when Harry used Draco's wand to cast Expelliarmus against Voldemort's killing curse, the killing curse rebounded on Voldemort leaving Harry unharmed.
Seen/Mentioned: First said (not by name) at the beginning of the first book when Harry arrives at the Dursley's home. First seen in Goblet of Fire against Muggle Frank Bryce, and in every book following.
Suggested Etymology: During an audience interview at the Edinburgh Book Festival (15 April 2004) Rowling said: "Does anyone know where avada kedavra came from? It is an ancient spell in Aramaic, and it is the original of abracadabra, which means 'let the thing be destroyed.' Originally, it was used to cure illness and the 'thing' was the illness, but I decided to make it the 'thing' as in the person standing in front of me. I take a lot of liberties with things like that. I twist them round and make them mine."

Pronunciation: AH-vis (IPA: /a'vɪs/)
Description: This charm creates a flock of birds that pour forth from the caster's wand. When coupled with Oppugno, it can be used offensively.
Seen/Mentioned: Shown in Goblet of Fire, cast by Mr Ollivander to test Viktor Krum's wand.[GF Ch.18] In Half-blood Prince, it is cast by Hermione, followed by Oppugno which causes the birds to attack Ron Weasley.[HBP Ch.14]
Suggested Etymology: The Latin word avis which means, "bird".

For the complete list, visit: Hehe! Happy wand-waving! =)