Friday, November 14, 2008

All About Leehom!

Yay! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! This chant can go on forever!!! =P

*Before I start, for those who don't really wanna read this can skip this post.. Hehe! I'm just blogging out of the blue... =P *

I've just stop by HOManiacs' forum and realized how much I've missed Leehom!!! T.T

Leehom's so unfair! *Sorry!* But he went to Singapore for a concert and not back here in Malaysia, Truely Asia! He seriously said that when he was thanking his LOYAL fans from Malaysia~ And, I'm also proud to be a HOManiac because we have our own special name! For example, for the China fanclub, they have OurHome China, for Indonesia, OurHome Indonesia, OurHome Singapore and .... But! We are the HOManiacs!! Yay! And we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary! 10 years of continuous support for Leehom! =)

Leehom! Please! If you are reading this, come stop by Malaysia to have a concert!! Lol.. As if he will really read my post! Maybe in my wildest dreams! And I DO hope my wildest dreams will somehow come true!

I'll be posting some of Leehom's videos here if you all don't mind... Haha! And if you DO mind, I don't really care!!! =P I'll just stick it here and take it down whenever I want to...

Before I leave, I would like to congratulate Leehom for making it a wonderful night for all who attended Music Man, Leehom's concert in Singapore! Yay! And Leehom, bring on your passion of music to Malaysia lah! We will surely welcome you! Selamat Datang! Haha! And, I would like to congratulate Leehom for being able to conduct the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for 3 shows! December 22 to 24! According to, accepting a baton especially made for him will be his early Christmas present!

Awww! Come and conduct for MPO or KL Pac then! =P Even your teacher has conducted for us before!! Go ask for his opinion!! Muahahahaha!

*continues to day dream about Leehom and bugging Dolly to watch his videos sent to her... =P *

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