Friday, November 7, 2008

MPO Unit Asia Jazz Concert 4/11/08

On Tuesday when I was supposed to go to school, I didn't... Instead, I didn't even sleep the whole night! Guess why... Yes, I was up the whole night watching 命中注定我爱你 Fated To Love You the previous night! I was sooo good I couldn't put it down! 7 Eps in a row!

Breaking my record of not sleeping at night for the first time and watching 7 eps in a row in 1 night. Ling said my obsession is scary... Yea, I agree! I get obsessed very easily and will get really crazy about it for quite a while... For example, Korean dramas, Rain, Harry Potter, High School Musical etc. I am obssesed in a way that everything I do online, searching the pictures or videos, is all about that drama or person or even buy it's merchandise... Someone may have seen it before... Hehe!

Ling passed it to me on Monday night and I went straight home to watch it till 7 or 8am in the morning. But I slept at 9am till 2pm then... ^^'

ps: I'm now obessesed with the drama and everything I searched on Youtube is all about the movie and mostly on 陈楚河 Baron Chen too! I just love him as Dylan in the drama and also out of the drama as a quiet person, not to mention, is really good looking! =P *drools!* He also stars in Jay Chou's Kung Fu Slam Dunk as Xiao Lan.

Anyway, because Grace Tay was having health problems, our BM tuition was cancled on Tuesday. That gives me more reasons to finish the drama on that very night and because I have nothing to do except for the night. Sis bought 4 tickets for us for the MPO Unit Asia Jazz Concert. Since I loved Jazz music, I postponed my tuition for the night to watch it.

Unit Asia is a collaborative 5-piece jazz band newly-formed under the thene of "A New Direction in Asian Jazz." Now touring five countries in South East Asia, the badn includes top Japanese jazz musicians Isao Miyoshi (Guitar), Hiroyuki Noritake (Drums) and Shigeki Ippon (Bass), who are joined by prominent Thailand saxophone plaer Koh 'Mr. Saxman' and Malaysian pianist Tay Cher Siang.

I personally love most of the songs but 3 of my favourite is Elephant Vanishes (Composed by Tay Cher Siang), Duo (Isao Miyoshi), Memory of You (Darrn Rahn). Youtube link: I love Mr Saxman because of his quirky attitude and his playing will pull the strings tied to your heart... Literally! His playing is really good and in the programme book, it says that he became a professional musician at a young age of 15! I really hope my little brother could take up this instrument and be as attractive as he is when he plays! =P

I think I am a really lucky girl to have parents who loves music as well and are willing to bring me all the way up to KL to watch a performance, watch our performance in KL Performing Arts Centre (KL Pac) or fetching us to practises in Bkt Tinggi and even KL. I love music and I am also thinking of studying Jazz Piano now. See? Another dream... You must know that I have loads of dreams, just merely dreams... Haha!

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