Monday, August 9, 2010

I'll see you again, friend..

I was at my school's Welcome Dinner when I had the urge to SMS Ling Wei telling her that I'll be back in Malaysia to maybe celebrate her birthday with her, if she is holding a party this year too like the previous years.

But the she told me that she had, but it was canceled. Something happened in the family, she said.

I didn't know it would be so serious.

So I said, Ohh. But if you wanna meet up then we can because I'll be going back anyway.

She replied, If we were to meet up, it will be a total opposite of a happy meeting. Losing someone was never so painful.

I was shocked. Then I said, What's wrong?

And I wished her next text will be just a joke, but it's not. She said, Ian.. He's already in Heaven.

Tears were already whirling up in my eyes when I saw that sms. My emotions just plunged into a deep pit and I almost cried. But since I was still at a school party, I held back. There were moments that I looked at the sky, thinking he's there looking down at me. I asked him, Why did you have to leave so soon? I haven't even got a chance to meet you this year.

I can still remember the first time seeing you. Ling Wei was at 'Ah Khoo's Tuition' downstairs and I was yet to join them during that time. And I was to stay over at her place with Chua and YYV to study for PMR, I think. So I had to stay upstairs and there you were, on Youtube listening to Jay Chou's songs. I was trying to like Jay Chou too so that we could have something in common to talk about. We talked for 2 hours, laughing all the way. Your laughter was contagious and your personality was cheerful and outgoing. Ling Wei said she could even hear our laughter from downstairs.. =') That's how we became friends..

When Chiho came, you were her tour guide. We played the board game the whole night, which I was obviously not very good at because I cannot even remember the name of the game.. XD Then we played cards and snapped pictures. Coming to think of it, it was exactly 2 years ago when you came pick me up together we Ling Wei and Chiho to bring me over to your place for a sleepover. You brought Chiho to Bandar Baru to buy a cake from Bee's and even bought a Ramli Burger and recommending it to Chicho about how good it is.

The next day, you drove us to Monash, Sunway for Ling Wei's Japanese Hosting Program's interview. On the way there, you helped Chiho recite her lines for her school play by letting her say her lines and you replying a completely different line jokingly. We all laughed till our sides hurt! We hung out at the library, joking and taking pictures.

After our SPM, we went to Ling Wei's house for a sleep over. I hung out with you a little by reading your Korean text books and quarreled about some Korean phrases that you learned and the ones that I knew. I joked about your ugly Korean handwriting and I even said, 'Haiyah, next time you teach me lah.' But I didn't got a chance to learn some phrases from you. Toyed with your Er Hu for a while and used your computer for a while to chat on MSN and you let me see your new Jay Chou album which I sarcastically said, 'Cheh~ Not nice one...' Then you played some songs on your PC and sang along to the songs. And that was the last time I saw you.

A few months ago, you chatted with me on MSN for a little while about your trip to Korea, your trip to Indonesia. You asked, 'Wei, when can I see you again?' I wished I said, 'Let's meet up soon!'But I just said, 'I don't know oh... I'll meet you when I meet Ling Wei lah..'

I wished the plan to go to the board games restaurant with Ling Wei was on in July. At least I got to see you the for the last time before you leave us so suddenly.

I wished that I accept the offer to go to your last birthday party last year. But instead, I just shrugged off the offer by saying that I don't really know your friends.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to make it earlier to go see you for the last time these few days. By the time I reached your house, the casket was already closed. ='(

I remember borrowing you my whole collection of my own burnt cd of songs that I liked with the Puppy cd case. The zip on the case was already a little faulty and so, eventually it broke and it wasn't your fault that it broke. But you bought a new Cow cd case for me which I still use now. I'll be thinking of you everytime I see it now. =(

I'll be thinking of you now everytime I hear Jay Chou's song on the radio or anywhere else. I'll be thinking of your singing voice and you trying to imitate his rapping style, and smile. I believe that you are now doing the same thing, singing and bringing joy to the people you see, now in Heaven. Try to take some singing lessons from the Angels while you are there so I will be impressed by your singing the next time I see you.. =P

You really were a great, supportive brother and Ling Wei is so lucky to have you as her brother. The apple of everyone's eye. The person who brings laughter and joy to those around you.

I am honored to have you as a friend and having a chance to befriend you in this life.

I'll see you again. Rest in peace, my friend... You will always be remembered by me in my hearts, forever and always... Be sure to look down on us from Heaven some time because I will be talking to you when I look at the skies every now and then.. I promise that this will the last time I'll be crying for you..


Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day in Collge Life

Today will be the last 'First day of School' that I will ever experience... At least, I think so.

There are the 'First Days of School' during Kindergarten, Primary school, Secondary and now Collge!

Since it's the first day, everything was more relaxed and it was more on the introduction to the classes and teachers and all.

So my first class of the day should be Yoga, but the 'Yoga Master' is now in UK.. No class! =D

Then it's Sight singing. My lecturer is so cool! XD I think these are how all teachers in LASALLE will be. Mostly fashionistas and open-minded and hopefully interesting.. =P She's an actress, musician, director and lecturer.

Next, it was Rhythms. This lecturer is even cooler.. XD His hair was all tied up in a bunch! LOL. We will be learning about Brazilian Rhythms, drums and all that. The different states in Brazil have different styles of drumming and we have to learn all 3 of them. So I'll going to have to let loose and go wild like the way Brazilians do! Party, fiestas, festivals, dancing and all that... Hehehe.

My next class starts at 4.30pm. Thus here I am blogging when I have nothing to do on campus' library. =P

I guess all my classes will be more fun lah.. More interactive and interesting. Unlike classes in previous schools.. =_= Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Moral, Sejarah... Blargh.

It's a little weird thinking that I will have to focus on Music rather than those subjects like Maths and all that like I did before. I'll be doing assignments on Music and not projects or experiments on How To Test Whether the Salt is Soluble or Unsoluble and those kind of things.

Despite having to waking up early in the morning, the future exams and assignments to come, and having the 'Currency Conveter' in my brain everytime I need to buy something, I think I'll be having a great time for the next 2 years.

Here's to my artistic future and life ahead of me! =) Cheers..