Monday, April 21, 2008

Aye! Aye! Captain! =)

Actually, I'm not sure if I've seen this somewhere... I created this guy here, and named him "Du" when I wasn't listening to the teacher during Pendidikan Moral, is it called Morality class in English? Haha...

So I first draw Du on a piece of paper which I should be taking down the answers for, but since it was the last lesson and my soul had drifted somewhere else, I drew this out of boredom. And becuz yyv said it was cute, I transfered it on the computer using Paint after I cleaned Bijou's (my hamster's) cage where she spilled the water all over the place again...

Isn't he just simply adorable? =P

ps: I haven't really decided on the name yet, so if you guys have any better idea, speak out! I'll be glad to "re-name" him... and maybe, I will create another version of him... Hehe...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

北京欢迎你 像音乐感动你!

[00:02.00]《北京欢迎你》 [00:07.00]
作曲:小柯 [00:09.00]
作词:林夕 [00:12.00]
[00:16.70]【陈天佳】迎接另一个晨曦 带来全新空气
[00:22.72]【刘欢】气息改变情味不变 茶香飘满情谊
[00:28.44]【那英】我家大门常打开 开放怀抱等你
[00:34.46]【孙燕姿】拥抱过就有了默契 你会爱上这里
[00:40.64]【孙悦】不管远近都是客人 请不用客气
[00:46.59]【王力宏】相约好了再一起 我们欢迎你
[00:53.06]【韩红】我家种着万年青 开放每段传奇
[00:58.68]【周华健】为传统的土壤播种 为你留下回忆
[01:04.79]【梁咏琪】陌生熟悉都是客人 请不用拘礼
[01:11.09]【羽泉】第几次来没关系 有太多话题
[01:18.96]【成龙】北京欢迎你 为你开天辟地
[01:31.38]【蔡依林】北京欢迎你 在太阳下分享呼吸
[02:07.80]【周笔畅】我家大门常打开 开怀容纳天地
[02:14.93]【韦唯】岁月绽放青春笑容 迎接这个日期
[02:20.88]【黄晓明】天大地大都是朋友 请不用客气
[02:26.83]【韩庚】画意诗情带笑意 只为等待你
[02:32.45]【汪峰】北京欢迎你 像音乐感动你
[02:44.33]【谭晶】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起
[02:56.93]【阎维文】北京欢迎你 为你开天辟地
[03:08.70]【王霞 李双松】北京欢迎你 在太阳下分享呼吸
[03:21.05]【林依轮】北京欢迎你 像音乐感动你
[03:32.82]【林俊杰】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起
[03:51.98]【容祖儿】我家大门常打开 开放怀抱等你
[03:57.96]【李宇春】拥抱过就有了默契 你会爱上这里
[04:04.08]【黄大炜】不管远近都是客人 请不用客气
[04:10.51]【陈坤】相约好了再一起 我们欢迎你
[04:15.86]【谢霆锋】北京欢迎你 为你开天辟地
[04:27.48]【徐若瑄】北京欢迎你 在太阳下分享呼吸
[05:04.76]【汤灿】我家大门常打开 开怀容纳天地
[05:10.87]【林志玲 张梓琳】岁月绽放青春笑容 迎接这个日期
[05:16.94]【张靓颖】天大地大都是朋友 请不用客气
[05:23.04]【许茹芸 伍思凯】画意诗情带笑意 只为等待你
[05:28.41]【杨坤 范玮琪】北京欢迎你 像音乐感动你
[05:34.30]【游鸿明 周晓欧】让我们都加油去超越自己
[05:40.46]【沙宝亮 满文军】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起
[05:46.96]【金海心 何润东】有勇气就会有奇迹
[05:53.22]【飞儿 庞龙】北京欢迎你 为你开天辟地
[05:58.71]【吴克群 齐峰】流动中的魅力充满着朝气
[06:04.72]【5566 胡彦斌】北京欢迎你 在太阳下分享呼吸
[06:11.21]【郑希怡 刀郎】在黄土地刷新成绩
[06:17.28]【纪敏加 屠洪刚 吴彤】北京欢迎你 像音乐感动你
[06:23.09]【郭容 刘耕宏 腾格尔】让我们都加油去超越自己
[06:29.25]【金莎 苏醒 韦嘉】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起
[06:35.48]【付丽珊 黄征 房祖】有勇气就会有奇迹
[06:41.54]【全体】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起
[06:53.27]【全体】北京欢迎你 有梦想谁都了不起

The lyrics of 北京欢迎你!Yay! Leehom's in it too.. =P Enjoy!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Music.. Is a hard and long way to the top...

I'm not really sure if I have the right to say this here:

Everyone thought that wow, you learn both the violin and the piano? You must be really good!!! But, in reality, I'm not that good. Surrouding by various outstanding musicians, some even younger than me but yet they are way more better than me, I just a speck of dust in the whole universt. Sometimes, I even feel like I'm just the unexisting dust...

Sigh! Once again, I've went to my violin lessons and came back again, and didn't took any praises from my teacher. Instead, my sister who I guess didn't really practice that much, did better than me, who practised...

Today, he told us that to touch people's soul, we should use our "inner eye" to imagine a that the sound we produce from the violin comes from a further place and not just in front of us... How would I do that?! He just show us the way we play, but how can I do that? Even if I try my best, not even a word of praise from him... And that really dissapoints me...

Sometimes, I even think of giving up the whole music thing... But I can't do it... Thinking that after I stepped into this world, I shouldn't step out of it that easily...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Woohoo! Our group for Chemistry had finally finished the nail-bitting FORMULAES!! Anyway, it's when Pn. Sunita will ask the whole class the list of anions and cations and joining them up together. Our class proved to be the weakest in the whole Form 4 group! Really dissapointing to hear that... But we finally passed the iron claws of Pn Sunita yesterday. The pressure was really rocketing up and according to Pn Sunita, watching the anxious looks on our faces was fun! But yeah, we actually didn't get all of it right (at least i did.. ), but as she said, she's experiencing a little "hearing problem" that day. So the mercyful Pn Sunita let us passed! And of course, the always-stumbling-on-formulaes-Jason, was the most excited one among all of us when he got his formulaes right.

Having Pn. Ng as our Chinese teacher, my class was excused to go up to the hall to watch the poem reciting competition for the whole Klang disctrict. Since my school was host to the Netball Competition a few weeks ago, the Ping Pong competition last week, the Basketball competition this whole week and the poem reciting competition this week, my school was crowded with students from every school in Selangor imaginable. =_= Even eating in the canteen was frustrating enough.

Lately, me, Chua and triple Lee had got "addicted" with the doughnuts sold in school! Round little doughnuts topped with melting, sweet, delicious icing sugar! Irresistably finger licking good! And since yyv was always aching here, aching there because she had a fever on Monday and Tuesday, she didn't much join us during recess. Her face was always gloomy and sad and not as hyperactive as she used to be! Sigh! Sitting beside her in class is really... bringing down my bouyant mood too!

Today, I woke up extremely early than before (not that early lah, just 30 mins early) to get my school bag, uniform, tuition books and shirt for the afternoon ready. I even took my Biology book to study before the teacher's car come to fetch us (my little bro n me) to school. What a good gurl I am! Nah.. It's just because the exam is just around the corner and that, really scares me. Anyway, I was revising my Bio and I didn't realized what time it was cuz I forgot where my watch "went" again and I was lazy to check the clock in my house. After I checked the watch on my snoring brother sleeping in the backseat of my mums car with the door wide open, it was already 7.10!! I usually already reached school at this time!! My dad quickly brought us to school and I got my name wrote down because of this! Gosh! It's the first time I've ever got this late in my whole life! Nobody would ever believe that I got to school late even tought I woke up 30 early! It's just ironically nonsense!

Bah... I'll see what happens next.... I still having a mountain high of unfinished business for me to finish up.. It's O.M.I.H.Fridays! for me again tomorrow.. Oh my, how exciting it would be... +_+

Saturday, April 12, 2008

O.M.I.H.Fridays! (Oh My I Hate Fridays!)

I got this idea of it after I knew the meaning of TGI Fridays.. Haha! By saying I hate Fridays, people must think that I'm insane or having nuts and bolts in my head. You guys all love Fridays, as if it's the day you've been waiting for all week long, since your Monday Blues started...

But to be exact, I don't really HATE Fridays, but I love it when it is 2200hr on a Friday! That's when my nite-life has just started, as I always say "The night never dies in my house on a Friday night!" For those who know me, or has added me as a contact in his/her MSN Messenger, I usually goes offline only when it's near 3am (opps.. did i say the night never dies?). Why? Hehe.. I better not say it, if not, you'll be like me, sleeping with the study light on the whole night. Even setting the timer for the radio to automatically off itself at 20mins, just because I don't want it to be too quiet when I go to sleep every night. Believe me, I can fall alseep, anywhere, anytime, anyplace! (Sounds familiar? I will follow you~) Even though the bright lights are on or the radio just beside my bed is blaringloud that will make you deaf... (ps: you can only do this after I fall asleep..) if not, i'll ketuk kamu punya kepala ah... (famous quote from Pn S.Bavanie, 4S2's (2008) very charming and considerate *eh-hem*History teacher)

Gosh! Thinking of this, I can recall a rather embarrassing memory of mine. Some of you might have heard of it... I'll just tell 1 and ONLY 1, that is not as embarrassing as the others. I don't really remember what happened, because I was told by my sister (or issit my cousin?) as was already sleeping at the moment.

It was one night when my cousin came and stay over at my place for the night and I don't remember why I already fell asleep while most of my families are still WIDE awake. As I was told, my face was drawn on with a calligraphy brush (and ink, of course) by my crazy sister, little brother (should I think SHOULD be in bed by then) and cousin sister, giggling all the way I'm sure! After all the noise they've made, my dad came in to check what was going on. They covered my face with the blanket and hushed down. My little brother, who I'm sure can't keep it laughter in anymore longer, showed my dad their "masterpiece". After that... Well, who knows what happened...

Regarding the other embarrassing moments of my "hibernating life" during my childhood, I'd better keep it to myself... And those who know my deadliest secrets, Shhh...!!!!

As you can see, it's almost 2am and I'm still hypercharged! I sometimes wonder if I really am a nocturnal animal, i mean human being, man kind, a revolutionary multicellular animal that evolved from the apes? Monkeys? Chimpanzee? Baboon? Orang Utan?

Uh... I gotta wake up at, about 7.45am tomorrow morning. I hope that I can make it, after only getting a maximum of 5hrs of dear, precious sleeping time. Going to KX's to make our Water Rocket for Physics at an unearthly hour, 0830hr just because she need to go for her Tae-Tae at 1.. =_=' anyway, i hope that it can be quick so I can be on time to watch Ugly Betty! Since I've started Physics at Ah Khoo's (scary~) on Tuesday nights, I can only watch the repeats on Staurday, 1200hr....

Nitey nitey!

ps: I dunno if i can keep this blog going on, but I hope I can, as life for a pityful Form 4-er is as hectic as like as a working man/lady... T.T sob!