Thursday, April 17, 2008

Woohoo! Our group for Chemistry had finally finished the nail-bitting FORMULAES!! Anyway, it's when Pn. Sunita will ask the whole class the list of anions and cations and joining them up together. Our class proved to be the weakest in the whole Form 4 group! Really dissapointing to hear that... But we finally passed the iron claws of Pn Sunita yesterday. The pressure was really rocketing up and according to Pn Sunita, watching the anxious looks on our faces was fun! But yeah, we actually didn't get all of it right (at least i did.. ), but as she said, she's experiencing a little "hearing problem" that day. So the mercyful Pn Sunita let us passed! And of course, the always-stumbling-on-formulaes-Jason, was the most excited one among all of us when he got his formulaes right.

Having Pn. Ng as our Chinese teacher, my class was excused to go up to the hall to watch the poem reciting competition for the whole Klang disctrict. Since my school was host to the Netball Competition a few weeks ago, the Ping Pong competition last week, the Basketball competition this whole week and the poem reciting competition this week, my school was crowded with students from every school in Selangor imaginable. =_= Even eating in the canteen was frustrating enough.

Lately, me, Chua and triple Lee had got "addicted" with the doughnuts sold in school! Round little doughnuts topped with melting, sweet, delicious icing sugar! Irresistably finger licking good! And since yyv was always aching here, aching there because she had a fever on Monday and Tuesday, she didn't much join us during recess. Her face was always gloomy and sad and not as hyperactive as she used to be! Sigh! Sitting beside her in class is really... bringing down my bouyant mood too!

Today, I woke up extremely early than before (not that early lah, just 30 mins early) to get my school bag, uniform, tuition books and shirt for the afternoon ready. I even took my Biology book to study before the teacher's car come to fetch us (my little bro n me) to school. What a good gurl I am! Nah.. It's just because the exam is just around the corner and that, really scares me. Anyway, I was revising my Bio and I didn't realized what time it was cuz I forgot where my watch "went" again and I was lazy to check the clock in my house. After I checked the watch on my snoring brother sleeping in the backseat of my mums car with the door wide open, it was already 7.10!! I usually already reached school at this time!! My dad quickly brought us to school and I got my name wrote down because of this! Gosh! It's the first time I've ever got this late in my whole life! Nobody would ever believe that I got to school late even tought I woke up 30 early! It's just ironically nonsense!

Bah... I'll see what happens next.... I still having a mountain high of unfinished business for me to finish up.. It's O.M.I.H.Fridays! for me again tomorrow.. Oh my, how exciting it would be... +_+

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