Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol Season 8...

I haven't been watching American Idol for quite some time now... I didn't really watch Season 7 but I know that there were 2 Davids in the finals and Cook won...

But since the last time I watched it with my sister, I had been continuing ever since. Every Thursday if I can, 9.30pm. Yeah, I know that it airs in the US on Tuesday, but what to do? I only have local television channels.

It's now down to the Top 5! Whoa.. Gets closer and closer to the Finals each and every week! And, seriously, this IS THE BEST TOP 5 EVER!

This week's theme was Rat Pack Era which includes the very famous, Frank Sinatra. And I personally loved allllllllllllllllll of the performance this week.. =D 'cause it's all jazzy and groovy and full of soul... And their mentor was the soulful sir, Mr. Jamie Foxx, ladies and gentleman!

Kris Allen was the first to perform out of the 5 that night. He sang The Way You Look Tonight. Like Paula said, he transformed from an adorable boy next door to a dashing young gentleman with a smart suit and tie. Kris wasn't with his normal guitar this week but yet he did an absolutely stunning performance! =) Krazy for Kris!

Next up, red-headed Allison Iraheta who just turned 17 this week. She showed the emotional side of her this week by performing Someone to Watch Over Me. With her usual husky voice, she did unexpectedly well... Jamie Foxx said that she was too young to have a boyfriend?! Yeah, right! Look around you, Mr. Foxx! =P

Then, the "saved" contestant Matt Giraud. Matt said he took up Jazz in college and he loved it very much. But he said he got a B for it. Lol... Hmmm... He sang My Funny Valentine. A really, really hard song to sing! I personally didn't really liked it and agreed with Randy. ^^' A little pitchy. Maybe he was too nervous??

The fourth contestant, Daniel Gokey sang Come Rain or Come Shine. I saw a sign which said Go Go Gokey! Lol... Creative... Although I've never heard the original version before, but his arrangement was jazzy with a swing. But the ending blew me away! Gosh! Nice one, D!

Last but not least, my sister, mum and my personal favourite, Adam Lambert! The punky who used to sing in Broadway! I wonder if his hair colour was natural... Not many American has black hair. He sang Feeling Good and made a marvelous entrance! Unlike last week when he gelled his hair back and made him look like Elvis Presley, his hair was all up into a spiky style. He was dressed in this pearly, white suit.. Nice! The way he hit the high notes.... Crazy! And his eyes at the end of the song can make you melt into a nice, warm puddle! Haha!

But sadly like every week, someone's got to go again this week... = ( Although the local tv haven't air the latest week, but according to Wikipedia (Lol!), Matt was out. Poor, poor guy! But I truly, truly think that everyone in the Top 5 has the potential of being an artist, even right now!

Well, their going old school next week! Back to the Rock n' Roll period, babe'! It's all down to the Top 4 now and let's see how they are capable of rock n' rolling.

According to my instincts, Allison and Adam will be in the Finals... I just hope that I'm right! I'll be keeping my fingers tightly crossed! But I do hope Kris Allen do well, too! Bah... But to be able to be in American Idol, you are already a rock star in training and on your way to shimmery stardom! Just look at David Archuleta, Jennifer Hudson! All walking proudly on the red carpets..

By the way, counting down to the last 2 DAYS!!! Music-Man LIVE in concert!!! \>O
Wooohhhh!! Will be shouting like a mad man! Don't be surprised if I lose my voice on Monday... You know what happened to me... =_=

Sunday, April 12, 2009

World Earth Day 2009

Happy World Earth Day everyone!!! =)

What have you done to play your part as a responsible citizen of Earth?

Look at the wonders and beauty Mother Earth provides other than a Home?

Lol... The last laugh... =P
So cuddle Earth close to your heart and show your gratitude towards her by RECYCLING, REUSING, GOING GREEN & TRY HARD TO REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINTS...
Last but not least, as time goes by, slowly, I didn't realize that Leehom's concert was only 1 WEEK away!!!! *Leaps with joy~!* But then, so is the Mid Year Exam... =_=
Haha... Until then, byeee!
ps: Happy birthday to: Sis n Kai Xian n William Shakespeare (Oh, and "Happy" Death Day to Mr. Shakespeare, too!) =P [23/4]

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday was my little brother AND 2 of my friends' birthday... Not only that,came to town and it was part of his promo tour for his upcoming concert this May 2nd! And, yes, I've already bought the tickets to watch him LIVE!!! Can't wait!

Counting down: 24 more days to go!!!!

So, Cheng Syin and me, 1 of the 2 crazy HOManiacs was crazy enough and fanatic enough to go let him sign his album... =) And I'm so glad that I did!

We took the train after I finished the badminton match in school and we reached KL Sentral at about 5.30pm. (For your information, I've read a little on my Chemistry since it's tested today on the train and even brought my really thick book to study!) We went straight to the monorail station and saw lots of HOManiac members wearing HOManiac's T-shirt and followed them all the way until we saw a banner and heard a Malay lady shouting, "Leehom, ah? Leehom sini! Leehom sini!" Lol... This is because Boston Restaurant has sponsored the bus trip from KL Sentral to Solaris, Mount. Kiara for free. It's only valid to those going for his autograph session.
I was soooo excited! Everyone on the bus sounded excited too! I heard the radio on the background and thought, 'Hmm... The bus driver's so considerate to play Leehom's song on this bus!" But after listening closely, I realized that it was only the normal Malay radio station... *Sweat!* =_=

We reached there at about 6.30pm and I got quite hungry. Initially, we were planning to eat in Boston since it's just above the stage and we can have a pretty close view of Leehom if we sit up here. But, Gosh! Boston = expensive... So we ended up eating our dinner in a nearby mamak... After that, we got back to the venue and saw that the number of people in the crowd has obviously increased. I was hoping to be in the special area, more up front, since I'm the member of the fan club. But since Cheng Syin wasn't a member, I couldn't just leave her out there. But then, the workers from Galaxy Group wanted to increase the space of the member's area and told us to stand up to the curb to let him pass. He was quite unfriendly himself. So I literally "jumped" into the special area. Cheng Syin said that the worker was going to scold me but when he saw my fan club T-shirt, he quickly turned back without saying a word! Haha...
Starting snapping pictures.. Lalala... The organizer played his album over and over again and we, too, started singing. At about 7.50pm, somebody started screaming "Leehom!!!" and pointing at the backstage. I started jumping, and so did everyone else, but I couldn't see him. But then, when he was walking up the stairs to Boston, everyone started screaming again and he waved at us! =D Those crazy girls (including me) started yelling like maniacs...

The MC started to thank the sponsors and keep wanting us to clap but the applause was like, "Ahh.. Whatever!" Then he selected a few of the lucky ones to go up stage to play some games and the winner got away with 2 tickets to watch Leehom worth RM268 (i dun really remember the exact price).
After that, Leehom got on stage!!

Everyone started screaming, yelling, snapping pictures, shouting his name.

It has been 2 years since he came to M'sia for a concert and an autograph session.

He said that he just finished filming a movie with Jackie Chan at 4am yesterday and went straight to the airport at 6.30am and flew straight here.... Poor guy! He must be exhausted!

He didn't talk much yet I've snapped lots of pictures, but it's all quite shaky and not really clear and not really close. But it has been the closest that I've ever been! At least I can see his face clearer than the last time.

He only sang "Heartbeat". I think it's because they are rushing to get the autograph session started. The reporters took pictures of him and never seem to be able to put down their cameras. They started snapping like mad even when the MC told them that the photography session was over. I saw the MC sighing to other workers because he couldn't stop the photographers to take pictures of him.

Then, we slowly queue up to go onstage to get his signature! The moment that I've been waiting for! I kept reminding myself to say "Thank you" because I didn't thank the last time I let him sign my album and I regretted it so much!
I got up the stairs and the worker told me to keep my camera cuz I was planning to secretly take a shot of him up close. But, bah! I was stopped.

The girl before me said something to him before he signed and he looked puzzled. He shook her hand and it's my turn!!! I looked at him sign my album and my postcard and said "Thanks!" with the brightest smile that I can pull up. He shook my hand, smiled at me and thanked me, too, with those adoring eyes! XD Lol.. Pardon my insanity! I don't really know how to describe how he looked at me because he didn't just looked... It's not attentively and not without any care. He looked at me like he never saw me before (of course! =_= ) and ... Bah! Indescribable words... But frankly speaking, I couldn't really remember the exact situation! Argh! Why am I always like that?! I couldn't remember something when I'm too excited. Like the last time I went to his concert, I kept looking at the camera and didn't really looked on the stage. So it was no different than watching him "divided" with a screen, like on the television or on the Internet. And I really regretted that! I learnt my lesson this time, and took a few quick glances when I record him singing. And because of that, my videos are quite shaky because I wasn't looking at the screen...
Since Cheng Syin was behind me, she said when he was signing my album, she was attentively looking at the features of his flawless face. Haha! Aww! I should have done that, too! Seeing him up close is almost like less than 10 times in a lifetime! I'm going to look at him when he sign the next time. Look at him real closely! Every feature of his face... =) But the highlight of this whole process is that... He shook hands with his fans this time! I didn't get to shake his hand the last time he came and this time I did! Ahhh! =)

But I guess it's quite hard for you guys to imagine someone like me to get so crazy screaming or yelling or going to someone's concert shouting like a mad man, huh? Lol... Well, that's me! =P

Well, less blabbering and more pictures and videos! So here they are:

There are people holding up banners like this ^^^^^ at the bus stop for the free bus trips to Mt. Kiara from KL Sentral, thanks to Galaxy!

On the bus to Solaris, Mount. Kiara.
The stage @ 6.30pm
Fans waiting.
Me and the "postcard"..
The stage at 8.00pm with the lights on.
Lol... Leehom's already inside the restaurant and he walked on these stairs BEFORE! XD
Leehom! and the MC...

Singing "Heartbeat".
More singing.
"Encore! Encore!" "Lets leave the encore songs till the 2nd of May."
"Well, you see, Leehom sings really good and not me..." XD *nah... I've just made that up...*

"Why don't you teach them how to sing?" "I'm music-man, not music teacher..." Lol...

Hahaha... =_=

Autograph and photograph session's about to start.
Posing with the fans...

Lol... Even the media can't get enough of him! I saw the MC sighed after he told the reporters that the photography session is over and they didn't listen to him...Haha!Hehe! Cool, huh? =3 On the train back to Klang at 10.30pm...

I can't get the video to upload.. Maybe in the next post.. Sorry!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Bday!

Happy Birthday to:

My lil' Bro, Ze Xin... Celebrating his: 12th bday!
  • Have good results in ur UPSR this year
  • Grow up from your "fantasy world"
  • Take good care of my Bibi and your tortoises
  • Stop bullying me lah =_=
  • Good health, good luck, good everything! =)

My friend, Ernest... Celebrating his: Sweet 16th bday!

  • Good luck in your life, love and studies! =P
  • Treat your beloved "son" nicely lo! If not, she will complain to me~
  • Grow up la~ =_=
  • Please, you are NOT Leehom!
  • Waseh, teach me some of your secrets for playing the piano leh!
  • Don't forget my bday present! =P
  • Stop bullying me also la... =_=
  • Focus more on your studies! You won't be so lucky everytime...
  • Play your piano more for meeeeeee! I wanna listen....
  • and for the last time, YOU ARE NOT LEEHOM! Haha!

My friend's brother, Vin Hao... Celebrating his: 17th bday!

  • I don't know you well, but I think you are a good guy! =)
  • Don't get bullied by Audrey so often la!
  • Defend yourself more! =P
  • Sing louder than Jack Pin!
  • Contribute more for Bass.. =P
  • Good luck in life and studies... No love yet, I assume? =P
  • Be a good brother to Audrey and 永安.. Hehe

All and all, Happy Birthday from me to you! May all of you be blessed with good luck and good health! =)

ps: Woah! I'm meeting LH in about, 20 hours! I know that my monthly test is on Wednesday, I'll do my best in coping with both of the very important things to me! =P

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fuming Monday Blues

Today, is again, Monday...

Today, is also again, assembly day...

Sports day's over and returning to school this week was heavy-hearted. Going back to class and sitting there for the next 6 hours... Yipee...

This morning, our new HM of KH, in case you don't know about him, he's the so called "Doctor" Chin and I don't really care what his last names are.

He was as strict as a ____ [fill it in yourselves]! He just brought in a so-called "old rule" to KH and he said that it was to be done before he mentioned it today. He said that, On every Wednesday, ALL students are compulsory to wear his/her uniform from our unit-beruniform.

I was almost half asleep and I sat up straight when I heard this. I thought I was hearing voices until the chatter around the assembly ground begins to boil up.


But I heard some shocking news from Hil Sa. She said , although I've already gave up my membership as a St John member, I still have to wear my uniform... *swt* And where am I supposed to get my uniform? I reckon I have to rummage through my wardrobe and look for the half-u that had been left in the far end of the closet for a really long time. If I'm not mistaken, I at least still have my old uniform hiding under my pile of uniforms.

Really fed up with this new HM! Yeah, he has a post in KH and is a "Doctor" for some reason. But do he need to act like we are still, what, primary students? Even my primary school principal smiles when he gives out awards. According to those who have been on stage to be "honoured" enough to shake his hand and receive and award, the new HM never even smiled when he's giving out the award! Who does he think he is?

I frankly agree that disciplinary problems in KH has gone from bad to worse in this few years and we really need to think about the ways to solve this problem. Not that I don't break the rules, but those who are breaking the rules severely are giving other students from KH a bad name. And I'm speaking about those who dyes their hair, not tuck their shirts in, uses cosmetics in school, have no manners while speaking to the teachers, bringing hand phones to school and what-so-ever. Well, actually, bringing hand phones to school shouldn't be disallowed. For someone like me who needs to stay back after school and go for tuition classes straight after, we need to contact our parents when we finish tuition and parents can contact us more easily too. But dying their hair, using cosmetics, sleeping in class is really a big NO-NO!

I silently feel that, somehow, our new HM is doing the right thing. But not allowing the stalls to sell mineral waters?! That's a little overboard, don't you think?

Yes, students are not taking care of the school's cleanliness. Well, to be specific, they are the boys who uses the basketball court. It's not really one of our problems but actions should be taken on the users of the basketball court, not the whole school.

Other than that, I really think that the school shouldn't allow stalls to be set up outside the school. Students tend to buy the drinks or food and just throw the empty plastic cups in the drain or even on the floor itself. Some even brought it into the school compound and throwing it on the school grounds.

As all KH-rians know, the Dengue fever case in KH is on the raise and one of the main reasons are the empty cups and plastic bags on the floor in school grounds and outside the school grounds.

I really hope that the school can take more conducive acts to control the disciplinary problems and the cleanliness of the school leading to the health of our KH-rians. And I hope that the HM could leave a better impression on us before I leave KH. I know that KH is now in good hands, but I hope that KH will return to it's former position of being one of the BEST schools in Klang.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is here!

Although Malaysia is Summer all year round, but I would like to spread the word that Spring is here!
Breathe in the fresh air, look at the blooming flowers, sprouts of new plants from the fertile soil, birds coming back from the East, the Sun shining brightly again after the chilly Winter...

I've found these pictures and I really loved them!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Last Sports Day in KH

Today was Kwang Hua's 44th Annual Sports Day and it's also the last sports day event that I can experience while I'm still here. So I tried to treasure every moment and tried to participate in anything that I can get my hands on. I participated in the march for Rumah A and helped a little of this and that in the decoration of the banner.

For this year, Rumah A's theme was Army of Victory. So we held shields and a "sword" while we march and became temporary armies for a day! Smart! Haha!
It was quite an emotional moment when they announced that we won the Best Decoration Award since we heard rumours that Rumah E was the one who won. It was unexpected, so we all was shocked and glad all at once! Wee Jun, our Head of the Decoration Team shed tears of joy when he heard the news. And me myself had tears in my eyes... ^^' Congrats to Wee Jun! You really deserve all the pride and glory you can get!
Although we didn't win the Best March Award, but it was a great experience! At least I contributed my strength in practices and sacrificed my time for practice. I even fainted during the rehearsals that day since the sun was like a dragon breathing fire at us! HOT! But either ways, I was glad that I joined the march and never regretted!

Yet, I kinda regretted not going for sports practice because I wanted to take part in the sports events! T_T It's not that I won't want to go, it's because I can't go! Sobs!

The overall Champion was Rumah D! Congrats!
I wonder whether I will be back next year to witness my juniors' sportsmanship?
Since it was my last sports day in KH, I took loads of pictures! =P Here are some of them.
The Award-winning decoration! Nice, right? I helped, you know! =P
A windmill-like... rotating... thing... Haha! Anyway, it was part of the deco. I love the knight who's holding a lolly and an ice-cream!Rumah A~~!
Rachel and me, our Miss Rumah Sukan A! Isn't she gorgeous?! =) ps: I used to see her before my piano lessons...
Rumah B's banner... Bring It On!

Red-Indian Bond and me.. Yaiks! Sorry, Siok Yee! I have bad camera-self taking skills!

Introducing... *Drum Roll!* Miss Rumah Sukan C! Volleyball girlie, Kylie! She looked different though.. ^^'

Ling Wee and the Bond! The Rumah Eeeeeeee's!
Ling Wee and me.

Li Jing and me.

Group Photo!
Siok Yee and Me.

Chian Ning, Rumah E's Penolong Ketua and the Ketua Perhiasan~ Both S2-rians!

Choor Hong, Bond and Chua in front of Rumah E's deco.

Yee Wen and Me.

Rumah D's banner. Dare to Dream.

Pei Chi, Yee Wen and me.

Tiffany and Me.

Khai Jia and Me. She don't look like she's Form 2 lah~

Adam, the crazy guy who marched too.
The cute rocking horse that I wanted to bring home...Hehe!

Prefect/Flower Boy/Cool Guy with Glasses..... Ah Bu~! Haha!

My "Sword" and "Shield" with signatures on it.

Miss Rumah E, also an S2-rian. I feel sorry for her! Her smile is already rigid and gosh, she looked dazed~ @_@

Ah Bu, Hian Ee and Miss Rumah A.

Lol... What pose is this... =_=?

Rumah E's deco. Embrace the Passion!

The BSMM and St. John's booth.

Kai Sheng and me.
Kai Sheng and Xin Yi. Lol... Kai Sheng got his eyes closed.. =P

Xin Yi and Me. Rumah A~~!!

Dirty shoes lined up to get dried... Ewww....

Hng Hsuen washing up after a "walk" on the field..Haha!

Before: My dirty feet after walking on the muddy field.

After: Ta-da! Squeeky clean~

Wet footprints...
Kai Sheng, Wee Jun, Yee Hong and me.

Biscuit and me.
Biscuit and Xin Yi.
The condition of the field.

Eeky earthworm! Imagine us stepping on these poor creatures all this while.

Eeeky mud... Slimy~ Like Melted chocolate! =P We're having Mud Spa all the while.. =D

Tuan Teck, supporter of Rumah B!

Lol! Woah... I met Robert Pattinson's lover in school! =P

Rumah A-rians gathering under the umbrella, out from the heat.

Victory tastes sweet! =P

Last picture taken... Memories!
YES! Finally! I've finish posting them! I've been uploading these pictures for HOURS! Phew!
Signing off!