Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol Season 8...

I haven't been watching American Idol for quite some time now... I didn't really watch Season 7 but I know that there were 2 Davids in the finals and Cook won...

But since the last time I watched it with my sister, I had been continuing ever since. Every Thursday if I can, 9.30pm. Yeah, I know that it airs in the US on Tuesday, but what to do? I only have local television channels.

It's now down to the Top 5! Whoa.. Gets closer and closer to the Finals each and every week! And, seriously, this IS THE BEST TOP 5 EVER!

This week's theme was Rat Pack Era which includes the very famous, Frank Sinatra. And I personally loved allllllllllllllllll of the performance this week.. =D 'cause it's all jazzy and groovy and full of soul... And their mentor was the soulful sir, Mr. Jamie Foxx, ladies and gentleman!

Kris Allen was the first to perform out of the 5 that night. He sang The Way You Look Tonight. Like Paula said, he transformed from an adorable boy next door to a dashing young gentleman with a smart suit and tie. Kris wasn't with his normal guitar this week but yet he did an absolutely stunning performance! =) Krazy for Kris!

Next up, red-headed Allison Iraheta who just turned 17 this week. She showed the emotional side of her this week by performing Someone to Watch Over Me. With her usual husky voice, she did unexpectedly well... Jamie Foxx said that she was too young to have a boyfriend?! Yeah, right! Look around you, Mr. Foxx! =P

Then, the "saved" contestant Matt Giraud. Matt said he took up Jazz in college and he loved it very much. But he said he got a B for it. Lol... Hmmm... He sang My Funny Valentine. A really, really hard song to sing! I personally didn't really liked it and agreed with Randy. ^^' A little pitchy. Maybe he was too nervous??

The fourth contestant, Daniel Gokey sang Come Rain or Come Shine. I saw a sign which said Go Go Gokey! Lol... Creative... Although I've never heard the original version before, but his arrangement was jazzy with a swing. But the ending blew me away! Gosh! Nice one, D!

Last but not least, my sister, mum and my personal favourite, Adam Lambert! The punky who used to sing in Broadway! I wonder if his hair colour was natural... Not many American has black hair. He sang Feeling Good and made a marvelous entrance! Unlike last week when he gelled his hair back and made him look like Elvis Presley, his hair was all up into a spiky style. He was dressed in this pearly, white suit.. Nice! The way he hit the high notes.... Crazy! And his eyes at the end of the song can make you melt into a nice, warm puddle! Haha!

But sadly like every week, someone's got to go again this week... = ( Although the local tv haven't air the latest week, but according to Wikipedia (Lol!), Matt was out. Poor, poor guy! But I truly, truly think that everyone in the Top 5 has the potential of being an artist, even right now!

Well, their going old school next week! Back to the Rock n' Roll period, babe'! It's all down to the Top 4 now and let's see how they are capable of rock n' rolling.

According to my instincts, Allison and Adam will be in the Finals... I just hope that I'm right! I'll be keeping my fingers tightly crossed! But I do hope Kris Allen do well, too! Bah... But to be able to be in American Idol, you are already a rock star in training and on your way to shimmery stardom! Just look at David Archuleta, Jennifer Hudson! All walking proudly on the red carpets..

By the way, counting down to the last 2 DAYS!!! Music-Man LIVE in concert!!! \>O
Wooohhhh!! Will be shouting like a mad man! Don't be surprised if I lose my voice on Monday... You know what happened to me... =_=

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