Friday, April 3, 2009

Last Sports Day in KH

Today was Kwang Hua's 44th Annual Sports Day and it's also the last sports day event that I can experience while I'm still here. So I tried to treasure every moment and tried to participate in anything that I can get my hands on. I participated in the march for Rumah A and helped a little of this and that in the decoration of the banner.

For this year, Rumah A's theme was Army of Victory. So we held shields and a "sword" while we march and became temporary armies for a day! Smart! Haha!
It was quite an emotional moment when they announced that we won the Best Decoration Award since we heard rumours that Rumah E was the one who won. It was unexpected, so we all was shocked and glad all at once! Wee Jun, our Head of the Decoration Team shed tears of joy when he heard the news. And me myself had tears in my eyes... ^^' Congrats to Wee Jun! You really deserve all the pride and glory you can get!
Although we didn't win the Best March Award, but it was a great experience! At least I contributed my strength in practices and sacrificed my time for practice. I even fainted during the rehearsals that day since the sun was like a dragon breathing fire at us! HOT! But either ways, I was glad that I joined the march and never regretted!

Yet, I kinda regretted not going for sports practice because I wanted to take part in the sports events! T_T It's not that I won't want to go, it's because I can't go! Sobs!

The overall Champion was Rumah D! Congrats!
I wonder whether I will be back next year to witness my juniors' sportsmanship?
Since it was my last sports day in KH, I took loads of pictures! =P Here are some of them.
The Award-winning decoration! Nice, right? I helped, you know! =P
A windmill-like... rotating... thing... Haha! Anyway, it was part of the deco. I love the knight who's holding a lolly and an ice-cream!Rumah A~~!
Rachel and me, our Miss Rumah Sukan A! Isn't she gorgeous?! =) ps: I used to see her before my piano lessons...
Rumah B's banner... Bring It On!

Red-Indian Bond and me.. Yaiks! Sorry, Siok Yee! I have bad camera-self taking skills!

Introducing... *Drum Roll!* Miss Rumah Sukan C! Volleyball girlie, Kylie! She looked different though.. ^^'

Ling Wee and the Bond! The Rumah Eeeeeeee's!
Ling Wee and me.

Li Jing and me.

Group Photo!
Siok Yee and Me.

Chian Ning, Rumah E's Penolong Ketua and the Ketua Perhiasan~ Both S2-rians!

Choor Hong, Bond and Chua in front of Rumah E's deco.

Yee Wen and Me.

Rumah D's banner. Dare to Dream.

Pei Chi, Yee Wen and me.

Tiffany and Me.

Khai Jia and Me. She don't look like she's Form 2 lah~

Adam, the crazy guy who marched too.
The cute rocking horse that I wanted to bring home...Hehe!

Prefect/Flower Boy/Cool Guy with Glasses..... Ah Bu~! Haha!

My "Sword" and "Shield" with signatures on it.

Miss Rumah E, also an S2-rian. I feel sorry for her! Her smile is already rigid and gosh, she looked dazed~ @_@

Ah Bu, Hian Ee and Miss Rumah A.

Lol... What pose is this... =_=?

Rumah E's deco. Embrace the Passion!

The BSMM and St. John's booth.

Kai Sheng and me.
Kai Sheng and Xin Yi. Lol... Kai Sheng got his eyes closed.. =P

Xin Yi and Me. Rumah A~~!!

Dirty shoes lined up to get dried... Ewww....

Hng Hsuen washing up after a "walk" on the field..Haha!

Before: My dirty feet after walking on the muddy field.

After: Ta-da! Squeeky clean~

Wet footprints...
Kai Sheng, Wee Jun, Yee Hong and me.

Biscuit and me.
Biscuit and Xin Yi.
The condition of the field.

Eeky earthworm! Imagine us stepping on these poor creatures all this while.

Eeeky mud... Slimy~ Like Melted chocolate! =P We're having Mud Spa all the while.. =D

Tuan Teck, supporter of Rumah B!

Lol! Woah... I met Robert Pattinson's lover in school! =P

Rumah A-rians gathering under the umbrella, out from the heat.

Victory tastes sweet! =P

Last picture taken... Memories!
YES! Finally! I've finish posting them! I've been uploading these pictures for HOURS! Phew!
Signing off!

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