Sunday, April 12, 2009

World Earth Day 2009

Happy World Earth Day everyone!!! =)

What have you done to play your part as a responsible citizen of Earth?

Look at the wonders and beauty Mother Earth provides other than a Home?

Lol... The last laugh... =P
So cuddle Earth close to your heart and show your gratitude towards her by RECYCLING, REUSING, GOING GREEN & TRY HARD TO REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINTS...
Last but not least, as time goes by, slowly, I didn't realize that Leehom's concert was only 1 WEEK away!!!! *Leaps with joy~!* But then, so is the Mid Year Exam... =_=
Haha... Until then, byeee!
ps: Happy birthday to: Sis n Kai Xian n William Shakespeare (Oh, and "Happy" Death Day to Mr. Shakespeare, too!) =P [23/4]

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