Monday, April 6, 2009

Fuming Monday Blues

Today, is again, Monday...

Today, is also again, assembly day...

Sports day's over and returning to school this week was heavy-hearted. Going back to class and sitting there for the next 6 hours... Yipee...

This morning, our new HM of KH, in case you don't know about him, he's the so called "Doctor" Chin and I don't really care what his last names are.

He was as strict as a ____ [fill it in yourselves]! He just brought in a so-called "old rule" to KH and he said that it was to be done before he mentioned it today. He said that, On every Wednesday, ALL students are compulsory to wear his/her uniform from our unit-beruniform.

I was almost half asleep and I sat up straight when I heard this. I thought I was hearing voices until the chatter around the assembly ground begins to boil up.


But I heard some shocking news from Hil Sa. She said , although I've already gave up my membership as a St John member, I still have to wear my uniform... *swt* And where am I supposed to get my uniform? I reckon I have to rummage through my wardrobe and look for the half-u that had been left in the far end of the closet for a really long time. If I'm not mistaken, I at least still have my old uniform hiding under my pile of uniforms.

Really fed up with this new HM! Yeah, he has a post in KH and is a "Doctor" for some reason. But do he need to act like we are still, what, primary students? Even my primary school principal smiles when he gives out awards. According to those who have been on stage to be "honoured" enough to shake his hand and receive and award, the new HM never even smiled when he's giving out the award! Who does he think he is?

I frankly agree that disciplinary problems in KH has gone from bad to worse in this few years and we really need to think about the ways to solve this problem. Not that I don't break the rules, but those who are breaking the rules severely are giving other students from KH a bad name. And I'm speaking about those who dyes their hair, not tuck their shirts in, uses cosmetics in school, have no manners while speaking to the teachers, bringing hand phones to school and what-so-ever. Well, actually, bringing hand phones to school shouldn't be disallowed. For someone like me who needs to stay back after school and go for tuition classes straight after, we need to contact our parents when we finish tuition and parents can contact us more easily too. But dying their hair, using cosmetics, sleeping in class is really a big NO-NO!

I silently feel that, somehow, our new HM is doing the right thing. But not allowing the stalls to sell mineral waters?! That's a little overboard, don't you think?

Yes, students are not taking care of the school's cleanliness. Well, to be specific, they are the boys who uses the basketball court. It's not really one of our problems but actions should be taken on the users of the basketball court, not the whole school.

Other than that, I really think that the school shouldn't allow stalls to be set up outside the school. Students tend to buy the drinks or food and just throw the empty plastic cups in the drain or even on the floor itself. Some even brought it into the school compound and throwing it on the school grounds.

As all KH-rians know, the Dengue fever case in KH is on the raise and one of the main reasons are the empty cups and plastic bags on the floor in school grounds and outside the school grounds.

I really hope that the school can take more conducive acts to control the disciplinary problems and the cleanliness of the school leading to the health of our KH-rians. And I hope that the HM could leave a better impression on us before I leave KH. I know that KH is now in good hands, but I hope that KH will return to it's former position of being one of the BEST schools in Klang.

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