Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, all!! =D

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas,
May the Yule tide gay...
From now on, our troubles will be miles away!

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us,
Gather near to us once more...

Merry Christmas to all..! I've just cam back from my graduation trip and I'm all tanned-up! This is what happens after swimming for 3 continuous days! =D

Well, anyway, I've had so much fun and I'll be missing all my friends for a long, long time. We must come out for a gathering some day!! We've been up and over the mountain, under the sea and also "ate up" the whole island in Penang!
  • I woke up at 5am on the bus and my breath was taken away by the starry night sky I can see from the bus and marveled at it the whole night!
  • I've saw about 5 or 6 shooting stars under the starry night sky in Langkawi.
  • I've waited, but unsuccessfully, for the sun to rise without sleeping the whole night with a bunch of friends by our hotel pool side and also the beach. =D
  • I've enjoyed waking people up in the middle of the night just for fun~ =P
  • I've went chocolate hunting in Langkawi.
  • I've played on a wheelchair in my hotel room because "someone" sprained her ankle just by walking on the streets in Penang... = =
  • I've also ate my Tang Yuan made by my classmates this year in Cameron Highlands.
  • I've saw the boys in my class go drunk in Langkawi because beer there is so darn cheap! =S Beer made the good boys go bad... Sigh!
  • I've met some old friends in Penang.
  • I saw baby sharks in the sea in Pulau Payar!
  • I've just realized that most of the boys in my class can't swim and only blame Gulu for not catching the ball when we play games in the pool. = =
  • I've had a few sips of beer but I still don't like it!
  • I felt a little seasick because of the waves...
  • I've waited for 3 hours just to be transported from the island to the boat which was about 10m away from the island because of the waves while crazily singing away with QF.
  • I've made a rock skipped 2 times on the surface of the water!
  • I've hugged my friends and cried before going home...
  • I'm beginning to miss my friends...

These 5 days and 7 nights was no doubt memorable and is deeply etched in my heart and my memories forever and always!

So until we meet again friends... May our futures collide so that we can meet again someday!

Go 5S2! Class of 2009... We've fought, succeeded together. What's next? Bring up the challenge! We can manage it, whatever it is!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Lesson Learnt...

I've stayed over at Ling Wei's house on the last day of SPM and like before, her mum bought us a scrumptious meal. Pizza and KFC'S Cheezy Wedges~~ O.o But we've also cooked some spagetthi before that. FULL... So we decided to take a walk. And a long, long walk around Ling Wei's neighbourhood. Actually, we've decided to walk to my teacher's house, but after we reached her house, she told us that she wasn't home... = = So we took about 1 and a half hours to walk to and fro... That's not a bad thing! Burn off all those calories we've just taken in! =P

The next day, we've initially agreed to wake up at 8.30am and depart at 9.30am. But we were too worn out and slept till 9.15am.

Skip skip skip to the part we went skating and after that. Because the point of this post is not about that..

When we were skating, we met my friends who also went to skate and we had quite a blast. But there was too many people which made the 'fast skating' process hard... =P

After skating, we went to have our lunch. They've had Ramen and I've had McD and Aunty Anne's. This was because I have a tight budget... T__________T

So after eating, they went shopping and we went to a pet shop and marvelled over the chubby, tiny little dwarf hamsters.. Soooooo Kyute~

At about 5pm, they have to go. So I decided to take the bus to the train station and take the train back home. This is where my dumb luck begin.....

First, it was raining and I thought EVERY mini bus will go to the train station. So I thought I was lucky because there already was a mini bus waiting there already. So I just hopped on without looking at it's destinations... After that, I saw the bus going to Puchong and IOI Mall... @_@ How the heck did I end up here?! So I asked the bus driver if he is going back to Sunway. He said he will. So I just continued following the bus around for an hour and a half..

Ok, so I was back in Sunway and I've came back to the places before the bus drove to Puchong. I began to feel funny. After half an hour or so, I asked one of the passenger on the bus, is this the KTM station? She said, "Bus ini tak pergi ke KTM lah..." @_______@ I quickly hopped of the bus and waited for another.

Because of the heavy rain, there was also the heavy traffic, which caused me to wait for another hour for the next bus to come. It was raining and I was cold.. Luckily I was wearing my long-sleeved T-shirt. And my phone's battery has a remaining 23% left... So I waited in the dark and cold place, hiding under a shed that's not even a bus stop.

After an hour, the right bus finally came! Thank God! I thought I was gonna be stuck up here for who knows how long.

So I've safely reached the train station, bought the ticket and waited for the next train to come by reading Cecilia Ahern's "P.S. I Love You"... Awwww....

There was one train, which was pulled by a cargo. It looked like it was spoilt and there was a sign that said "Limited Stop only" and it will only stop until Shah Alam. Ok, so I waited...

After half and hour, another train came. Yes! So I boarded this train. And got back to Bkt Badak safely where my paremts were already waiting.. Hehe.

Reached my HOME SWEET HOME at 9.15pm after departing from Sunway at 5pm... Grrrrrreeeeeatttttt....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm baaaaaacccckkkkkk... =D

Hi~ I'm back!

It had been 4 months since I've blogged and tomorrow, I'll be having my longest holiday in my life!!

1 day to total freedom, 1 day to a brand new life, 1 day to the longest holiday in my life, 1 day to the last time I step into my high school this year, 1 day to a whole December of partying~ =DD

I'll be busy for the whole December, after my SPM. Two choirs to attend and 2 vacations to go to.. Haha! I'll be going to Langkawi, Penang and also Cameron Highlands for my Grad. Trip. I hope it won't be boring... =_____________= Because those were the places when I went for my primary school graduation trip. So there I will be adding more chocolate to my "vault" (my fridge) at home. =P My little brother had just came back from Langkawi last month and he bought quite a lot of chocolate and I'll be buying much much more..

After coming back from my trip on Christmas Eve, I think there's gonna be a Christmas party somewhere that I'll be attending.

Then, I'll be going for choir practices for 2 days then off to Singapore!!! =D

Hmmm.... I'm not really sure what to write anymore. Maybe because I stopped blogging for such a long time.

Anyway, I had been using the computer for these 4 months. =P Unable to keep my promise to myself...

Oh, right. Our graduation ceremony was, as usual, tearful. And we rocked out Neway after that!!! Hehe...

Ok. I have to go study for my last subject ever now... Yiiiiiiippppppeeeeeeeeeee~ Which will be Chinese... ^^ Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Retiring for the next 4 months

... RETIRED ...

Since I will be busy with books for the next few months, I'm not gonna be posting any blog posts till December, which will be after my SPM...

So if this blog is still here, I'll be happy to continue posting blog entries after that... =P

So wish me luck, I'll be needing it.... =)

Thanks for all your support all this while. I'll be back here soon...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remembering MJ...

I've heard of his name since I was like, 4 or 5?

This was because my dad bought his concert VCD and we played it like everyday! My dad, wasn't really into Chinese singers then, other than Teressa Teng. He knew more English songs and I've seen pictures of him when he was in his 20's. His hair was, maybe, the latest fashion then. But not the afro kinda hairstyle, which would look really scary! =P In the picture, he was posing next to a motorcycle or "jumping" with his buddies. And boy, could he dance! So I'm not surprised that he danced when someone pulled him out of the crowd to dance at a hotel Christmas Eve party.

So back to MJ. I have memories of watching his MV's on TV, or was it my dad's VCD?

I remembered the MV of Black or White where the little guy who acted in Home Alone was in the MV before the song started. His dad was calling him to turn off stereo because it was too loud and asked him to go to bed. But instead of turning it off, he pushed the larger stereo system into the living room, put on his sunshades, pulgged in his electric guitar, and tuned the amplifier to the loudest. When he played, his father who was sitting on the couch, flew off to Africa. And that was where MJ started singing. I also remembered the part where he was singing on top of the Statue of Liberty, dancing with the Thai's, the Indian, the Red Indians and the part where they took shots of people of various races singing and that was really funny! This was one of my favorite songs!

Thriller! I didn't remember much of the video but I remember the song. Scary MV even when I watch it now... There was the typical high pitched scream from a girl which became like the symbol of horror movies then. I saw those dance moves in 13 going on 30 and thought that it was really funny... Lol! But still, that was classic!

Then, there was Remember the Time. The Egyptian King (who I recently realized that it was Eddie Murphy) was looking for a entertainer to like cheer the Queen up, but no one impressed him. But then someone came in with a cape. He turned into golden sand and became MJ... That was what I remembered, but I'll watch the video again..

You Are Not Alone, I am here with you, though we're far apart, you're always in my heart... I remembered watching this MV too. But the only thing I remembered was he was singing in a pool with a waterfall and in a hall.

Heal the World and We are the World were two of my favorite songs by him. This showed how much he cared for the poor and needy around the world.

Michael Jackson held a World Record for the celebrity that donated to the most charities and also many more world records including, he most Grammy Awards won in a year, most hit singles in the UK charts in a year, best selling album of all time, longest span of No.1 hits by an R&B artist, best selling music video, highest annual earnings ever for a pop star, and most successful pop music family.

As a child, Michael Jackson was abused by his father who hit him with his belt whenever he did some wrong moves in rehearsals. He didn't have a happy and carefree childhood like every one else. Instead, he was always in the studio recording or filming.

Together with his brothers, Michael was like the lead singer in their group, the Jackson 5. My mum told me about this group when I first heard of Michael Jackson. They sang numerous classics such as, I'll Be There and ABC.

A fan or not, I give him my highest respects and feel sorry for his heartbreaking and tragic past. It's all behind him now and I hope that he is living life the way he wants now wherever he is. I give my deepest condolences to his family for such a loss. He will be forever missed.

May your soul Rest In Peace, the King of Pop.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Death of another King...

Michael Jackson
Aug. 29, 1958 - June. 25, 2009

Yesterday was my mum's birthday. But at the same time, it was also a very tragic day for everyone. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died at a young age of 50 due to cardiac arrest in his home in Los Angeles.

I heard about this from the news on the radio and I couldn't believe my ears! It felt so surreal as he was like, doing fine all this while. This news will leave girls all around the world crying and mourning his loss. I'm sure that his family, especially his brothers and little sister, Janet, will be heart-broken.

Michael Jackson was said to rank alongside Elvis Presley and the Beatles as the biggest pop sensation of all time. He was born into a family of singers. At a young age of 4, he started singing with his brothers in a group called, the Jackson 5. They sang timeless classics and the one which I loved the most was I'll Be There. His little sister, Janet Jackson, followed his brother's footsteps and became a star that shined on her own.

Michael Jackson was known for his dance moves, like the Moonwalk, and songs like, "Thriller", "Beat It", "Billie Jean", "Black and White", " Heal the World" and also "You Are Not Alone", "Man in the Mirror" that dazzled the billboards at that time. His 1982 album, "Thriller" is the best-selling album of all time, with an estimated 50 million copies sold world wide.

Not only his songs and dance moves became an influence to people around the world, he even became a fashion icon. His red-leather jacket which was seen on the music video of Thriller had made everyone wanting to own a leather jacket like him. He was commonly seen in jackets sewed with glittering gemstones and sunshades. Also, he was often seen in a white t-shirt, which was always "flying", and glossy leather shoes which was ideal for his dance moves.

He married Lisa Marie Presley, the late Elvis Presley's only daughter. But they were divorced in 1996 after two years of marriage.

Jackson caused a furor in 2002 when he playfully dangled his infant son, Prince Michael II, over a hotel balcony in Berlin while a throng of fans watched from below.

In 2005, he was cleared of charges he molested a 13-year-old cancer survivor at Neverland in 2003. He had been accused of plying the boy with alcohol and groping him, and of engaging in strange and inappropriate behavior with other children.

I was not a huge fan of his but I respected him for making such a change to the music industry. Also, I do not know whether the rumors are true, but he was still a man of many talent.

The world had again lost a true musician after the death of Elvis Presley.

He bid us goodbye too soon and he will be deeply missed.

To the King of Pop, may your soul rest in peace... =(

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do you believe in ghosts?

First of all, I would say that I'm not really a fan of the superstitious and ghost busters or anything, but it's like they've always say, curiosity killed the cat.

As stated in the books, ghost mostly won't harm people unless they are disturbed or is seeking for vengeance to those who murdered them. Not being superstitious or anything, but it's better to believe in spirits than not believing in them. There are some things that can't be scientifically proven. Myths continue as myths.

I like to watch Ghost Whisperer although the ghost always scares the heck out of me when I watch it alone, but there's always a happy ending.. ;) There's also the series of the True Singapore Ghost Stories, which are, like the titile, True. True or not, most are the stories are absorbing and tantalizing. Although most of the stories send shivers down my spine, most of it teaches us valuable lessons. But, I wouldn't like to encounter those spirits myself, no thanks!

On second thought, there is this 1 ghost that I would like to meet. Elvis Presley's! And I think I know where to find him. But it'll cost me fortune to be able to travel to that part of the world, Las Vegas, USA! Plus, according to research, he is mainly spotted at the hotel suites. I can't even afford a plane ticket there! Moreover a hotel suite, at the Hiltons?! Needless to say...

For you all to read it, I'll just type out the summary of it, not the whole story.

Melody Teo, 28, kindergarten teacher

My husband Kim Seng is a technician with the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Last year, he was sent to the US to upgrade his skills at the major air force base there. It was a one-year attachment. The months dragged on until he was finally due to return to Singapore. I was so happy.

Kim Seng had a surprise for me. "Honey," he said over the telephone, "we're going to have a second honeymoon in Las Vegas."

I was over the moon. It would be a romantic reunion.We would spend four nights in Vegas, followed by a short stay in San Francisco before returning home from Los Angeles.

I joined Kim Seng in Vegas where he was waiting for me at the airport. The clink-clink sound of the jackpot machines were evident as they were scattered around the airport. People who were about to leave Vegas were still caught up in the gambling fever as they deposited coins into the machines, clinging on to the hope of a little windfall before they left.

Kim Seng had spared no expenses to make this a memorable week for me. He had booked a suite at the luxurious Las Vegas Hilton. It is a magnificient hotel with world-class amenities.

World-class stars perform at this hotel, which is situated along Paradise Road. It was not an apt name because I felt I was in paradise. One has to visit Vegas to appreciate its allure. There are so many world-class hotels, casinos, restaurants and attractions for tourists.

At night, it's like a magical kingdom. When the sun sets, Las Vegas is so brightly lit as the casinos try to lure visitors in their own special themes. It has been estimated that it costs US$265, 000 to light up the streets of Vegas for just one hour!

On our last night, we were on our way back to the hotel room after another session at the casino. Standing in front of us was someone who looked like Elvis Presley, in his heyday, with his trademark sideburns and all.

For the younger readers, Elvis was nicknamed "The King" and was a lengendary singer, entertainer and actor. He died in 1977 at the age of 42.

My parents had been huge fansof his. I saw some of his movies and I thought he was incredibly handsome when he was young, before he started boozing and getting high on drugs.

My husband and I assumed that this guy was one of the thousand of Elvis impersonators around the world. I waved to him and he gave us a smile. He looked like he was in his early 20s, just like Elvis in his prime. This guy was gorgeous. If I weren't a happily married woman, I wouldn't have minded going out on a date with him.

Anyway, "Elvis" suddenly started singing. He delivered a lovely rendition of the classical hit "Love Me Tender". It's one of the greatest love songs of all time. Not only did the guy look like Elvis, he sang like Elvis.

We were touched. My husband took out a $20 bill as a tip, thinking that he was one of the hotel's staff, paid to serenade the guests. But this dead-ringer for Elvis declined the tip. He said in a distinctive Southern drawl, "You all have a lovely evening. This song's on me."

I whipped out my handphone and asked my husband to take a picture of me with Elvis. I wanted to show it to my parents when I got home.

My husband did as he was told but Kim Seng looked pale after taking the picture. I thought he was jealous because "Elvis" had his arm around my shoulder. I thanked Elvis and said goodbye. He walked away towards the lobby and dissapeared among the crowd.

My husband still looked stunned. I asked him what was wrong.

He showed me the picture on the screen. I looked at it and I felt goose bumps rising on my arms. There was no sign of "Elvis" in the picture! I was all alone, smiling like I was the happiest person on earth!

A member of the security personnel saw us standing there and came over to ask if we were all right. We told him what had happened.

He laughed. "Oh, you guys aren't the first and won't be the last. The King lives on at the Hilton."

Apparently, Elvis was a frequent performer there back in the 60s and 70s when the hotel-casino was known as The-International. It later made way for the current day Las Vegas which stands on the same site. But Elvis never left. According to the beefy-looking security specialist, Elvis made it a point to serenade unsuspecting couples at the Hilton.

Kim Seng and I made our way back to the hotel room. That song had been a karaoke favourite of his. But after the experience, he's since changed his. "I'm never going to sing 'Love Me Tender' again," he said.

We laughed it away. It had not been a scary experience. We felt privileged that The King had chosen us as his audience for his encore.

Wow! I wish I had that privilege of listening to The King himself singing to me... =) Although not a really big fan of his, I still enjoy most of his songs, like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. =P So to prove that Melody wasn't dreaming, here are the articles of other visitors' encounter with Elvis in Las Vegas, Hilton.

Las Vegas Hilton

The ghost of Elvis is said to haunt the entire top floor of the hotel (now broken up in to smaller suites with one occupied by Barry Manilow at the time of our visit) He has also been seen in the basement near the theater and in a freight elevator that he used to ride in to avoid the crowds of fans hat would follow him.

Ghost Stories:

Elvis has not left the building. Yes, The King of Rock n' Roll himself is said to haunted the Las Vegas Hilton. He is said to haunted numerous locations in the building. His ghost has been seen in the penthouse suite. Initially all one suite it is now divided into smaller suites. (One of them is occupied by Barry Manilow at the time of this writing.) Elvis' ghost has been spotted in a freight elevator that he often took refuge in from his adoring fans. He has also been spotted in the basement area underneath the theater where he would hang out with the musicians, and backstage where he has been seen by stagehandds. It has even been reported that Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton has seen the ghost of Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton. (these stories all assembled from the Haunted Vegas Tour.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finally! Music Man Concert Pictures!

Finally. here they are! The long awaited pictures for "some of you guys". Sorry that it's already 1 month ago. Yeah, time flies, doesn't it? Well, better late than never, right? Most of the pictures weren't taken by me. Their names are on the pictures, =) Credit goes to them! Thanks to them, I can remember the memorable night, with pictures! Because the security was pretty tight that night. They don't allow any photography and video taping, even at my seat where I can't even see him.. . =___= Therefore, these pictures are really precious and rare! =P

So here are the pictures so that you can have a better visual in your mind instead of me just blabbering about it in my previous post. And oh, mind you that the pictures are not arranged according to order... ^^'

Boston Restaurant, one of the main sponsors for the MM concert.
The entrance to my seat.
4 eager HOManiacs cant wait to get the party started!
Me and Si En.
We thought the Xpax logo behind us was nice, so we... posed...
The stall that sells RM10 dinner set with 2 bottles of mineral bottles, 1 packet of nachos and sandwiches to win a chance to go to the after party and it's right in front of the entrance to my seat.

Leehom and his violin! The perfect pair! =) 落叶归根 and When You Wish Upon A Star... Ahhh....
The scene where he fell through the stage, "into the water" after 安全感 and this is when the phrase "当Music-Man卸下他英雄外衣时,他也是一个需要爱情的普通男人。" was shown.
Lol! He said: "祝大家身体健康!"after he drank.
Usual/common pose made by Leehom when he raps/sings.. =P

Dramatic entrance made by the Music-Man and this, is when the yelling and screaming started! *Ahhh!!! Leehooommmm!!!!!!*

Leehom imagining himself playing 爱你就等于爱自己's piano ending.
I love this shirt by the way! It's sold at the concert but it's really really really expensive! RM80! There's the Bahamut "slinging" over the back of the T-shirt, pretty cool huh?

*要不要我继续?要要要!真的要我继续?要要要!当我说KL你说, Yo!*
Cool shades! *女朋友!!*
One of my favourite outfits for the night.
Jamming at the piano. *Baby 想给你 爱的鼓励!*
Sparkly hair... =)
Your friendly neighbourhood, Spiderman! *Spidey!!!*
Ironman! *theme song playing*
Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan! *kung fu song*
Superman! *superman's main theme*Last but not least, the real hero of the day, Music-Man!

Happee birthday, Leehom!
4 Leehoms on stage simultaneously?! I must be dreaming~ *pinches myself!* Presenting, the Change Me band!

The main singer of Change Me band, Leehom! =P

172 secs of Birthday wishes for Mr MM by HOManiacs.
Bahamut's first "Roar"!
水墨画 guitar! Loved it... =)
Leehom rocking out on his guitar.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vote! Vote! Vote!

金曲奖's around the corner and the competition begins!

The online website for the ceremony is always lacking because the Leehom fans (one of them is me) and Jay fanskept refreshing the page to vote!

The vote for
Jay for this sec: 4018468
Leehom: 4016617

The next sec,
Jay: 4019883
Leehom: 4019860

O.o How many people exactly is on this page frantically clicking away?! Well, I'm one of them. I've opened 6 new tabs to click and refresh after every click! This is cheating! You'll be saying. But this is competition! =P

So, go go go! Go vote for Leehom! He can't be behind Jay!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I visited 1 of the World Heritage!

Woah... Big title, huh? It's nothing big actually.

Did you know that Gunung Mulu National Park, Kinabalu Park, Melaka and Georgetown are 4 of the 878 properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Comittee considers as having outstanding universal value?

Haha! Malaysians! Stand proud against the world! =P

So anyway, as usual, we were 1 hour behind our schedule. My dad planned to wake up at 6am and get going at 7am. But we woke up at 7am and got going at 7.30am.

When we reached Melaka, it was raining. Quite a good start actually. Melaka is usually HOT! I wonder whether it's because of their geographical position or what? But who cares? I'm in Food Heaven and surrounded by cool antiques and buildings! =)

Actually, we wanted to eat the Chicken Rice Balls at a restaurant but then there was a line outside.. O.o So we ate at the other restaurants, just beside The Orangutan shop if you know where that shop is.

The Orangutan shop is actually an art gallery selling T-shirts with the owner, Charles Cham's art works. He believes in the balance in life and Yin and Yang and was in France some years back. There was a shirt saying, "Play Safe. Use Malaysian Rubber." =_= You know what it means, don't you?

Next, my dad went looking for this shop of another artist. Jehan Chan? According to my dad, he was quite famous even back in the 1990's. His art gallery is quite far from the restaurant that we were eating at and we have to walk there.. @_@ On the way there, we stopped by many many shops and we weren't exactly looking for the gallery, just my dad was the only one looking.

Then we stopped by the cendol shop... =D Yummy! The first time I went there was 2 years ago? I think. With my choir buddies when we finished our concert, we celebrated by going for a trip, FREE! =) But we have to pay for the food and all that. After that, I fell in love with that Cendol there.. I ate 2 bowls yesterday, by the way. RM1.70/bowl. Reasonable, right?

Then we checked in the hotel at about 2pm. Avilion Legacy, Melaka. I have to say that that hotel is really... dirty. The carpets were dirty and stained. They even have a weird, old hotel kind of smell. Yuck! We didn't even want to swim in the pool. Small.. The lobby was dimly lit and looked really like a place that Malays liked. No offence!

We stayed in the hotel till 5.30pm after finish watching Rogue, the croc movie based in Australia. I think it's called Rogue. My cold-blooded sister laughed throughout the movie. =__= She said the croc was too fake and when the croc ate one of the people, she laughed... Swt! Then, we went to the Portugese Village for dinner.

There were still Portugese here, but mixed with the locals. They even still speak Portugese! You would think that they are Malay if they don't speak. But they speak better English. Fascinating History!

Then, we went to Jonker Street which was PACKED, CROWDED with people! Maybe it's because it's Agong's Birthday. But anyway, I saw my cousin brother and a friend there. What a coincidence! I didn't buy anything to eat because I was too full. My sister and I walked around and saw the LeSportsac selling almost in every stall! The first stall when we asked for the price, it was RM45.. O.o That expensive for a fake one?! We walked on and saw those little lamps made from rice paper. My sister wanted to buy one but they designs was limited. So I suggested that we walk on and see if other stalls sell them too. But then we stumbled across a stall which sold more designs of the LeSportsac. I've seen some of my friends using it and I liked the designs. We asked for the price, and guess what, it's RM28! HUGE difference! My sister and I each chose 1 and they sold the bag at RM 50 for 2 bags. I loved the little girl at the stall. Her mum was busy chatting away but she was selling the bags. Cute girl! =) In the end, we decided not to buy the lamp since we don't even know where to put it and our room's already full with this-and-thats.

My dad didn't want to walk with us. Instead, he sat at the Pub. After our stroll, we went back to the pub to meet him and there was a LIVE band there singing. Well, not exactly a band but a singer. So we sat there and enjoyed the music. My mum was singing to each song and was reluctant to leave after that. The traffic jams there made us reach the hotel at 1am when we left Jonker Street at 11pm.

A little history: Jonker Street used to be a street where the merchants and sellers live so the houses, which are now shops, are not that big. But the street where the rich and famous live long ago was way bigger. They use to go around in horse carts so they have stables for their horses.

I have to say that the shops there are just really, really old. They were actually houses where the rice merchants used to live in. There's an air well in the house, so it's pretty cooling. The shops are LOOOONG... Divided into several parts of the house. There's also a well in most of the shops where they used to draw water from. Cool!

There were lots of pubs, Nyonya restaurants, art galleries, cookie and local delicasie shops, batik shops and lots and lots of antique shops. I went in one of the antique shops and took a trip back to the olden days. I saw a gramaphone and some old records. I even saw one record which plays Elvis in Concert. I saw old cameras, telephones, safe boxes, lamps, jewelery, forks, spoons, knives, glass bottles, clocks which are still working, pictures, signs, weapons, toys, magazines. There were also the Wang Pisang which was mentioned in the History text books. I also saw a "medicine cabinet" where old Chinese doctors used to keep their herbs. I'm sure you've seen this in those Chinese movies set in ancient China. And again, COOL!

My mum said my grandpa used to have some of the antiques there but most of it was broken. My grandpa's old house is an old colonial style bungalow wher ethe British used to live before they went back to England. They left behind their furniture and my grandparents used the furniture instead of throwing it away.

The antique shops were dusty and I can hardly catch my breath in there. But it's really cool to think of who used to own all those and it made me want to really go back in time to see how people used to live.

The Nyonya food there was one of the main attractions there. The Chinese came from China when Cheng Ho and Hang Li Po came to Melaka back during the days and brought servants and armies. Most of them got married with the locals and there you have the Baba and the Nyonya. Which was a "mix" of the Malay and the Chinese. They experimented with the food and the spices we have here and came out with mouth watering dishes, a fusion of the Chinese and Malay. There was also the multicoloured kuihs which are oh-so-delicious! The Cendol is also one of the Nyonya delights. Genius inventions~

I ate lots of yummies there, saw lots of foriegners there, saw lots of eye opening antiques there, took lots of pictures of the antiques , too! Even though I think that is not really allowed... ^^' The place was as usual, HOT and old and mind boggling. The mind boggling part was when I imagine myself back in the days when I look at those antiques. COOL STUFF! The crowd this time made me not wanting to go back there soon and the traffic jam back to Klang was just -- ugh!

So I hope the next time I go there, I won't have to squeeze shoulder-by-shoulder with the tourist. And I hope my dad can get a bigger car real SOON so that we won't have to stuff all 6 people in a Mercedes. Why, oh why did he sell his Innova! T_T

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer's Near!

Summer! =)

Bah... It's summer all year round here, but to celebrate the end of Spring and the beginning of a whole new adventure, Summer's here!

With the bright sun and the packed beaches, ice cream stalls everywhere, sun shades and sun hats can been seen on beach-goers lazing around soaking up the sun, naked on the beach.. =P

With the new arrival of a new season, I'm changing the picture of my blog...

Theme: Summer Sun...

ps: I'm on holiday too! Not a summer vacation or anything, but just a 2 week holiday... i hope i'll enjoy it and recharge to get back to school 2 weeks later! =)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Missed the Starry Night Sky...

Have you noticed that lately at night, you won't be able to see the usual twinkling diamonds and eyes in the sky anymore?? If there were stars, they would only be like a dim glow...

I used to remember the nights when I go back to the kampung to my grandpa's place, I'll lift my head up and for a second, I thought I was in outer space! It was as if I can see the whole milky way back then! =)

But now, not any more. Not even in the kampung...

How I missed those starry nights... Now, all we get is a smoky and hazy nights!

Do you still recall the morning air a few years back?

It was cool, windy and refreshing! Dews can still be seen hanging at the tip of the leaves and on the blades of grass. I bet the fairies were the ones that collects the dew to be decorated on the spider's web or to make dresses and necklaces out of it. =)

But now, even at 6am, it's hot, sticky and dusty! I really hate to walk out of my front door every morning because it will remind me that the climate of the world is changing and pollution can be seen in almost every corner of the world!

How I wish that some genius can invent a HUGE GIANT AIR-SUCKER.. =P So that it can suck all the dusty air and produce dust-free and clean air.

If that is really invented it the future, we might be able to have our clear, starry night sky; cool, refreshing morning air and clean healthy air back rather than keeping it as a good memory...


ps: I've finished my mid-term exam! Yay! =D 2 week holiday starting, erm... Friday! =P

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Season 8's American Idol

Kris Allen is the NEW Americal Idol!

Congrats Kris... =3

Good luck to Adam Lambert as well...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On the battlefield

I've been on the battlefield for almost a week now. I havent got a chance to update my blog since the post on Leehom's concert.

Well, here's a brief summary on my life...

I've been quite addicted to Facebook.. ^^' Nearly gone mad with the quizes... Hehe..

I'm trying really hard to excel in my current exam... I've been studying subjects that I haven't really studied for the previous exams. I've tried to study Biology and find it pretty interesting until I've spent too much time on Biology and ignored my Chemistry. I think I'll surely flunk Chemistry this time! Sorry... I've also tried to memorize the definitions for stupid Moral values, something I've never try to do before. But I havent really memorized it all, but most of them, yes.

For those who didnt know, May 17th was Leehom's 33rd birthday! Happy birthday, Music-Man! =)

The American Idol Finale is tomorrow!!! It's really a tough choice between Adam and Kris... Wish both of them all the luck they can get!

My parents have departed for Australia earlier this afternoon and won't be back until the 28th... I'm gonna miss them! =(

I've been on the BATTLEFIELD for almost a week now. I've even got myself some "wounds" and "bruises"... Bloody battle, this one! But I've also been using the Internet during this times, so it wasn't that bad... Please set a grand welcoming dinner for those who survived the battle at the end of next week, 29th of May 2009. Haha! =D

Hui Ying, ready for our first skating trip of 2009?! I truely can't believe that it's the first ever this year! Half the year has almost gone by and we still havent got a chance to skate?! We've been truely busy preparing and training ourselves for the LAST BATTLE at the end of the year! Brace yourselves! This ain't gonna be easy!

That's just quite it for now. Good luck to all warriors! You'll need it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music-Man LIVE in KL!

Woah... I have a mix of feelings now... Both happy and sad and excited but also a little regret... Since I haven't watch the DVD and the DVD is not out yet, I'm really looking forward to the concert!

We reached at about 6.45pm. Then we saw a booth selling his merchandises, crowded with people! They sell the What's wrong with Rock T-shirt and handphone straps, fan, Music-Man action figure and more. It was all like, crazily expensive! Even a file was RM20 =_= I've saved up a lot of money to buy his previous albums on this day because we bought the Revolution 2000 CD after his concert, selling at RM40. I was planning on buying the Unbelievable album and also the Shangri-la CD. But, unfortunately, I don't think they sell it anymore... T_T

Si Han heard it on the radio that if you buy Boston's set lunch for RM 10 which contains a packet of Nachos, 2 bottles of mineral water and 3 sandwiches, you will be able to win a chance to go to the after party! But unfortunately, none of us out of 4 won the lucky draw... Bah! I'm like that with luck... I've never really won any lucky draws before...

Before the concert starts, I bought the 莹光棒 for RM 5 and sorry to say that after all the shaking and waving at the concert, the top of the stick flew off when I was shaking it half way through the show and the top can't be found... Lol!

The concert started at about 8.15pm with Danell Lee and Kay as the opening guests singer...

Then the lights darken, then there was this 'Deep voice' saying that the show's starting soon and all those funny stuff.. He said that if anyone's too quiet or still during the concert, the staff might have to kick you out of the stadium. 四肢无力,喉咙沙哑,心跳加速都是演唱会后的自然现象. Lol!

Then, we heard the dramatic, movie-like background music and saw Bahamut on top of the stage. The background was a comic version of Leehom saving the world with his Bahamut. One strum on the guitar and it shot "laser".. Haha! Then it went up, then it came down again with Leehom, eyes closed, holding his new guitar. The he started off with 摇滚怎么了!!!A slow version as a start, then it got faster. Then, there's a rock version of 花田错, substituting the Er-hu part with an electric guitar.

Then, he talked on a special mic which made his voice deeper. 我是Music-Man! Spiderman, Batman, Superman? No no no no, 我是Music-Man! Then, he sang 安全感. Then he literally 'fell' through the stage and then disappeared. The screen showed him falling through the water and wrote ‘当Music-Man卸下他英雄外衣时,他也是一个需要爱情的普通男人。'

Then to be frank, I don't really remember the songs in order... ^^' I'll just say the interesting parts. Oh, yea, I think this concert is a rock+magic+ballad concert. You'll see why.

The rock part was because the beginning of the show was all with his Bahamut and 水墨画 electric guitar.

The magic part was because when he sang 改变自己, there was the 改变自己 band = 4 Leehoms on stage. I knew about that part because there was a video on Youtube and I saw that before hand. Hehe... The drummer, 小力 came out in blue and sunglasses, and talked with his American accent. He said that "Hi, 我的华语讲得不太好。His 'band' came out with an album 2 years ago but after that, the main singer, 王力宏, had been filming and the 'band' had been 'broken' *sniff* *sniff* " [The crowd: Awww... Haha!] "But then we came back again together because we wanted to perform here in KL. So I'll do my best tonight! Yeah! I can do it!"

Then 小宏 came out in red, with the bass guitar. Then 小王 in yellow with his electric guitar. Then 王力宏 came out and sing改变自己 . I don't really know what happened there but Leehom said that it's top secret.

Before he sang 盖世英雄, he went into a box then closed it, then he disappeared! The next second, he was in the audience! But, before he was in the audience, Cheng Syin nudged me and pointed at a motorcycle with "Batman" behind the motorcyclist. There was someone under a black cloak and I guess that it's Leehom. Then he quickly climb up the stage and then, *poof* there he was between the audience!

Leehom said that the maker of Bahamut is in the audience and he flew in from Ireland.

The part when he came out with his violin! Ah.... He first played When You Wish Upon A Star and said that he performed it once, a very long time ago, with the KL Sinfonietta. This "ancient" concert is available on Youtube by the way! Haha... Then, he continued playing 落叶归根 on his violin and the screen showed pictures of him in Lust, Caution... Touching~

I also loved 爱的鼓励... =)

There was a part where the screen showed a series of super heroes and played a little of the soundtrack for each movie. First was Indiana Jones, Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Ironman, Spiderman then... Music-Man!!!

There was also a part where he Beat boxed the song 女朋友 and performed a break dance solo...

Before Gai Bian Zi Ji, there was a host from the show 大明星小跟班 was there, too. Then he wanted us to wish him a Happy Birthday because Leehom's birthday's about 2 weeks from now. She said, '我希望力宏可以在换裤子时听到我们的祝福.' Lol...

He also joked about Swine Flu. He said, he hope that Swine Flu won't come to M'sia. Being in a place with so many people, it's best that you put on a mask to cover your mouth when you sneeze. I wanted to kiss all of you but because of Swine Flu... =_= Hah!

Yesterday was also Kelly, whoever it is, and Eric Fawcett, the drummer's birthday. Leehom sang him a birthday song, too. During that time, HOManiacs gave him the CD which contain our birthday wishes. "A hundred and seventy-two seconds of birthday wishes for Leehom". =) Actually, I wanted to join in that project of recording him a 5 second birthday wish, too. But since my sister took the camera to Sabah... =_= I missed it...

After the performance, we shouted "Encore! Encore!" Then he came out and sing 爱你就等于爱自己 and bid us tata with Kiss Goodbye... =(

Bah, for the full report, read the papers on Monday... =P

All and all, I think the performance was a blast! Except that there was this uncle beside me. He was like all cool during the performance. He fanned himself and looked through the binoculars from time to time, and wiping his sweat... Lol... Oh yeah! We looked through the binoculars, too! Even though we can see him clearly with it, but he's still in the size of an ant...

And I think the stage's s too far away from the audience this time! The last time, I bought a cheaper ticket and I can at least see him slightly bigger than this time! *Sob!* Saving up for his next concert, 2 years later!!! =D I MUST buy the VVIP one the next time!!!! Hehe... I regretted buying the cheap ticket! I should have bought the 1 level higher ticket, so that I can at least see Leehom when he sings GSYX... =(

Oh, and Huiying, if you are reading this, save me Monday's newspaper, will you? Thanks.. Hehe! ^^v

*Mission Accomplished!* See you soon, Leehom!!! >_<

Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol Season 8...

I haven't been watching American Idol for quite some time now... I didn't really watch Season 7 but I know that there were 2 Davids in the finals and Cook won...

But since the last time I watched it with my sister, I had been continuing ever since. Every Thursday if I can, 9.30pm. Yeah, I know that it airs in the US on Tuesday, but what to do? I only have local television channels.

It's now down to the Top 5! Whoa.. Gets closer and closer to the Finals each and every week! And, seriously, this IS THE BEST TOP 5 EVER!

This week's theme was Rat Pack Era which includes the very famous, Frank Sinatra. And I personally loved allllllllllllllllll of the performance this week.. =D 'cause it's all jazzy and groovy and full of soul... And their mentor was the soulful sir, Mr. Jamie Foxx, ladies and gentleman!

Kris Allen was the first to perform out of the 5 that night. He sang The Way You Look Tonight. Like Paula said, he transformed from an adorable boy next door to a dashing young gentleman with a smart suit and tie. Kris wasn't with his normal guitar this week but yet he did an absolutely stunning performance! =) Krazy for Kris!

Next up, red-headed Allison Iraheta who just turned 17 this week. She showed the emotional side of her this week by performing Someone to Watch Over Me. With her usual husky voice, she did unexpectedly well... Jamie Foxx said that she was too young to have a boyfriend?! Yeah, right! Look around you, Mr. Foxx! =P

Then, the "saved" contestant Matt Giraud. Matt said he took up Jazz in college and he loved it very much. But he said he got a B for it. Lol... Hmmm... He sang My Funny Valentine. A really, really hard song to sing! I personally didn't really liked it and agreed with Randy. ^^' A little pitchy. Maybe he was too nervous??

The fourth contestant, Daniel Gokey sang Come Rain or Come Shine. I saw a sign which said Go Go Gokey! Lol... Creative... Although I've never heard the original version before, but his arrangement was jazzy with a swing. But the ending blew me away! Gosh! Nice one, D!

Last but not least, my sister, mum and my personal favourite, Adam Lambert! The punky who used to sing in Broadway! I wonder if his hair colour was natural... Not many American has black hair. He sang Feeling Good and made a marvelous entrance! Unlike last week when he gelled his hair back and made him look like Elvis Presley, his hair was all up into a spiky style. He was dressed in this pearly, white suit.. Nice! The way he hit the high notes.... Crazy! And his eyes at the end of the song can make you melt into a nice, warm puddle! Haha!

But sadly like every week, someone's got to go again this week... = ( Although the local tv haven't air the latest week, but according to Wikipedia (Lol!), Matt was out. Poor, poor guy! But I truly, truly think that everyone in the Top 5 has the potential of being an artist, even right now!

Well, their going old school next week! Back to the Rock n' Roll period, babe'! It's all down to the Top 4 now and let's see how they are capable of rock n' rolling.

According to my instincts, Allison and Adam will be in the Finals... I just hope that I'm right! I'll be keeping my fingers tightly crossed! But I do hope Kris Allen do well, too! Bah... But to be able to be in American Idol, you are already a rock star in training and on your way to shimmery stardom! Just look at David Archuleta, Jennifer Hudson! All walking proudly on the red carpets..

By the way, counting down to the last 2 DAYS!!! Music-Man LIVE in concert!!! \>O
Wooohhhh!! Will be shouting like a mad man! Don't be surprised if I lose my voice on Monday... You know what happened to me... =_=

Sunday, April 12, 2009

World Earth Day 2009

Happy World Earth Day everyone!!! =)

What have you done to play your part as a responsible citizen of Earth?

Look at the wonders and beauty Mother Earth provides other than a Home?

Lol... The last laugh... =P
So cuddle Earth close to your heart and show your gratitude towards her by RECYCLING, REUSING, GOING GREEN & TRY HARD TO REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINTS...
Last but not least, as time goes by, slowly, I didn't realize that Leehom's concert was only 1 WEEK away!!!! *Leaps with joy~!* But then, so is the Mid Year Exam... =_=
Haha... Until then, byeee!
ps: Happy birthday to: Sis n Kai Xian n William Shakespeare (Oh, and "Happy" Death Day to Mr. Shakespeare, too!) =P [23/4]

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday was my little brother AND 2 of my friends' birthday... Not only that,came to town and it was part of his promo tour for his upcoming concert this May 2nd! And, yes, I've already bought the tickets to watch him LIVE!!! Can't wait!

Counting down: 24 more days to go!!!!

So, Cheng Syin and me, 1 of the 2 crazy HOManiacs was crazy enough and fanatic enough to go let him sign his album... =) And I'm so glad that I did!

We took the train after I finished the badminton match in school and we reached KL Sentral at about 5.30pm. (For your information, I've read a little on my Chemistry since it's tested today on the train and even brought my really thick book to study!) We went straight to the monorail station and saw lots of HOManiac members wearing HOManiac's T-shirt and followed them all the way until we saw a banner and heard a Malay lady shouting, "Leehom, ah? Leehom sini! Leehom sini!" Lol... This is because Boston Restaurant has sponsored the bus trip from KL Sentral to Solaris, Mount. Kiara for free. It's only valid to those going for his autograph session.
I was soooo excited! Everyone on the bus sounded excited too! I heard the radio on the background and thought, 'Hmm... The bus driver's so considerate to play Leehom's song on this bus!" But after listening closely, I realized that it was only the normal Malay radio station... *Sweat!* =_=

We reached there at about 6.30pm and I got quite hungry. Initially, we were planning to eat in Boston since it's just above the stage and we can have a pretty close view of Leehom if we sit up here. But, Gosh! Boston = expensive... So we ended up eating our dinner in a nearby mamak... After that, we got back to the venue and saw that the number of people in the crowd has obviously increased. I was hoping to be in the special area, more up front, since I'm the member of the fan club. But since Cheng Syin wasn't a member, I couldn't just leave her out there. But then, the workers from Galaxy Group wanted to increase the space of the member's area and told us to stand up to the curb to let him pass. He was quite unfriendly himself. So I literally "jumped" into the special area. Cheng Syin said that the worker was going to scold me but when he saw my fan club T-shirt, he quickly turned back without saying a word! Haha...
Starting snapping pictures.. Lalala... The organizer played his album over and over again and we, too, started singing. At about 7.50pm, somebody started screaming "Leehom!!!" and pointing at the backstage. I started jumping, and so did everyone else, but I couldn't see him. But then, when he was walking up the stairs to Boston, everyone started screaming again and he waved at us! =D Those crazy girls (including me) started yelling like maniacs...

The MC started to thank the sponsors and keep wanting us to clap but the applause was like, "Ahh.. Whatever!" Then he selected a few of the lucky ones to go up stage to play some games and the winner got away with 2 tickets to watch Leehom worth RM268 (i dun really remember the exact price).
After that, Leehom got on stage!!

Everyone started screaming, yelling, snapping pictures, shouting his name.

It has been 2 years since he came to M'sia for a concert and an autograph session.

He said that he just finished filming a movie with Jackie Chan at 4am yesterday and went straight to the airport at 6.30am and flew straight here.... Poor guy! He must be exhausted!

He didn't talk much yet I've snapped lots of pictures, but it's all quite shaky and not really clear and not really close. But it has been the closest that I've ever been! At least I can see his face clearer than the last time.

He only sang "Heartbeat". I think it's because they are rushing to get the autograph session started. The reporters took pictures of him and never seem to be able to put down their cameras. They started snapping like mad even when the MC told them that the photography session was over. I saw the MC sighing to other workers because he couldn't stop the photographers to take pictures of him.

Then, we slowly queue up to go onstage to get his signature! The moment that I've been waiting for! I kept reminding myself to say "Thank you" because I didn't thank the last time I let him sign my album and I regretted it so much!
I got up the stairs and the worker told me to keep my camera cuz I was planning to secretly take a shot of him up close. But, bah! I was stopped.

The girl before me said something to him before he signed and he looked puzzled. He shook her hand and it's my turn!!! I looked at him sign my album and my postcard and said "Thanks!" with the brightest smile that I can pull up. He shook my hand, smiled at me and thanked me, too, with those adoring eyes! XD Lol.. Pardon my insanity! I don't really know how to describe how he looked at me because he didn't just looked... It's not attentively and not without any care. He looked at me like he never saw me before (of course! =_= ) and ... Bah! Indescribable words... But frankly speaking, I couldn't really remember the exact situation! Argh! Why am I always like that?! I couldn't remember something when I'm too excited. Like the last time I went to his concert, I kept looking at the camera and didn't really looked on the stage. So it was no different than watching him "divided" with a screen, like on the television or on the Internet. And I really regretted that! I learnt my lesson this time, and took a few quick glances when I record him singing. And because of that, my videos are quite shaky because I wasn't looking at the screen...
Since Cheng Syin was behind me, she said when he was signing my album, she was attentively looking at the features of his flawless face. Haha! Aww! I should have done that, too! Seeing him up close is almost like less than 10 times in a lifetime! I'm going to look at him when he sign the next time. Look at him real closely! Every feature of his face... =) But the highlight of this whole process is that... He shook hands with his fans this time! I didn't get to shake his hand the last time he came and this time I did! Ahhh! =)

But I guess it's quite hard for you guys to imagine someone like me to get so crazy screaming or yelling or going to someone's concert shouting like a mad man, huh? Lol... Well, that's me! =P

Well, less blabbering and more pictures and videos! So here they are:

There are people holding up banners like this ^^^^^ at the bus stop for the free bus trips to Mt. Kiara from KL Sentral, thanks to Galaxy!

On the bus to Solaris, Mount. Kiara.
The stage @ 6.30pm
Fans waiting.
Me and the "postcard"..
The stage at 8.00pm with the lights on.
Lol... Leehom's already inside the restaurant and he walked on these stairs BEFORE! XD
Leehom! and the MC...

Singing "Heartbeat".
More singing.
"Encore! Encore!" "Lets leave the encore songs till the 2nd of May."
"Well, you see, Leehom sings really good and not me..." XD *nah... I've just made that up...*

"Why don't you teach them how to sing?" "I'm music-man, not music teacher..." Lol...

Hahaha... =_=

Autograph and photograph session's about to start.
Posing with the fans...

Lol... Even the media can't get enough of him! I saw the MC sighed after he told the reporters that the photography session is over and they didn't listen to him...Haha!Hehe! Cool, huh? =3 On the train back to Klang at 10.30pm...

I can't get the video to upload.. Maybe in the next post.. Sorry!