Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remembering MJ...

I've heard of his name since I was like, 4 or 5?

This was because my dad bought his concert VCD and we played it like everyday! My dad, wasn't really into Chinese singers then, other than Teressa Teng. He knew more English songs and I've seen pictures of him when he was in his 20's. His hair was, maybe, the latest fashion then. But not the afro kinda hairstyle, which would look really scary! =P In the picture, he was posing next to a motorcycle or "jumping" with his buddies. And boy, could he dance! So I'm not surprised that he danced when someone pulled him out of the crowd to dance at a hotel Christmas Eve party.

So back to MJ. I have memories of watching his MV's on TV, or was it my dad's VCD?

I remembered the MV of Black or White where the little guy who acted in Home Alone was in the MV before the song started. His dad was calling him to turn off stereo because it was too loud and asked him to go to bed. But instead of turning it off, he pushed the larger stereo system into the living room, put on his sunshades, pulgged in his electric guitar, and tuned the amplifier to the loudest. When he played, his father who was sitting on the couch, flew off to Africa. And that was where MJ started singing. I also remembered the part where he was singing on top of the Statue of Liberty, dancing with the Thai's, the Indian, the Red Indians and the part where they took shots of people of various races singing and that was really funny! This was one of my favorite songs!

Thriller! I didn't remember much of the video but I remember the song. Scary MV even when I watch it now... There was the typical high pitched scream from a girl which became like the symbol of horror movies then. I saw those dance moves in 13 going on 30 and thought that it was really funny... Lol! But still, that was classic!

Then, there was Remember the Time. The Egyptian King (who I recently realized that it was Eddie Murphy) was looking for a entertainer to like cheer the Queen up, but no one impressed him. But then someone came in with a cape. He turned into golden sand and became MJ... That was what I remembered, but I'll watch the video again..

You Are Not Alone, I am here with you, though we're far apart, you're always in my heart... I remembered watching this MV too. But the only thing I remembered was he was singing in a pool with a waterfall and in a hall.

Heal the World and We are the World were two of my favorite songs by him. This showed how much he cared for the poor and needy around the world.

Michael Jackson held a World Record for the celebrity that donated to the most charities and also many more world records including, he most Grammy Awards won in a year, most hit singles in the UK charts in a year, best selling album of all time, longest span of No.1 hits by an R&B artist, best selling music video, highest annual earnings ever for a pop star, and most successful pop music family.

As a child, Michael Jackson was abused by his father who hit him with his belt whenever he did some wrong moves in rehearsals. He didn't have a happy and carefree childhood like every one else. Instead, he was always in the studio recording or filming.

Together with his brothers, Michael was like the lead singer in their group, the Jackson 5. My mum told me about this group when I first heard of Michael Jackson. They sang numerous classics such as, I'll Be There and ABC.

A fan or not, I give him my highest respects and feel sorry for his heartbreaking and tragic past. It's all behind him now and I hope that he is living life the way he wants now wherever he is. I give my deepest condolences to his family for such a loss. He will be forever missed.

May your soul Rest In Peace, the King of Pop.

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