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Do you believe in ghosts?

First of all, I would say that I'm not really a fan of the superstitious and ghost busters or anything, but it's like they've always say, curiosity killed the cat.

As stated in the books, ghost mostly won't harm people unless they are disturbed or is seeking for vengeance to those who murdered them. Not being superstitious or anything, but it's better to believe in spirits than not believing in them. There are some things that can't be scientifically proven. Myths continue as myths.

I like to watch Ghost Whisperer although the ghost always scares the heck out of me when I watch it alone, but there's always a happy ending.. ;) There's also the series of the True Singapore Ghost Stories, which are, like the titile, True. True or not, most are the stories are absorbing and tantalizing. Although most of the stories send shivers down my spine, most of it teaches us valuable lessons. But, I wouldn't like to encounter those spirits myself, no thanks!

On second thought, there is this 1 ghost that I would like to meet. Elvis Presley's! And I think I know where to find him. But it'll cost me fortune to be able to travel to that part of the world, Las Vegas, USA! Plus, according to research, he is mainly spotted at the hotel suites. I can't even afford a plane ticket there! Moreover a hotel suite, at the Hiltons?! Needless to say...

For you all to read it, I'll just type out the summary of it, not the whole story.

Melody Teo, 28, kindergarten teacher

My husband Kim Seng is a technician with the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Last year, he was sent to the US to upgrade his skills at the major air force base there. It was a one-year attachment. The months dragged on until he was finally due to return to Singapore. I was so happy.

Kim Seng had a surprise for me. "Honey," he said over the telephone, "we're going to have a second honeymoon in Las Vegas."

I was over the moon. It would be a romantic reunion.We would spend four nights in Vegas, followed by a short stay in San Francisco before returning home from Los Angeles.

I joined Kim Seng in Vegas where he was waiting for me at the airport. The clink-clink sound of the jackpot machines were evident as they were scattered around the airport. People who were about to leave Vegas were still caught up in the gambling fever as they deposited coins into the machines, clinging on to the hope of a little windfall before they left.

Kim Seng had spared no expenses to make this a memorable week for me. He had booked a suite at the luxurious Las Vegas Hilton. It is a magnificient hotel with world-class amenities.

World-class stars perform at this hotel, which is situated along Paradise Road. It was not an apt name because I felt I was in paradise. One has to visit Vegas to appreciate its allure. There are so many world-class hotels, casinos, restaurants and attractions for tourists.

At night, it's like a magical kingdom. When the sun sets, Las Vegas is so brightly lit as the casinos try to lure visitors in their own special themes. It has been estimated that it costs US$265, 000 to light up the streets of Vegas for just one hour!

On our last night, we were on our way back to the hotel room after another session at the casino. Standing in front of us was someone who looked like Elvis Presley, in his heyday, with his trademark sideburns and all.

For the younger readers, Elvis was nicknamed "The King" and was a lengendary singer, entertainer and actor. He died in 1977 at the age of 42.

My parents had been huge fansof his. I saw some of his movies and I thought he was incredibly handsome when he was young, before he started boozing and getting high on drugs.

My husband and I assumed that this guy was one of the thousand of Elvis impersonators around the world. I waved to him and he gave us a smile. He looked like he was in his early 20s, just like Elvis in his prime. This guy was gorgeous. If I weren't a happily married woman, I wouldn't have minded going out on a date with him.

Anyway, "Elvis" suddenly started singing. He delivered a lovely rendition of the classical hit "Love Me Tender". It's one of the greatest love songs of all time. Not only did the guy look like Elvis, he sang like Elvis.

We were touched. My husband took out a $20 bill as a tip, thinking that he was one of the hotel's staff, paid to serenade the guests. But this dead-ringer for Elvis declined the tip. He said in a distinctive Southern drawl, "You all have a lovely evening. This song's on me."

I whipped out my handphone and asked my husband to take a picture of me with Elvis. I wanted to show it to my parents when I got home.

My husband did as he was told but Kim Seng looked pale after taking the picture. I thought he was jealous because "Elvis" had his arm around my shoulder. I thanked Elvis and said goodbye. He walked away towards the lobby and dissapeared among the crowd.

My husband still looked stunned. I asked him what was wrong.

He showed me the picture on the screen. I looked at it and I felt goose bumps rising on my arms. There was no sign of "Elvis" in the picture! I was all alone, smiling like I was the happiest person on earth!

A member of the security personnel saw us standing there and came over to ask if we were all right. We told him what had happened.

He laughed. "Oh, you guys aren't the first and won't be the last. The King lives on at the Hilton."

Apparently, Elvis was a frequent performer there back in the 60s and 70s when the hotel-casino was known as The-International. It later made way for the current day Las Vegas which stands on the same site. But Elvis never left. According to the beefy-looking security specialist, Elvis made it a point to serenade unsuspecting couples at the Hilton.

Kim Seng and I made our way back to the hotel room. That song had been a karaoke favourite of his. But after the experience, he's since changed his. "I'm never going to sing 'Love Me Tender' again," he said.

We laughed it away. It had not been a scary experience. We felt privileged that The King had chosen us as his audience for his encore.

Wow! I wish I had that privilege of listening to The King himself singing to me... =) Although not a really big fan of his, I still enjoy most of his songs, like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. =P So to prove that Melody wasn't dreaming, here are the articles of other visitors' encounter with Elvis in Las Vegas, Hilton.

Las Vegas Hilton

The ghost of Elvis is said to haunt the entire top floor of the hotel (now broken up in to smaller suites with one occupied by Barry Manilow at the time of our visit) He has also been seen in the basement near the theater and in a freight elevator that he used to ride in to avoid the crowds of fans hat would follow him.

Ghost Stories:

Elvis has not left the building. Yes, The King of Rock n' Roll himself is said to haunted the Las Vegas Hilton. He is said to haunted numerous locations in the building. His ghost has been seen in the penthouse suite. Initially all one suite it is now divided into smaller suites. (One of them is occupied by Barry Manilow at the time of this writing.) Elvis' ghost has been spotted in a freight elevator that he often took refuge in from his adoring fans. He has also been spotted in the basement area underneath the theater where he would hang out with the musicians, and backstage where he has been seen by stagehandds. It has even been reported that Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton has seen the ghost of Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton. (these stories all assembled from the Haunted Vegas Tour.)

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