Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finally! Music Man Concert Pictures!

Finally. here they are! The long awaited pictures for "some of you guys". Sorry that it's already 1 month ago. Yeah, time flies, doesn't it? Well, better late than never, right? Most of the pictures weren't taken by me. Their names are on the pictures, =) Credit goes to them! Thanks to them, I can remember the memorable night, with pictures! Because the security was pretty tight that night. They don't allow any photography and video taping, even at my seat where I can't even see him.. . =___= Therefore, these pictures are really precious and rare! =P

So here are the pictures so that you can have a better visual in your mind instead of me just blabbering about it in my previous post. And oh, mind you that the pictures are not arranged according to order... ^^'

Boston Restaurant, one of the main sponsors for the MM concert.
The entrance to my seat.
4 eager HOManiacs cant wait to get the party started!
Me and Si En.
We thought the Xpax logo behind us was nice, so we... posed...
The stall that sells RM10 dinner set with 2 bottles of mineral bottles, 1 packet of nachos and sandwiches to win a chance to go to the after party and it's right in front of the entrance to my seat.

Leehom and his violin! The perfect pair! =) 落叶归根 and When You Wish Upon A Star... Ahhh....
The scene where he fell through the stage, "into the water" after 安全感 and this is when the phrase "当Music-Man卸下他英雄外衣时,他也是一个需要爱情的普通男人。" was shown.
Lol! He said: "祝大家身体健康!"after he drank.
Usual/common pose made by Leehom when he raps/sings.. =P

Dramatic entrance made by the Music-Man and this, is when the yelling and screaming started! *Ahhh!!! Leehooommmm!!!!!!*

Leehom imagining himself playing 爱你就等于爱自己's piano ending.
I love this shirt by the way! It's sold at the concert but it's really really really expensive! RM80! There's the Bahamut "slinging" over the back of the T-shirt, pretty cool huh?

*要不要我继续?要要要!真的要我继续?要要要!当我说KL你说, Yo!*
Cool shades! *女朋友!!*
One of my favourite outfits for the night.
Jamming at the piano. *Baby 想给你 爱的鼓励!*
Sparkly hair... =)
Your friendly neighbourhood, Spiderman! *Spidey!!!*
Ironman! *theme song playing*
Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan! *kung fu song*
Superman! *superman's main theme*Last but not least, the real hero of the day, Music-Man!

Happee birthday, Leehom!
4 Leehoms on stage simultaneously?! I must be dreaming~ *pinches myself!* Presenting, the Change Me band!

The main singer of Change Me band, Leehom! =P

172 secs of Birthday wishes for Mr MM by HOManiacs.
Bahamut's first "Roar"!
水墨画 guitar! Loved it... =)
Leehom rocking out on his guitar.

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