Thursday, November 27, 2008

Desperate to FLY!

I'm ready to FLY~!

T.T Everyone around me seems to be going off to enjoy the last few weeks of the holidays!

Mum and Dad are going to Shanghai without me... *Sobs!* I wanna go to Shanghai! Especially after watching 命中 which has some scenes in Shanghai... Hehe! I know some will call me dumb, but I will go anywhere in the world! At least take 1 step in every country on the the face of the Earth...

The 3 musketeers are going to Nippon, leaving me behind... Pitiful me~ Hey, you 3! I expect 3 prezzies from 3 of you, huh? =P and I'll be waiting for Wee's postcard.. Ehehe! Now, I can have 3 postcards from 3 different countries! From Germany, Norway and Japan! Actually, I can get another 1 from the USA, but it was sent in August yet it haven't reach my place! Chris, did you get the address right?! Lol... Maybe it got lost in the letters... Sigh!

By the way, the postcards from Germany and Norway are both from Christian. Thanks! =)

Do you get the exhilarating feeling and the urge to quickly rip off the envelope when you see it has your name on it? It's not everyday that I can get a letter from snail-mail... I'm quite fed up with E-mail's actually. Never get exited to check my inbox... Plus, receiving REAL letters really makes my day... =)

I'm lately listening a lot of Jordin Sparks'. No Air, Tattoo and I love One Step At A Time! The sound of the high heels walking at the intro... Gosh! Sounds sexy! =P *Pardon me if I sound.. Err.. Not myself and I know that I don't usually use words like that... *

In a nutshell, I just wanna FLY! Don't know when can I feel on top of the world on the plane... The last time I saw clouds up close was when I was on my way to Bali.. When will the next time be? Wish that it will be pretty soon!

And, sad to say that I will most probably lose another chance to fly! This time, it's to Korea. Not because of choir, but it's because of the dumb SPM that I will have to take next year. And this time, it's because of choir that we will FLY there. Knowing that I couldn't go, teacher still ordered me to look up on the information about the competition that will be held there... How could she?! Haha... Bah.. Since I'm the one who's usually translating for the choir, I have no choice.. If only Joyce is good in both English and Chinese! *sigh!*

Bah... Now, pitiful me can only enjoy the last few weeks of the last year end holidays that I can really relax since we ex-Form 4-ers will be having our SPM next year! *gasps!*

ps: AirAsia is finally flying to LONDON! Yay! It looks cheaper than MAS flights... When will I set foot on the land of the Olden English?? I'll never know... But Tian Yu promised to sponsor me~! Haha... Although he said that he'll only sponsor my 1 way flight... =_=

*drifts off, heads down, dreaming of FLYING...*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Choir in my eyes...

Another year is nearly over. And, my choir is active all over again! Just like last year's year end holiday, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before... ... It's like I can't enjoy my holidays! Because of practice, music camp, performances, this and that, I can't go anywhere during the year end holidays! At least I can give them a reason to go off at Christmas, and not go Christmas carolling with them.

I missed my chance to go to Shang Hai with my parents because of that, I also missed my chance to go to Phuket with them, I even missed my chance to go to my cousin's wedding dinner because of that!! I haven't make any sacrifices?! What do you call all the things that I've missed then? Something not important?!

I know that many in our choir have made more sacrifices that I do because of their devotion and dedication for La Voce. But I don't think I didn't make any sacrifices to it. I regret making these sacrifices for them...

Whenever I can't go for any performances, she would give me that face... She always say that everyone is important in a choir. Not that I'm an important person there, but I don't think that people won't sing when I'm not performing with them!

But, surely, there was also good times. After every performance or concert, there's a great feeling of satisfaction in all of us. No matter how bad or how good our performance is, we tried our best.

The feeling when we heard that we got into the finals during the World Choir Competition in Xiamen, China 2006 was really undescribable in words. Most of the girls, including me, screamed with tears of joy in our eyes. We've earned what we got after all the hard work. We've been practising so hard and our teacher even got angry during practice. All our hard work has bring us to what we have today. 1 Gold and 2 Silvers! =)

Joining a choir was the best thing that happened to me in my life! It made we realize what music was and how important it is to my life...

However, I sometimes feel like giving up this choir and go to another, like most of the ex-choir members did. Some got sick and tired of her attitude and decided to leave the group.

But I feel that it is the most irresponsible thing to do. It's like leaving someone that you've been together with for so many years because of it's fame and fortune, but has become not as famous as before, for another more successful one.

So, for those who know any boys who are interested in singing in a choir, please contact me! =P

We are desperate for boys to join since may of the choir boy members from Tenor and Bass has left to further their studies. Hehe...

But first, let me state that it isn's something sissy or whatever you boys think if you join a choir!Even Leehom was once in a choir! =P And, boys who can really perform music, like playing a musical instrument really well or even sing really well, can really win the heart of girls around you! That's why singers or performers have so many fans huh? =P Now's your chance, boys! Show the ladies what you can really do!

Lend me a helping hand and help me gather more boys to join us! Haha!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


First, I would like to say that after posting up videos of Leehom, my blog looks a little... Errm... Untidy... ^^' So I decided to take it down... Some might be sooo relieved, saying "Ahh! Finally! She learns!" Lol... But, no! Leehom will be back... Very soon!!! Muahaha!

Why am I nostalgic? I just realized that because I have been doing stuff lately that I have not done in a long time and misses the days...

As it is so obvious, that I've already cut my hair short.. And that picture in my last post made me look.... Round, plump, mushroom-like.. What else? Oh yea... I almost forgot... Fat! T.T

Back to the nostalgic part.

For some who doesn't know, I just kept my hair long when I started Form 1. I've been waiting for that day for ages! We are not supposed to have long hair in our primary school, unless you have a letter stating that you learn ballet. I envied those girls with long hair so much because they can have cute hair clips and show off in school... They look prettier and more lady like too... Haha! I was so desperate to have long hair that I sometimes even think of asking my mum to fake a letter so that I could keep my hair long. But, my mum firmly said no... She said that I could only keep my hair when I got into Form 1... I kept imagining myself having long, shiny,jet black hair! Ahh... How much I longed for that very day to come!

So Form 1 finally came and I was over joyed! I kept my hair long and didn't really care about it anymore... Since in Form 1, almost every girls will be keeping their hair long. I wasn't the one standing out and it wasn't something to be proud of...

Until now, when Rihanna started to make Bobs the latest hair style, everyone seems to be cutting their hair short... So, I have the urge to cut it short again since then... Not because it's the latest fashion. It's just because it have been quite a while since I see myself in the mirror with my hair short and I wonder how I will look in that... But I was uncertain with my decision, afraid that I would look weird after that haircut...

Until one day when I came across a magazine which says that even those with round faces, like me, can cut my hair short. Just keep my hair's length below my chin. So I finally gathered enough courage to go for a haircut. And.... ta-da! My new look! But most commented that I look like a mushroom... I don't know if that's a compliment, but thanks... =_=

I think that that picture made me look fat because the hair stylist blew my hair inwards and made me look puffy.. But it looks ok now...

Another nostalgic thing is that I suddenly talked about my primary school teachers with my mum. And since she was a teacher there and knew most of the teachers there, she always talks a lot when it comes to the things that she know and I doens't. For example, she went to Shangri-la and Yun Nan with my cousins and 'abandoned' us at home. When she came back, she told us almst everything about the trip. Hmph! Jealous! And when she looks at pictures showing Yun Nan or Shangri-la, she would start blabbering about her trip again... @_@

So about primary school, I found my class picture taken 4 years ago when we were in primary 6M. Everyone looked so different! O.o Especially those boys... They looked so cute back then! Lol... All short and cute looking! Haha!

I wanted to scan it but I didn't know how to use the scanner at home... Until I figure out a way to use it, you maybe wouldn't be able to see the picture. Maybe LLW can help to upload it for me...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ta-da! New Haircut!!!

My new haircut!
Weird right?? =_=

Prezzie for Mr Lee, our 'beloved' add maths teacher.. Hah! Dolly bought the frame but I came up with this BRILLIANT idea!!! =P

All About Leehom!

Yay! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! Leehom! This chant can go on forever!!! =P

*Before I start, for those who don't really wanna read this can skip this post.. Hehe! I'm just blogging out of the blue... =P *

I've just stop by HOManiacs' forum and realized how much I've missed Leehom!!! T.T

Leehom's so unfair! *Sorry!* But he went to Singapore for a concert and not back here in Malaysia, Truely Asia! He seriously said that when he was thanking his LOYAL fans from Malaysia~ And, I'm also proud to be a HOManiac because we have our own special name! For example, for the China fanclub, they have OurHome China, for Indonesia, OurHome Indonesia, OurHome Singapore and .... But! We are the HOManiacs!! Yay! And we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary! 10 years of continuous support for Leehom! =)

Leehom! Please! If you are reading this, come stop by Malaysia to have a concert!! Lol.. As if he will really read my post! Maybe in my wildest dreams! And I DO hope my wildest dreams will somehow come true!

I'll be posting some of Leehom's videos here if you all don't mind... Haha! And if you DO mind, I don't really care!!! =P I'll just stick it here and take it down whenever I want to...

Before I leave, I would like to congratulate Leehom for making it a wonderful night for all who attended Music Man, Leehom's concert in Singapore! Yay! And Leehom, bring on your passion of music to Malaysia lah! We will surely welcome you! Selamat Datang! Haha! And, I would like to congratulate Leehom for being able to conduct the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for 3 shows! December 22 to 24! According to, accepting a baton especially made for him will be his early Christmas present!

Awww! Come and conduct for MPO or KL Pac then! =P Even your teacher has conducted for us before!! Go ask for his opinion!! Muahahahaha!

*continues to day dream about Leehom and bugging Dolly to watch his videos sent to her... =P *

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Having too much to say

Even by owning a blog, I still have lots to say that I can't really spill it all out here. Many thoughts come to me in only a short time of 24 hours and didn't really have the space in my mind to remember all that. So here was what I thought of and do today:

1. I want to just drop of everything and go to a beach where there are sandy beaches, clear blue skies, deep blue oceans and a not-too-shabby chalet, just on the shore. Far enough so that I can still hear the waves hitting the shores, composing a calming and relaxing lullaby to bring me to my slumber.

I've recently read and watched a book and a drama all about the sea. First, is the book that I just bought. It's called 小天堂 Little Paradise by 邓秀茵. I have to admit that, even though it's not really a good book, but I imaginations soared when I read this book. It's about a 12 year old girl, anxious to grow up, having a long holiday and working at her uncle's small beach motel. A human mind will think about the place and what's happening in the story as it is really happening and use our imagination to think about it. Having the setting of the story at the beach, I've thought about my perfect beach for that one day which I used to finish the whole story.

And, I've been on another drama since I finished 命中注定我爱你. It's called Wayward Kenting 我在垦丁*天气晴. You remember how I loved Youtube? I found the whole drama (I think) on Youtube and it made me loved Youtube more! The main actor of the drama is Eddie Peng 彭于晏, Ethan Ruan 阮经天 from 命中 and other 2 actress that I've seen before but still don't get their names, yet. Kenting is in Southern Taiwan and a surfer's paradise and the whole drama (I think) takes place there. That makes me even more longing to spend my next 2 months of long vacation there! If you ask me to choose from the beach or the highlands, I would rather choose the beach... =)

2. After finishing the movie, Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, I liked that movie as it teaches us to believe in the unbelievable and make the impossibles possible.

But unfortunately, it didn't receive great reviews about the whole movie. The critics said that it is not a good movie for the kids because it teaches the kids about death. I mean, yeah, I agree that death is still a long way for kids but anything's possible! It's not that children in today's world won't face death. They do! In fact, I think this movie teaches the children to face the death of their beloved in a more positive way.

I really liked the place where Molly said, "Great! Well done! Now, we wait." But Mr Magorium said, "No. We breath, we pulse, we regenerate. Our heart's beat, our mind's .... ( I didn't quite catch what he was saying here) 37 seconds well used, is a lifetime." It really make sense! He said many things that captured my heart, but I didn't really remembered it all. But this is the line that I loved the most!

3. Letting go, is never an easy task. Even though it's something unpleasant, we will still miss it in some time later in our life. But eventually, we still have to make our choices. To let go, or not to let go. It's up to us. The choice will always rest in our hands.

4. The phrase that says, You'll never miss the water until it's gone, from Westlife's When You're Looking Like That, is so true. People never seem to appreciate the little things in life until they've realized that it's gone.

For example, We never seem to take notice about that little thing that we see lying around us when we don't need it. But we can never seem to find it, even if we turn over the whole house or room, when we need it so badly.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yumm! Good food! Concorde Hotel KL, 9/11/2008

Yesterday, Aunt Chyli treated us lunch at the Concorde Hotel, KL for lunch. These are the pictures of it and it's all dedicated to you, sotong! See how much I love you?? I know how much you love food! *evil grin!*

ps; I only took pictures of food in the dessert section because these were the ones who made looks so nice that I couldn't bear to put it into my mouth... =P (drool, sotong! drool!!! =P )

After that, I still have to rush to 精武Stadium for yesterday night's performance for the KL 歌月节... Tired~~~

Friday, November 7, 2008

MPO Unit Asia Jazz Concert 4/11/08

On Tuesday when I was supposed to go to school, I didn't... Instead, I didn't even sleep the whole night! Guess why... Yes, I was up the whole night watching 命中注定我爱你 Fated To Love You the previous night! I was sooo good I couldn't put it down! 7 Eps in a row!

Breaking my record of not sleeping at night for the first time and watching 7 eps in a row in 1 night. Ling said my obsession is scary... Yea, I agree! I get obsessed very easily and will get really crazy about it for quite a while... For example, Korean dramas, Rain, Harry Potter, High School Musical etc. I am obssesed in a way that everything I do online, searching the pictures or videos, is all about that drama or person or even buy it's merchandise... Someone may have seen it before... Hehe!

Ling passed it to me on Monday night and I went straight home to watch it till 7 or 8am in the morning. But I slept at 9am till 2pm then... ^^'

ps: I'm now obessesed with the drama and everything I searched on Youtube is all about the movie and mostly on 陈楚河 Baron Chen too! I just love him as Dylan in the drama and also out of the drama as a quiet person, not to mention, is really good looking! =P *drools!* He also stars in Jay Chou's Kung Fu Slam Dunk as Xiao Lan.

Anyway, because Grace Tay was having health problems, our BM tuition was cancled on Tuesday. That gives me more reasons to finish the drama on that very night and because I have nothing to do except for the night. Sis bought 4 tickets for us for the MPO Unit Asia Jazz Concert. Since I loved Jazz music, I postponed my tuition for the night to watch it.

Unit Asia is a collaborative 5-piece jazz band newly-formed under the thene of "A New Direction in Asian Jazz." Now touring five countries in South East Asia, the badn includes top Japanese jazz musicians Isao Miyoshi (Guitar), Hiroyuki Noritake (Drums) and Shigeki Ippon (Bass), who are joined by prominent Thailand saxophone plaer Koh 'Mr. Saxman' and Malaysian pianist Tay Cher Siang.

I personally love most of the songs but 3 of my favourite is Elephant Vanishes (Composed by Tay Cher Siang), Duo (Isao Miyoshi), Memory of You (Darrn Rahn). Youtube link: I love Mr Saxman because of his quirky attitude and his playing will pull the strings tied to your heart... Literally! His playing is really good and in the programme book, it says that he became a professional musician at a young age of 15! I really hope my little brother could take up this instrument and be as attractive as he is when he plays! =P

I think I am a really lucky girl to have parents who loves music as well and are willing to bring me all the way up to KL to watch a performance, watch our performance in KL Performing Arts Centre (KL Pac) or fetching us to practises in Bkt Tinggi and even KL. I love music and I am also thinking of studying Jazz Piano now. See? Another dream... You must know that I have loads of dreams, just merely dreams... Haha!