Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Choir in my eyes...

Another year is nearly over. And, my choir is active all over again! Just like last year's year end holiday, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before... ... It's like I can't enjoy my holidays! Because of practice, music camp, performances, this and that, I can't go anywhere during the year end holidays! At least I can give them a reason to go off at Christmas, and not go Christmas carolling with them.

I missed my chance to go to Shang Hai with my parents because of that, I also missed my chance to go to Phuket with them, I even missed my chance to go to my cousin's wedding dinner because of that!! I haven't make any sacrifices?! What do you call all the things that I've missed then? Something not important?!

I know that many in our choir have made more sacrifices that I do because of their devotion and dedication for La Voce. But I don't think I didn't make any sacrifices to it. I regret making these sacrifices for them...

Whenever I can't go for any performances, she would give me that face... She always say that everyone is important in a choir. Not that I'm an important person there, but I don't think that people won't sing when I'm not performing with them!

But, surely, there was also good times. After every performance or concert, there's a great feeling of satisfaction in all of us. No matter how bad or how good our performance is, we tried our best.

The feeling when we heard that we got into the finals during the World Choir Competition in Xiamen, China 2006 was really undescribable in words. Most of the girls, including me, screamed with tears of joy in our eyes. We've earned what we got after all the hard work. We've been practising so hard and our teacher even got angry during practice. All our hard work has bring us to what we have today. 1 Gold and 2 Silvers! =)

Joining a choir was the best thing that happened to me in my life! It made we realize what music was and how important it is to my life...

However, I sometimes feel like giving up this choir and go to another, like most of the ex-choir members did. Some got sick and tired of her attitude and decided to leave the group.

But I feel that it is the most irresponsible thing to do. It's like leaving someone that you've been together with for so many years because of it's fame and fortune, but has become not as famous as before, for another more successful one.

So, for those who know any boys who are interested in singing in a choir, please contact me! =P

We are desperate for boys to join since may of the choir boy members from Tenor and Bass has left to further their studies. Hehe...

But first, let me state that it isn's something sissy or whatever you boys think if you join a choir!Even Leehom was once in a choir! =P And, boys who can really perform music, like playing a musical instrument really well or even sing really well, can really win the heart of girls around you! That's why singers or performers have so many fans huh? =P Now's your chance, boys! Show the ladies what you can really do!

Lend me a helping hand and help me gather more boys to join us! Haha!

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