Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Having too much to say

Even by owning a blog, I still have lots to say that I can't really spill it all out here. Many thoughts come to me in only a short time of 24 hours and didn't really have the space in my mind to remember all that. So here was what I thought of and do today:

1. I want to just drop of everything and go to a beach where there are sandy beaches, clear blue skies, deep blue oceans and a not-too-shabby chalet, just on the shore. Far enough so that I can still hear the waves hitting the shores, composing a calming and relaxing lullaby to bring me to my slumber.

I've recently read and watched a book and a drama all about the sea. First, is the book that I just bought. It's called 小天堂 Little Paradise by 邓秀茵. I have to admit that, even though it's not really a good book, but I imaginations soared when I read this book. It's about a 12 year old girl, anxious to grow up, having a long holiday and working at her uncle's small beach motel. A human mind will think about the place and what's happening in the story as it is really happening and use our imagination to think about it. Having the setting of the story at the beach, I've thought about my perfect beach for that one day which I used to finish the whole story.

And, I've been on another drama since I finished 命中注定我爱你. It's called Wayward Kenting 我在垦丁*天气晴. You remember how I loved Youtube? I found the whole drama (I think) on Youtube and it made me loved Youtube more! The main actor of the drama is Eddie Peng 彭于晏, Ethan Ruan 阮经天 from 命中 and other 2 actress that I've seen before but still don't get their names, yet. Kenting is in Southern Taiwan and a surfer's paradise and the whole drama (I think) takes place there. That makes me even more longing to spend my next 2 months of long vacation there! If you ask me to choose from the beach or the highlands, I would rather choose the beach... =)

2. After finishing the movie, Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, I liked that movie as it teaches us to believe in the unbelievable and make the impossibles possible.

But unfortunately, it didn't receive great reviews about the whole movie. The critics said that it is not a good movie for the kids because it teaches the kids about death. I mean, yeah, I agree that death is still a long way for kids but anything's possible! It's not that children in today's world won't face death. They do! In fact, I think this movie teaches the children to face the death of their beloved in a more positive way.

I really liked the place where Molly said, "Great! Well done! Now, we wait." But Mr Magorium said, "No. We breath, we pulse, we regenerate. Our heart's beat, our mind's .... ( I didn't quite catch what he was saying here) 37 seconds well used, is a lifetime." It really make sense! He said many things that captured my heart, but I didn't really remembered it all. But this is the line that I loved the most!

3. Letting go, is never an easy task. Even though it's something unpleasant, we will still miss it in some time later in our life. But eventually, we still have to make our choices. To let go, or not to let go. It's up to us. The choice will always rest in our hands.

4. The phrase that says, You'll never miss the water until it's gone, from Westlife's When You're Looking Like That, is so true. People never seem to appreciate the little things in life until they've realized that it's gone.

For example, We never seem to take notice about that little thing that we see lying around us when we don't need it. But we can never seem to find it, even if we turn over the whole house or room, when we need it so badly.

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