Friday, August 22, 2008

Friends, Joke with each other, when they are together!

First and foremost, I'm sorry if some of you find the chatbox annoying. I really don't know what she was angry about! And if she's angry with me, why did she come to read my blog? Funny, eh?
Don't mean to be rude or anything but I think maybe some people takes jokes way too seriously! They can't stand being laughed at and will think that you are embarrasing her. Some poeple need to take jokes as some things friends would do to have fun and learn not to get angry at little things. Do you expect to feel serious or all locked up, even in front of your friends? Do you expect your friends to treat you like they treat your elderlies? Don't you expect friends to play jokes and fool around with you?! Well, don't go overboard even if you are playing jokes on them.

I found out that lately, poeple around me have been acting really down and out. It affects me, don't all of you all know that?! I don't mean that you can't show sad feelings all written on your face, but can you just think of the feelings of the people around you?! The high rise feeling will just collapse with just the frown stuck onto your face! And that will make my feelings gloomy all day long...

Even sometimes during reccess, some you won't like to go somewhere else that I wanna go and you wanted her to accompany you all reccess long , like she belongs to you. During that time, I'd rather spend my time alone in the canteen. But when I reach the canteen, I feel really akward. I can see people around me having friends to talk to and sit or chat with there. But me? I have to randomly search for someone I know to talk to them to avoid being the strange one there. But sometimes, I'd sit alone if there is no one I know or no one I would like to be with.

Sometimes, it's tiring to hear all your complains about life or your family or your friends or even your studies. Maybe because I don't have much that troubles me and I'm happy with that. When you are with your friends, forget all your troubles! That's what friends do when they are together!

But if it's really something that you can't hold on to, spit it all out and my shoulders are for your tears to fall on or my ears are for yours to complain.

It's funny that somehow, some people will get irratated or annoyed or pissed off with just something bothering them. Maybe it's because I'm one those who doesn't care much about those small little things that annoyes me in life and are one of those who are really carefree all day long. Unless if something is really really, and i mean really annoying, I will only pay attention of feel gloomy and blue.

People around me, should learn how to be more cheerful and carefree. Stop complaining about how unfair life is to you. Stop complaining about how bad your mum treats you. Stop complaining about how you haven't study when the exam is still far away ( I didn't mean that you shouldn't care). Stop acting that you want me to be with you even if it's written all over your face that you don't want me there.

We can only live once. What's life with all these troubles? Try to forgive and forget. Try to let go of some things that you won't be needing it by your side.

Friends around me, please don't go gloomy or feel down or even get annoyed with a little joke or with just a eeny-weeney, tine bit of stuff troubling you.

So, friends, when we get together, let's laugh our hardest, play our hardest, shout our hardest and most importantly, life live... OUR HARDEST! =)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Out of the blue

I think I've told you that I've bought a book entitled Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover's Soul that was torn and tattered when I first saw it at the bookfair in school. I asked if there was another copy of it (in better condition), but since it was the last day in my school, there was none left. Wow, I thought, many of us Kwang Hua-rians are ocean lovers, huh? Now, I regret having my eyes caught on Leehom's book (which as time goes by, I'll grow bored of it) and not look around on the first time I went to the bookfair...

So, eventually, I bought the book, despite it's "ugliness", yea right. Well, it's a book! What do you expect?! It should be nice and "well dressed", it should be torn and tattered. It's what those adults or teacher used to say when they look at your book.

It's because when it is nice and "well dressed", it doesn't symbolize that you are a book lover and takes good care of your books. It symbolizes that you don't flip your books open that often, meaning that you are not hard working enough. =_=''' On the other hand, if it's torn and tattered, it doesn't meant that you are not a caring-book type. It means that you have flipped through your books so very often that it becomes torn and tattered, like salted vegetables (kiam chai)! Lol...

What comment is that... I am really the first type, which cares for her books (NOT comics) and will get really mad if someone just opens the book really big and old just a little of the pages which leaves a mark there...

So, ok... Back to the book...

For those who haven't really got a chance to drop by those beautiful sandy beaches or islands, rather, in the East Coast of Malaysia, I'm sure not many of them will be ocean lovers. Maybe because the first image of the word ocean or beach in my part of the country would be something like Port Dickson or Morib Beach or even the beach near my grandfather's place in Kapar. The beaches are mostly covered ironically covered with rubbish! Everywhere! Or even covered with muddy, yucky 'sand'... Not the typical white sandy beaches with shimerring azure blue which can be only found in the East Coast of Malaysia. The water is ewwy-icky-ly brownish and can maybe spot a baby diaper in it! Seriously!

So in this book, it's mostly about... the ocean. Duh!

Unlike the people here, people who live in the US or the UK or even better, the Bahamus or the Maldives or the Medditeranean where great white sandy beaches embedded with beautiful pebbles and shells, blue skies and seabirds flying around it really EXIST, like how the book described it, they will spend their whole summer holiday in their nearest beach. If you want me to spend even a night camping in the nearest beach, which is the muddy beach near my grandfather's place, I'd rather sleep in the car...

Blue was always my favourite colour. Blue can mean feeling down or sad, but it can also be calming and soothing. Blue, is the main colour in the making of mother nature~! It's the colour of the sky when it's sunny and when we should be outdoors, of course. It's the colour of the sea where there are unimaginable discoveries can be made. It's even the colours of the mountains when we look at it through the morning mist. Blue is a really rare colour one could have in their garden, I just knew this today while watching Martha Stewart's.. =P

I think, because my favourite colour is blue, I am such a nature lover.

The last time I saw the blue waters was when I was in Langkawi last Christmas. But the most breath taking island that I have ever been in my 16 years, is Redang! I can't wait to go back there again! I wonder who will I travel there with the next time... Hehe!

Writers in the book writes as if you can meet a baby pup or seal or sea otter or whale if you just take a trip down to the nearest sea. I'm pretty sure that I could never had a chance to meet those wild beauties here. Not in the filthy waters of the Straits of Melacca, or even the South China Sea.

My dream for now, is to touch, feel, ride a whale, a dolphine or a sea lion. Maybe train it to be able to do some cool tricks. One of my wildest ambitions is to work as a animal trainer... Hehe...

Ahhh...... I can't wait till I've changed my Best Island Traveled from Redang to Bali next Saturday! Hehe.. I heard that Bali was also one of the Paradises on Earth! Yay... Bali, Bali, here I come! Can't wait to go back to the warmth of the Ocean! =P

Tata for now! =)

Ps: I've not done even a bit of my homework this hols.. I know that I will be facing the consequences this Sunday night, burning the midnight oil and the candle at two ends...! Help!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lee Chong Wei Lost... T.T

I'm sure every single Malaysian are having their eyes all glued to the TV tonight. The Olympic match of the World's 2nd best, Lee Chong Wei, from our very own Penang, Malaysia against the World's Number One player, Lin Dan from China, was I should say, quite an easy game for Lin Dan... T.T Which Lin Dan won by 21-12 and 21-8...

Although he lost, he still made Malaysia proud by getting into the finals and earning the 2nd Silver Medal for Malaysia in history! Chong Wei, you've done your best.. Keep it up!




相信自己,你可以!Having faith in yourself, is already half the battle won... Remember this!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

This feeling inside...

Hey Hey! The Beijing Olympics are FINALLY here! Although I'm really regretting now, not able to catch the opening ceremony of it... For some reasons... *cough* ling wei *cough* =P nah... So, 8.8.2008 was also Ling Wei's sweet 16! Maxine ane me bought a book for her from the school's book fair, Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul, cuase I know how much she loved writing and her dream was to become a writer... When I first laid eyes on the book, I know it was meant for Ling Wei... Lol! But I'm not sure if she will read it or not as there was sooooo many books piled up for her to even start reading it...

It's been almost a week since Chiho, Megumi and Naoyo came to Malaysia. All of them were really nice~ But now, all 3 of them and their hosts, which are Triple Lee, Ah Chua n Ah Boon's now on a camp in Bkt Tinggi...

Megumi n Chiho went to our school on Tuesday and it caused a HAVOC! Even when I reached my class, their was already a huge crowd inside and on the corridor of my class! Every one was 'accidently' passing by my class peeping through the door or the window even when class was in session. Until my teacher asked those sitting by the windows and doors to lock it up! Lol...

So during English lessons, Megumi taught us a Children's Song which I know is well known nation wide, Grandfather's Clock, in Japanese, of course. Btw, Cheau Wei, of course, gone crazy and I'm sure she was too excited to go to sleep the night before!

The 10 boys in my class were also really excited, especially Kar Wei who longed for their visit even before they set foot in Malaysia! EVERYONE wanted to take pictures with them... I'm sure they felt like a superstar for one day and even Ah Boon and Lee, everybody wanted to be their friend for that one day... No offense, but I think it's quite fake if you know what I mean...

But there's one feeling inside... A queasy and uneasy feeling... Even though I happy that they're finally here, but there's an indescribable feeling.

I'm not sure if it's jealousy, disappointment, anger, happiness or even the relief...

I'm happy because of their arrival, I'm jealous because I don't have a Japanese friend to be my guest for 3 weeks. I'm dissapointed and angry quite at the same time because they didn't even mention to me that they were going to sign up for the home stay programme and I'm relieved that I didn't host one because I am sooooo busy preparing for my piano exams at the moment...

But I've always felt that I'm the only one left out among the 3 of them. I was always the last one to know what was going on now, I was always the one who doesn't fit in, I always feel that doing something with them sometimes is a mistake and should back out of what they are doing and maybe sometimes feel that I'm not enjoying myself with them. I sometimes feel that I was the one who goes bulging in when I'm not supposed to. I sometimes feel that I shouldn't be with them or this wasn't the place I should be in. It seems like every move I make seems to be a mistake...

I'm not complaining now because one of the reasons may be because I live too far away from them or none my hobbies or interest matches with them. But this was the way I felt and it was really hard keeping it inside... But I'm glad that they are my friends and want to keep it the way it is, even though... Sometimes, I feel that it's hard to keep up with what they are doing...

Monday, August 4, 2008


Ok, so today was just another day of Monday BLUES... I only got 4 hours (or less) of sleep last night... O.O It was an accident! I swear! *Mum, Dad, don't kill me...!* I was only coming donwstairs to upload the new pictures I got of Leehom *Yay!* into my cellphone and I was like, Oh! I've the dwnload task for Titanic's done! So... I'll only get a "sneak peak" at it.. But I was mezmorized by Leonardo Di Caprio's Aqua Blue eyes... *drifting away~* Lol...

Some of you may be wondering, Why are you watching Titanic?! It's like almost 10 years ago! But, if I'm not mistaken, this is the 3rd time I'm watching it. My dad was quite a movie fan himself. So, he used to buy DVD's (sad to say, it's a pirated version of it! Eh, the ORI version expensive la~!) of the latest movies and even brings us to the movies! I've remembered watching Jurassic Park and James Bond on his treasured Surround Sounds System...

Just like almost every movie I've used to watch before I can even understand a word that they were saying, I'll just watch what's happening and laugh when everybody else is laughing or can only make out that, ok, this is the funny part or the scary part... So after all these years, I've finally have the urge to re-download movies such as, Disney's Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty [mostly the older musicals], Titanic, Anna and the King and so on... I used to remember watching Snow White when I was still in Kindergarten. I only remembered some portions of it like the Evil Queen poisoning the apple and the crow behind the skull where I used to hide behind a pillow to cover my eyes, and of course, the 7 dwarfs working in the Diamond Caves. *Heigh Ho!* It brings back memories... Sweet ones, of course.

I've just finished watching 13 going on 30, Anna and the King, The Girl who Leapt Through Time, Stardust, December Boys & Whisper of the Heart.

i) 13 going on 30 and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was both pleasant to watch. At the same time, it has a moral behind this story, Take your time to grow up and also DON'T meddle with time!
ii) Anna and the King. I got the urge to download this movie because we were talking about the Famous People in Malaysia. So we talked about Afdlin Shauki, a local comedian. Our teacher said that he was in this movie too. So I remembered watching this before so I wanted to re-watch to reall understand it was all about. I was surprised to find that the little Princess Fa-Ying was actually the young Melissa Campbell! Malaysians should know her as her appearance in local ads were quite frequent. She was the new ambassador for Silky Girl Cosmetics and have appeared in the Yakult Ad too. And of course, there was also Harith Iskandar as one of King Mongkut's assistant, Deanna Yusof as Queen Thiand the Head Wife, Keith Chin as King Chulalongkorn, Jodie Foster as the the British teacher Anna Leonowens, Chow Yun-Fat as King Mongkut and also Tom Felton as Louis Leonowens. I'm sure that Tom Felton would not be an unfamiliar name to all Hary Potter fans as Tom takes the role of the evil Draco Malfoy in the movie.

iii) Stardust was really a story of Dreams and fantasy. I actually wanted to watch this because Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian from the Chronicals of Narnia had appeared in the movie!! It was a story of comedy, fantasy and also romance at the same time.

iv) December Boys was just because I wanted to watch Daniel Radcliffe... Lol!

ps: Happy Birthday to Ling Wei who's birthday will be falling on the 08.08.2008! A very lucky number for us Chinese, huh? 发发发!(发财啦!~)=P

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Ok ok... I finally know what it means by saying, "You're Tagged!" though I know there's a game Tagged... "Tagged! You're IT!"

I was tagged by ah thengtheng... So here are 10 random facts about me...

1. My... thumb is "bendable" if you know what I mean... and so is the finger beside my thumb which I don't know what that finger is called... Ask my pals in school if you don't believe me...

2. I... am in a choir. Is that even a fact?!

3. I play the piano, violin and the guitar (only a little)

4. I... can whistle! HAHAHA!

5. I... sleep during school assembly and in my teacher's car to school and in class every morning

6. I can sleep wth the lights on and even when the radio's blaring just beside my bed and I am *a little* afraid to sleep with my lights off and I'm *quite* afraid of the dark... o=_=o

7. I'm not someone who's good with names or numbers. I can't really remember the name of a person unless I talk to him/her everyday. I can't really remember things like phone numbers but I can definitely remember the number of my house or my mum and dad or even mine and also, I can remember my Identification Card Number.. Thank God!

8. I don't have a clue how I can get full A's in my UPSR and even my PMR... I can assure you that mine was just some dumb luck! Although I hope that this lucky charm can last till I die! =P

9. I'm a HOManiac, which means I'm Leehom Wang's HUGE fan!

10. I sleeptalk...

So there it is! 10 facts about me... Gosh! I'm even revealing some of my deadliest secrets!

Leehom, The Music Man!

Leehom's Music Man concert, 18 and 19 Sept 2008, Taiwan.

But I bet he will be coming to Malaysia for the concert quite soon. But the fastest is maybe, next year... So I'll start saving up for the VIP ticket! Muahahahaha! Anyway, I've been to the Heroes of Earth Concert last March in Bkt Jalil and it was... Woah! One word, Superb! It's my first time going to a concert, and he gave me a whale of a time! But I can only see him clearly on the screen, without the screen, he is the size of an ant.... =_= But I've shouted like hell that night! Haha! So I hope to get into the concert mood all over again!

He's album is coming out soon! As a loyal HOManiac, I'm definitely pre-ordering, and most probably from Taiwan! Hehe... You can't blame me, the pre-order gift from Tw is a hundred times better than the gifts from M'sia. Take the Change Me album for example, in Malaysia, they just gave us a Leehom T-shirt (mine was too large for me, so I wore it as a pyjamas!); in Taiwan, they gave those cool reusable chopsticks!

And also, there will be Japanese exchange students coming over to Malaysia next Tuesday! Can't wait! =)

There's many things going on in my life right now. And, my Piano Pratical is coming up! 18 August for Theory and 19 for the Practical! Oh Gosh! I hope it will turn out fine. I've FLUNKED my Yamaha Grade 5 Exam! Sob!

Anyway, the Beijing Olympics are here soon! 中国加油!北京,准备好了!And, of course, Malaysia Boleh! =)