Thursday, November 27, 2008

Desperate to FLY!

I'm ready to FLY~!

T.T Everyone around me seems to be going off to enjoy the last few weeks of the holidays!

Mum and Dad are going to Shanghai without me... *Sobs!* I wanna go to Shanghai! Especially after watching 命中 which has some scenes in Shanghai... Hehe! I know some will call me dumb, but I will go anywhere in the world! At least take 1 step in every country on the the face of the Earth...

The 3 musketeers are going to Nippon, leaving me behind... Pitiful me~ Hey, you 3! I expect 3 prezzies from 3 of you, huh? =P and I'll be waiting for Wee's postcard.. Ehehe! Now, I can have 3 postcards from 3 different countries! From Germany, Norway and Japan! Actually, I can get another 1 from the USA, but it was sent in August yet it haven't reach my place! Chris, did you get the address right?! Lol... Maybe it got lost in the letters... Sigh!

By the way, the postcards from Germany and Norway are both from Christian. Thanks! =)

Do you get the exhilarating feeling and the urge to quickly rip off the envelope when you see it has your name on it? It's not everyday that I can get a letter from snail-mail... I'm quite fed up with E-mail's actually. Never get exited to check my inbox... Plus, receiving REAL letters really makes my day... =)

I'm lately listening a lot of Jordin Sparks'. No Air, Tattoo and I love One Step At A Time! The sound of the high heels walking at the intro... Gosh! Sounds sexy! =P *Pardon me if I sound.. Err.. Not myself and I know that I don't usually use words like that... *

In a nutshell, I just wanna FLY! Don't know when can I feel on top of the world on the plane... The last time I saw clouds up close was when I was on my way to Bali.. When will the next time be? Wish that it will be pretty soon!

And, sad to say that I will most probably lose another chance to fly! This time, it's to Korea. Not because of choir, but it's because of the dumb SPM that I will have to take next year. And this time, it's because of choir that we will FLY there. Knowing that I couldn't go, teacher still ordered me to look up on the information about the competition that will be held there... How could she?! Haha... Bah.. Since I'm the one who's usually translating for the choir, I have no choice.. If only Joyce is good in both English and Chinese! *sigh!*

Bah... Now, pitiful me can only enjoy the last few weeks of the last year end holidays that I can really relax since we ex-Form 4-ers will be having our SPM next year! *gasps!*

ps: AirAsia is finally flying to LONDON! Yay! It looks cheaper than MAS flights... When will I set foot on the land of the Olden English?? I'll never know... But Tian Yu promised to sponsor me~! Haha... Although he said that he'll only sponsor my 1 way flight... =_=

*drifts off, heads down, dreaming of FLYING...*

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