Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music-Man LIVE in KL!

Woah... I have a mix of feelings now... Both happy and sad and excited but also a little regret... Since I haven't watch the DVD and the DVD is not out yet, I'm really looking forward to the concert!

We reached at about 6.45pm. Then we saw a booth selling his merchandises, crowded with people! They sell the What's wrong with Rock T-shirt and handphone straps, fan, Music-Man action figure and more. It was all like, crazily expensive! Even a file was RM20 =_= I've saved up a lot of money to buy his previous albums on this day because we bought the Revolution 2000 CD after his concert, selling at RM40. I was planning on buying the Unbelievable album and also the Shangri-la CD. But, unfortunately, I don't think they sell it anymore... T_T

Si Han heard it on the radio that if you buy Boston's set lunch for RM 10 which contains a packet of Nachos, 2 bottles of mineral water and 3 sandwiches, you will be able to win a chance to go to the after party! But unfortunately, none of us out of 4 won the lucky draw... Bah! I'm like that with luck... I've never really won any lucky draws before...

Before the concert starts, I bought the 莹光棒 for RM 5 and sorry to say that after all the shaking and waving at the concert, the top of the stick flew off when I was shaking it half way through the show and the top can't be found... Lol!

The concert started at about 8.15pm with Danell Lee and Kay as the opening guests singer...

Then the lights darken, then there was this 'Deep voice' saying that the show's starting soon and all those funny stuff.. He said that if anyone's too quiet or still during the concert, the staff might have to kick you out of the stadium. 四肢无力,喉咙沙哑,心跳加速都是演唱会后的自然现象. Lol!

Then, we heard the dramatic, movie-like background music and saw Bahamut on top of the stage. The background was a comic version of Leehom saving the world with his Bahamut. One strum on the guitar and it shot "laser".. Haha! Then it went up, then it came down again with Leehom, eyes closed, holding his new guitar. The he started off with 摇滚怎么了!!!A slow version as a start, then it got faster. Then, there's a rock version of 花田错, substituting the Er-hu part with an electric guitar.

Then, he talked on a special mic which made his voice deeper. 我是Music-Man! Spiderman, Batman, Superman? No no no no, 我是Music-Man! Then, he sang 安全感. Then he literally 'fell' through the stage and then disappeared. The screen showed him falling through the water and wrote ‘当Music-Man卸下他英雄外衣时,他也是一个需要爱情的普通男人。'

Then to be frank, I don't really remember the songs in order... ^^' I'll just say the interesting parts. Oh, yea, I think this concert is a rock+magic+ballad concert. You'll see why.

The rock part was because the beginning of the show was all with his Bahamut and 水墨画 electric guitar.

The magic part was because when he sang 改变自己, there was the 改变自己 band = 4 Leehoms on stage. I knew about that part because there was a video on Youtube and I saw that before hand. Hehe... The drummer, 小力 came out in blue and sunglasses, and talked with his American accent. He said that "Hi, 我的华语讲得不太好。His 'band' came out with an album 2 years ago but after that, the main singer, 王力宏, had been filming and the 'band' had been 'broken' *sniff* *sniff* " [The crowd: Awww... Haha!] "But then we came back again together because we wanted to perform here in KL. So I'll do my best tonight! Yeah! I can do it!"

Then 小宏 came out in red, with the bass guitar. Then 小王 in yellow with his electric guitar. Then 王力宏 came out and sing改变自己 . I don't really know what happened there but Leehom said that it's top secret.

Before he sang 盖世英雄, he went into a box then closed it, then he disappeared! The next second, he was in the audience! But, before he was in the audience, Cheng Syin nudged me and pointed at a motorcycle with "Batman" behind the motorcyclist. There was someone under a black cloak and I guess that it's Leehom. Then he quickly climb up the stage and then, *poof* there he was between the audience!

Leehom said that the maker of Bahamut is in the audience and he flew in from Ireland.

The part when he came out with his violin! Ah.... He first played When You Wish Upon A Star and said that he performed it once, a very long time ago, with the KL Sinfonietta. This "ancient" concert is available on Youtube by the way! Haha... Then, he continued playing 落叶归根 on his violin and the screen showed pictures of him in Lust, Caution... Touching~

I also loved 爱的鼓励... =)

There was a part where the screen showed a series of super heroes and played a little of the soundtrack for each movie. First was Indiana Jones, Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Ironman, Spiderman then... Music-Man!!!

There was also a part where he Beat boxed the song 女朋友 and performed a break dance solo...

Before Gai Bian Zi Ji, there was a host from the show 大明星小跟班 was there, too. Then he wanted us to wish him a Happy Birthday because Leehom's birthday's about 2 weeks from now. She said, '我希望力宏可以在换裤子时听到我们的祝福.' Lol...

He also joked about Swine Flu. He said, he hope that Swine Flu won't come to M'sia. Being in a place with so many people, it's best that you put on a mask to cover your mouth when you sneeze. I wanted to kiss all of you but because of Swine Flu... =_= Hah!

Yesterday was also Kelly, whoever it is, and Eric Fawcett, the drummer's birthday. Leehom sang him a birthday song, too. During that time, HOManiacs gave him the CD which contain our birthday wishes. "A hundred and seventy-two seconds of birthday wishes for Leehom". =) Actually, I wanted to join in that project of recording him a 5 second birthday wish, too. But since my sister took the camera to Sabah... =_= I missed it...

After the performance, we shouted "Encore! Encore!" Then he came out and sing 爱你就等于爱自己 and bid us tata with Kiss Goodbye... =(

Bah, for the full report, read the papers on Monday... =P

All and all, I think the performance was a blast! Except that there was this uncle beside me. He was like all cool during the performance. He fanned himself and looked through the binoculars from time to time, and wiping his sweat... Lol... Oh yeah! We looked through the binoculars, too! Even though we can see him clearly with it, but he's still in the size of an ant...

And I think the stage's s too far away from the audience this time! The last time, I bought a cheaper ticket and I can at least see him slightly bigger than this time! *Sob!* Saving up for his next concert, 2 years later!!! =D I MUST buy the VVIP one the next time!!!! Hehe... I regretted buying the cheap ticket! I should have bought the 1 level higher ticket, so that I can at least see Leehom when he sings GSYX... =(

Oh, and Huiying, if you are reading this, save me Monday's newspaper, will you? Thanks.. Hehe! ^^v

*Mission Accomplished!* See you soon, Leehom!!! >_<

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Kelly is my 5 year old daughter:-)
I assume u have been to my youtube channel since u have embedded my an quan gan vid:-)

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Ahh... Wow! You must be feeling so proud that Leehom wished her like that. How did he know that it's her birthday anyway?

Oh, sorry about that. Can I use the video here? ^^'

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Of course U can use the video:-)