Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On the battlefield

I've been on the battlefield for almost a week now. I havent got a chance to update my blog since the post on Leehom's concert.

Well, here's a brief summary on my life...

I've been quite addicted to Facebook.. ^^' Nearly gone mad with the quizes... Hehe..

I'm trying really hard to excel in my current exam... I've been studying subjects that I haven't really studied for the previous exams. I've tried to study Biology and find it pretty interesting until I've spent too much time on Biology and ignored my Chemistry. I think I'll surely flunk Chemistry this time! Sorry... I've also tried to memorize the definitions for stupid Moral values, something I've never try to do before. But I havent really memorized it all, but most of them, yes.

For those who didnt know, May 17th was Leehom's 33rd birthday! Happy birthday, Music-Man! =)

The American Idol Finale is tomorrow!!! It's really a tough choice between Adam and Kris... Wish both of them all the luck they can get!

My parents have departed for Australia earlier this afternoon and won't be back until the 28th... I'm gonna miss them! =(

I've been on the BATTLEFIELD for almost a week now. I've even got myself some "wounds" and "bruises"... Bloody battle, this one! But I've also been using the Internet during this times, so it wasn't that bad... Please set a grand welcoming dinner for those who survived the battle at the end of next week, 29th of May 2009. Haha! =D

Hui Ying, ready for our first skating trip of 2009?! I truely can't believe that it's the first ever this year! Half the year has almost gone by and we still havent got a chance to skate?! We've been truely busy preparing and training ourselves for the LAST BATTLE at the end of the year! Brace yourselves! This ain't gonna be easy!

That's just quite it for now. Good luck to all warriors! You'll need it.

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