Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Missed the Starry Night Sky...

Have you noticed that lately at night, you won't be able to see the usual twinkling diamonds and eyes in the sky anymore?? If there were stars, they would only be like a dim glow...

I used to remember the nights when I go back to the kampung to my grandpa's place, I'll lift my head up and for a second, I thought I was in outer space! It was as if I can see the whole milky way back then! =)

But now, not any more. Not even in the kampung...

How I missed those starry nights... Now, all we get is a smoky and hazy nights!

Do you still recall the morning air a few years back?

It was cool, windy and refreshing! Dews can still be seen hanging at the tip of the leaves and on the blades of grass. I bet the fairies were the ones that collects the dew to be decorated on the spider's web or to make dresses and necklaces out of it. =)

But now, even at 6am, it's hot, sticky and dusty! I really hate to walk out of my front door every morning because it will remind me that the climate of the world is changing and pollution can be seen in almost every corner of the world!

How I wish that some genius can invent a HUGE GIANT AIR-SUCKER.. =P So that it can suck all the dusty air and produce dust-free and clean air.

If that is really invented it the future, we might be able to have our clear, starry night sky; cool, refreshing morning air and clean healthy air back rather than keeping it as a good memory...


ps: I've finished my mid-term exam! Yay! =D 2 week holiday starting, erm... Friday! =P

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