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Yesterday was my little brother AND 2 of my friends' birthday... Not only that,came to town and it was part of his promo tour for his upcoming concert this May 2nd! And, yes, I've already bought the tickets to watch him LIVE!!! Can't wait!

Counting down: 24 more days to go!!!!

So, Cheng Syin and me, 1 of the 2 crazy HOManiacs was crazy enough and fanatic enough to go let him sign his album... =) And I'm so glad that I did!

We took the train after I finished the badminton match in school and we reached KL Sentral at about 5.30pm. (For your information, I've read a little on my Chemistry since it's tested today on the train and even brought my really thick book to study!) We went straight to the monorail station and saw lots of HOManiac members wearing HOManiac's T-shirt and followed them all the way until we saw a banner and heard a Malay lady shouting, "Leehom, ah? Leehom sini! Leehom sini!" Lol... This is because Boston Restaurant has sponsored the bus trip from KL Sentral to Solaris, Mount. Kiara for free. It's only valid to those going for his autograph session.
I was soooo excited! Everyone on the bus sounded excited too! I heard the radio on the background and thought, 'Hmm... The bus driver's so considerate to play Leehom's song on this bus!" But after listening closely, I realized that it was only the normal Malay radio station... *Sweat!* =_=

We reached there at about 6.30pm and I got quite hungry. Initially, we were planning to eat in Boston since it's just above the stage and we can have a pretty close view of Leehom if we sit up here. But, Gosh! Boston = expensive... So we ended up eating our dinner in a nearby mamak... After that, we got back to the venue and saw that the number of people in the crowd has obviously increased. I was hoping to be in the special area, more up front, since I'm the member of the fan club. But since Cheng Syin wasn't a member, I couldn't just leave her out there. But then, the workers from Galaxy Group wanted to increase the space of the member's area and told us to stand up to the curb to let him pass. He was quite unfriendly himself. So I literally "jumped" into the special area. Cheng Syin said that the worker was going to scold me but when he saw my fan club T-shirt, he quickly turned back without saying a word! Haha...
Starting snapping pictures.. Lalala... The organizer played his album over and over again and we, too, started singing. At about 7.50pm, somebody started screaming "Leehom!!!" and pointing at the backstage. I started jumping, and so did everyone else, but I couldn't see him. But then, when he was walking up the stairs to Boston, everyone started screaming again and he waved at us! =D Those crazy girls (including me) started yelling like maniacs...

The MC started to thank the sponsors and keep wanting us to clap but the applause was like, "Ahh.. Whatever!" Then he selected a few of the lucky ones to go up stage to play some games and the winner got away with 2 tickets to watch Leehom worth RM268 (i dun really remember the exact price).
After that, Leehom got on stage!!

Everyone started screaming, yelling, snapping pictures, shouting his name.

It has been 2 years since he came to M'sia for a concert and an autograph session.

He said that he just finished filming a movie with Jackie Chan at 4am yesterday and went straight to the airport at 6.30am and flew straight here.... Poor guy! He must be exhausted!

He didn't talk much yet I've snapped lots of pictures, but it's all quite shaky and not really clear and not really close. But it has been the closest that I've ever been! At least I can see his face clearer than the last time.

He only sang "Heartbeat". I think it's because they are rushing to get the autograph session started. The reporters took pictures of him and never seem to be able to put down their cameras. They started snapping like mad even when the MC told them that the photography session was over. I saw the MC sighing to other workers because he couldn't stop the photographers to take pictures of him.

Then, we slowly queue up to go onstage to get his signature! The moment that I've been waiting for! I kept reminding myself to say "Thank you" because I didn't thank the last time I let him sign my album and I regretted it so much!
I got up the stairs and the worker told me to keep my camera cuz I was planning to secretly take a shot of him up close. But, bah! I was stopped.

The girl before me said something to him before he signed and he looked puzzled. He shook her hand and it's my turn!!! I looked at him sign my album and my postcard and said "Thanks!" with the brightest smile that I can pull up. He shook my hand, smiled at me and thanked me, too, with those adoring eyes! XD Lol.. Pardon my insanity! I don't really know how to describe how he looked at me because he didn't just looked... It's not attentively and not without any care. He looked at me like he never saw me before (of course! =_= ) and ... Bah! Indescribable words... But frankly speaking, I couldn't really remember the exact situation! Argh! Why am I always like that?! I couldn't remember something when I'm too excited. Like the last time I went to his concert, I kept looking at the camera and didn't really looked on the stage. So it was no different than watching him "divided" with a screen, like on the television or on the Internet. And I really regretted that! I learnt my lesson this time, and took a few quick glances when I record him singing. And because of that, my videos are quite shaky because I wasn't looking at the screen...
Since Cheng Syin was behind me, she said when he was signing my album, she was attentively looking at the features of his flawless face. Haha! Aww! I should have done that, too! Seeing him up close is almost like less than 10 times in a lifetime! I'm going to look at him when he sign the next time. Look at him real closely! Every feature of his face... =) But the highlight of this whole process is that... He shook hands with his fans this time! I didn't get to shake his hand the last time he came and this time I did! Ahhh! =)

But I guess it's quite hard for you guys to imagine someone like me to get so crazy screaming or yelling or going to someone's concert shouting like a mad man, huh? Lol... Well, that's me! =P

Well, less blabbering and more pictures and videos! So here they are:

There are people holding up banners like this ^^^^^ at the bus stop for the free bus trips to Mt. Kiara from KL Sentral, thanks to Galaxy!

On the bus to Solaris, Mount. Kiara.
The stage @ 6.30pm
Fans waiting.
Me and the "postcard"..
The stage at 8.00pm with the lights on.
Lol... Leehom's already inside the restaurant and he walked on these stairs BEFORE! XD
Leehom! and the MC...

Singing "Heartbeat".
More singing.
"Encore! Encore!" "Lets leave the encore songs till the 2nd of May."
"Well, you see, Leehom sings really good and not me..." XD *nah... I've just made that up...*

"Why don't you teach them how to sing?" "I'm music-man, not music teacher..." Lol...

Hahaha... =_=

Autograph and photograph session's about to start.
Posing with the fans...

Lol... Even the media can't get enough of him! I saw the MC sighed after he told the reporters that the photography session is over and they didn't listen to him...Haha!Hehe! Cool, huh? =3 On the train back to Klang at 10.30pm...

I can't get the video to upload.. Maybe in the next post.. Sorry!

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