Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Bday!

Happy Birthday to:

My lil' Bro, Ze Xin... Celebrating his: 12th bday!
  • Have good results in ur UPSR this year
  • Grow up from your "fantasy world"
  • Take good care of my Bibi and your tortoises
  • Stop bullying me lah =_=
  • Good health, good luck, good everything! =)

My friend, Ernest... Celebrating his: Sweet 16th bday!

  • Good luck in your life, love and studies! =P
  • Treat your beloved "son" nicely lo! If not, she will complain to me~
  • Grow up la~ =_=
  • Please, you are NOT Leehom!
  • Waseh, teach me some of your secrets for playing the piano leh!
  • Don't forget my bday present! =P
  • Stop bullying me also la... =_=
  • Focus more on your studies! You won't be so lucky everytime...
  • Play your piano more for meeeeeee! I wanna listen....
  • and for the last time, YOU ARE NOT LEEHOM! Haha!

My friend's brother, Vin Hao... Celebrating his: 17th bday!

  • I don't know you well, but I think you are a good guy! =)
  • Don't get bullied by Audrey so often la!
  • Defend yourself more! =P
  • Sing louder than Jack Pin!
  • Contribute more for Bass.. =P
  • Good luck in life and studies... No love yet, I assume? =P
  • Be a good brother to Audrey and 永安.. Hehe

All and all, Happy Birthday from me to you! May all of you be blessed with good luck and good health! =)

ps: Woah! I'm meeting LH in about, 20 hours! I know that my monthly test is on Wednesday, I'll do my best in coping with both of the very important things to me! =P

Wish me luck!

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