Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Blogskin!

Lol... Like my new blogskin? Cute right??

Yeap! I've changed my style of blogskins. I don't usually use these blogskins, but I do now! =P

Like Ling Wee's Evil Pillow skin, mine's the grumpy toast!

Nothing much to say... Have had a typical week after the hols... ~_~

Oh yea! I forgot to state here... I was crazy enough to go swimming with my little brother when we were in Port Dickson at 1pm!! Gosh! We love the water! So we swam till 5 or 6pm... Lol! Mind you, I do swim! Like a fish, too! But not as quick as a fish.. At least I swim!! Haha! Going on, I wanted to be a little more tanned than I am now, so I sunbathed, at 3pm! Serves my craziness right! I got sunburnt! T.T And not even 1 person said that I turned dark...

We stayed at the Avilion Admiral Cove rather than the other Avilion which has a nicer and cleaner beach... The Avilion that I stayed in is kinda like a habour for ships to "park" and my hotel room has a flat screen TV (woah!) and a gorgeous view of the harbour and the sea. My brother and sister said they saw a turtle when they were walking on the deck (where they are not supposed to)! Lucky them! I only saw a turtle once and it was during our trip back from the "snorkelling site" in Redang and I only saw it's head... T.T My sister saw it up close when she went snorkelling, too, in Redang!! I want that chance too!

But, the beach was like a garbage site where rubbish is almost everywhere! Gosh! Why don't people have a little sense in themselves?! I don't really dare to swim in the muddy, murky sea water since I don't have a clue what's under me... But, in Redang, I'll swim like there's no tomorrow!!! Clear water meeting my underwater friends... Hehe!

Unlike the Avilion I stayed in, the other one has Water Chalets on top of the sea and has a petting zoo, 2 beaches, spice gardens... But although this wasn't those fancy holiday trips, I must say that I enjoyed it quite alot. Just having to take a look at the sea, is Discovering Harmony (The motto for the Avilion Admiral Cove). Relaxing~

Sis said she wants help with making Tiramisu for her friend as a birthday present, so I guess I'll be leaving you with this.

Btw, don't forget! Earth Hour's this Saturday!!! Vote for Earth Hour, vote for Earth... =)

Signing off!!

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