Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pictures tell a thousand words!

Hey guys! Since Dolly wanted pictures, here are they! Pictures from my past few weeks.
Before 'disaster' struck: Ketam kia, KW, T.T, Apple, 'A Bomb'..... They won the inter-class debate, CHAMPION! So... We are celebrating it with champagne...
The 5 winners!!!
The 9 out of 10 boys in 5S2... Pathetic, huh?
Salute! Sir 'Teck' won best debator....
Aftermath: After the champagne opening ceremony and all.. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!
Lol... I saw this in a shop and find it pretty funny!
Slurpeeeee.... Mixed flavours! I loved the colours..

You got a chance to peek backstage for our concert on the 28th! This was a group photo of the La Voce girls with our tiny little guest condcutor at the back. See him?
Cheng Syin leng lui & me... =)
Cheng Syin, me n Hoe Yee...
Rehearsals... Listening to what teacher was saying, and I wasn't. So I took some pictures instead! *Snap! Snap!*

The radiant sunflower in our school... I bet no one noticed it, huh?
My mama's Lotus and she insisted that I take a picture of it.. =_= Oh, the Glory!
Our last practice in Chung Hua with the tiny little conductor I mentioned in the above picture.

Joyce and me with our Green Tea Frappicino in Sunway on Valentines' Day!

My Valentine for this year!
We just witnessed the first ever Wedding on Ice in Malaysia! The wedding of the Head Coach of the Ice Skating team.

Friends and Guest on the rink.

A cute lil' Labrador from Pet's Wonderland. Looked like Marley from the movie, Marley and me... =)

Well, that's all for now!

ps: We have just received sad news yesterday. Our Chinese teacher has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We hope she will do well. Win the battle!!! Goooooo!!!

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