Monday, August 2, 2010

First Day in Collge Life

Today will be the last 'First day of School' that I will ever experience... At least, I think so.

There are the 'First Days of School' during Kindergarten, Primary school, Secondary and now Collge!

Since it's the first day, everything was more relaxed and it was more on the introduction to the classes and teachers and all.

So my first class of the day should be Yoga, but the 'Yoga Master' is now in UK.. No class! =D

Then it's Sight singing. My lecturer is so cool! XD I think these are how all teachers in LASALLE will be. Mostly fashionistas and open-minded and hopefully interesting.. =P She's an actress, musician, director and lecturer.

Next, it was Rhythms. This lecturer is even cooler.. XD His hair was all tied up in a bunch! LOL. We will be learning about Brazilian Rhythms, drums and all that. The different states in Brazil have different styles of drumming and we have to learn all 3 of them. So I'll going to have to let loose and go wild like the way Brazilians do! Party, fiestas, festivals, dancing and all that... Hehehe.

My next class starts at 4.30pm. Thus here I am blogging when I have nothing to do on campus' library. =P

I guess all my classes will be more fun lah.. More interactive and interesting. Unlike classes in previous schools.. =_= Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Moral, Sejarah... Blargh.

It's a little weird thinking that I will have to focus on Music rather than those subjects like Maths and all that like I did before. I'll be doing assignments on Music and not projects or experiments on How To Test Whether the Salt is Soluble or Unsoluble and those kind of things.

Despite having to waking up early in the morning, the future exams and assignments to come, and having the 'Currency Conveter' in my brain everytime I need to buy something, I think I'll be having a great time for the next 2 years.

Here's to my artistic future and life ahead of me! =) Cheers..

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