Friday, July 30, 2010

New Life, New Currency..

For those of you who don't know, I'm currently studying in Singapore!! Thus the title.. XD

I've just been here for almost a week now. Missing home already.. =( But I think I'll be going back home for a few days since it's their National Day holiday on the 9th of August. =)

And I've also just came back from Shaoxing, China for the 6th World Choir Games! =D The best experience I've had in ANYTHING so far!! =)) Saw lots of performances, the good and the bad.. =X Sang along to lots of songs. Took lots of pictures of foreigners! XD And got satisfying results: 1 Gold 1 Silver!! =D Happeeeeeeeeeeeee~ 

We also went to the Expo in Shanghai which was CRAZY! It's like the whole World is there! People everywhere and the announcers kept reporting for missing people every 5 mins on the loud speaker. The only Pavilions I've went into are MALAYSIA, Republic of Africa, Belarus, Finland and Portugal.. =/ But it was fun anyway!

I'm currently in the school library, using the iMac! =D Every computer on campus is by Apple... o.O So everything was iMac this and iMac that.. First time user, I don't even know where the Power button was. XD Waiting for the weird photoshooting session.. =_____= They said we have to take a piece of paper with our names and course on it and take a picture to let the teachers recognize us. 

BLARGH! I think I'm typing pretty loudly... =X LOL.

Btw, there are quite a lot of International students here in school. LOTS of Indonesians, some from China, Korea, India and more that I'm not sure of... 

Starting next week, I'll have to wake up at 6am every weekdays for school since my journey from home to school is approx. 1 hour away! D= And my class starts at 8.30am and 9am... =(( It's high school all over again!

Sorry because of my SO UNFREQUENT blogging... =P But I think I'll be blogging more often now because the school computer cannot access Facebook and there's no speakers if I wanna use Youtube. XD So Blogging is the only thing I will do while waiting for classes to start.. =P

Bye for now! =)))

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