Sunday, May 2, 2010

My... 101th post., after 3 months!

I've 'abandoned' you for like 2 months or 3 months already, until now.

I'm busy dealing with the ups and downs in my life. Apparently, I've just realized that my life had been in a smooth course or path, until now, of course. I'm sure people do face crossroads in this time of our lives when it comes to deciding our future. But everyone's definition of their own future totally differs from one another.

For some, images of a huge stack of cash in their bank accounts springs to their mind when they think about their future. For some, it's all about doing what they love and doesn't really care about their monthly income. For some, their future is decided by their parents and they have no other choice than to follow their parent's orders.

For me, my future remains unseen. Like it's still in the mist or still buried deep underneath the undergrowth, waiting for me to slash my way through the obstacles I'll be facing. But I think I see bits and parts of it, and hopefully the path I choose wouldn't have any regrets in the future. A future with no regrets? Bahhh.. That won't be possible. I'll definitely have a few of them and I'll be thinking of lots of "What if..."s. Regretting and wanting to give up everything and start all over again. Hopefully, it won't be disastrous and 'dream-threatening'.

I'll most probably be heading over to Singapore this August. That is, IF, I pass the auditions for the school. The audition includes theory, practical and also interviews. Asking funny questions like, "Are waffles really better than pancakes?". I've already have a few answers in my mind, still drafting, but still, it's better than having nothing to say. I have to perform 2 songs from a repertoire of Grade 8 and above, and also perform a song that I composed on my own! o.O

But now, the audition dates are clashed with the dates of my recording session with my choir! And there are sooooo many dates that I'm supposed to remember and take note of, but everything's just in a BIG, ugly mess that I'm still thinking of a way to clean it all up! The answer is, I'll be needing a diary or a schedule planner or something like that, and I need it SOON before all the dates come crashing down on me!

But the first thing, or the 10 things, that I'm worried about now is about the performances and concerts by both of my choirs. I doubt that we will be performing our best and be fully prepared for all the songs we will need to sing and record! o.O

Dance steps, lyrics, articulation, expressions, position etc. etc....

Plus, now that I'm vice-president of the Choir, there are so many things that is needed for me to finish doing and ugh, like I've said, I'm not a good leader or a speaker, I'm more of a listener. How am I gonna manage such important things like that?! I can't even write better formal Chinese letters and look for sponsors and all those things... And I may be 'quitting' this August!

Everything's in a mess, mess, mess, mess!

Btw, I've been trying to finish Anne Frank's Diary soon, which I had started months or weeks ago... I know that I'm taking very long to finish, but... I don't know what excuse to give for this.. Lol. Anyway, I've watched the mini series filmed by BBC on PPStream and understood most of the story. I've told my mother to ask someone to write down the stories my Grandpa tell about World War II, so that it can be written as a book or even filmed as a movie! Seriously, even by listening to the 'summary' of my Grandpa's story through my mother makes me wanna know more! The way he escaped from China when he was 16 to avoid being an Army for China to fight in war during World War II and how he survived the war by planting sweet potatoes and selling ice-creams and tap rubber, until now. He is a respectable and honorable old man in his eighties.

I've actually suddenly earned some interest for History! I've rewatched Titanic and read about it on Wikipedia, and also World War II and all that. o.O

I actually have to go now. There will be more choir practices and meetings tomorrow! I've went for practice at 9.30am today, and just got back home at 12am just now! Woah.. And there are more practice tomorrow! GOSH! So, bye for now. I promise to blog more often, if I can.

ps: Kelly Clarkson's concert last Sunday was... CRAZY! Haha.. ;)

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