Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's New Year's Eve!

Christmas has just passed us by and tomorrow, we are about to tear off our last page of the 2008 calender!

For me, I'm to count down in my teacher's place tonight with all my choir pals.

Did you know that Each year on New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square in Manhattan, New York City, a time ball made of crystal and electric lights is raised to the top of a pole on the One Times Square building and then lowered to mark the coming of the New Year. The Ball descends 77 feet (23 meters) over the course of a minute, coming to rest at the bottom of its pole at 12:00am. Toshiba's Times Square billboard directly below the Ball counts down to midnight as well.

Cool, huh?

In Japan, people celebrate the new year from the 1st of January to the 3rd.

Before the New Year, homes are cleaned, debts are paid off, and osechi (food in lacquered trays for the New Year) is prepared or bought. Osechi foods are traditional foods which are chosen for their lucky colors, shapes, or lucky-sounding names in hopes of obtaining good luck in various areas of life during the new year.

People try to stay awake and eat toshikoshisoba, which is soba noodles that would be eaten to at midnight. People also visit Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Traditionally three shrines or temples are visited.

London has a major fireworks display along the River Thames, followed by a parade on New Year's Day.

So to all, Happy New Year and wish you a great year ahead of you! I wish that you will have the courage and strength to knock over your troubles. Usher in the new year with a brand new start, a brand new perception and a brand new attitude! =) Peace to the world and love to all nations!

GOOD LUCK & HAPPY NEW YEAR!! See you again, next year!

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