Monday, January 5, 2009

First day of School!

Alas! The 1 month ++ holiday is over before you can say "Yippee!"!

I think this was the most boring holidays ever! And since it's my last year to really enjoy the year end holidays, it's kinda... You know, sucks.. I didn't get to go anywhere except Genting and not even for a holiday! T.T 6 days of Hell Camp, some days of caroling and choir practice, 1 hour per week of 2 piano classes, and the rest of the holiday.... Floating around doing almost nothing in particular... =_= This is bad...!

Yesterday, fortunately and unfortunately, haha! I got slightly feverish and dizzy and feels like the energy and all my strength have seeped out of my body... But I still have to attend choir practice from 9am to 12am, 2pm to 6pm in Chong Hwa, KL! Teacher didn't seem to notice that I've almost died singing and when I was crazily thinking about my soft, feathery bed at home and can't wait to take a nap and thinking about the killing pain in my muscles, she told me to smile when I sing... Gosh! Like I can do that... When I'm sick! =_=

Okay, before I go on, for those who are interested in buying concert tickets to watch our performance in 21/2 [精武体育馆, KL] or 28/2 [兴华独中, Klang], please feel free to contact me!! Tickets: RM17 (Below 18), RM33 (Above 18)

Oh my! I hate this time before the concert! Everyone have to dig for money like crazy! And this time, it's gone crazier than ever! Each single human being, need to finish selling 20 RM17 tickets and 10 RM33 tickets and need to collect a donation of RM700, per person!!!! @_@ For someone like me who isn't thick skinned enough to go and ask people for donations or even some money, how am I going to get through this period of pure hell!! Even when I want to ask my teacher whether she wanted to get some tickets, I've spend almost the whole 20 mins car ride from home to school to think about what to say! Rephrasing the sentence each time to see which sounds better... Argh! So please! Support us!! I'll give you a million thanks!

So, first day back to school, and will be the last "First day of school" I'll ever be experiencing in my "beloved" Kwang Hua! One word: Bored...

I was not feeling to well and having a new haircut, many said that I looked cute and "younger"... Really? Well, I'm being a courteous little lady and say, Thank you! =p

Classes will start 10 mins earlier this year and end 10 mins earlier. No new faces in class since all of 4S2 just moved to 5S2..

After the election of class committees and boring school assembly, which again, I've slept through the whole of it, again, we have been sitting in class chatting away like long lost friends. Like last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before , I've been sitting in the first row. Yea, if you've calculated, it's Form 1 till 5... Ironic, isn't it? It's not that I wanted to be the teacher's pet, but there's no where else to sit since I don't come very early to school each year... So Dolly reserved a place for me, and "what a coincidence!" it's the first row, and yes, it's directly in front of the teacher and yes, it's directly in front of the blackboard which will "snow" chalk every time they clean the board! And for someone like me who haven't got a very healthy nasal organ or should I say respiratory system, I shouldn't be sitting in that "strategic" little seat I've got there. I have past records of having slight asthmatic problems... Sigh!

What bothers me the most is, whether I should or should not take up EST (English Science and Technology) which is a really useless subject, but easy to score an A in SPM. The pros and cons are, first, I should stay back from Monday to Wednesday till 2.10pm... And the better reasons are because I wouldn't really have a problem scoring an A in EST. But LAZINESS! Ugh! You know how it can take over you! But, eventually, after Dolly's little "lecture", I decided to ignore my laziness and be a little more hardworking. After all, it's just a few 10 to 9 months! *faints!*

The last year in Kwang Hua! What a relieve! And also, what a sad thing! Say bye to all the desk and chairs that you have been sitting from form 1 to 5, all the "evil"-but-nice teachers who have sacrificed their time and soul for us monkeys of 1992 (or should I say Goat for me), all the delicious canteen food, all the flowers, trees and every pinch of grass their is, all the rock and soils of our Kwang Hua... Haha!

But, I've received some pretty shocking news!
1. My Chinese teacher's little sister has got breast cancer... Pray for her well-being!
2. There are rumours that we can only go for our drivers license at the "rotten-ripe" age of 21!

Okok, so before I go, I have to promise myself and maybe, make a vow or something, to not touch the computer for more than twice a week! For the sake of SPM, I must commit to my vows and declarations! =P Wish me luck on controlling this "uncontrollable" urge of mine!


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