Friday, January 16, 2009


I've been wanting this for months since I saw it in and have literally gone crazy and won't stop looking for it until I get my hands on that cool stuff! It's so cool and I love things that can Glow in the Dark!!

To those who has been to my room, you can see a ceiling full of glow in the dark stars... Yea, I've been jumping up and down my bed just to get them on the ceiling...

So, about this Sunjar, it's a product from Suck UK. It cost RMB269 = RM134.50, which I saw from a China website. If it includes shipping fees and postage, it'll cost me more than RM200!

Therefore, I did some research on the web. Looking for a place that sells it cheaper. I found some US sites which is definitely cheaper, about $14.90 = RM44.70. But! Again! The shipping is the problem... It's about $220, the cheapest, without insurance and no guarantee that you will receive it, from the US to Malaysia.. =_=

Not giving up!!!

So, I went to Yahoo to seach for Sun Jar Malaysia. And yesh! I've found what I wanted to. But it's not exactly what I wanted to look for. The nearest country that sells this lovely Sun Jar is... Singapore... It cost $59 for just one colour (Blue OR Amber Red) and $69 for dual colours in one jar. Considered cheap la... Compared to those that I've found on the previous websites.
But, I'm not sure that my dad will allow me to buy this or buy this for me... =_= So, I might as well give up my hope.. Until it comes to Malaysia, I won't be able to have it... *sobs!!!*

Here are some pictures of my, soon to be, darling:

1. You can see the solar powered battery under the lid.
2. In the daytime, it absorbes SUN light for 5 hours and it can shine for hours.
3. In the dark! Gorgeous babies~~
4. Again! My darling to be....
Haha... Day Dreaming~ Unless some of you went to Singapore and saw it and buy it for me, I'll be glad to pay you... But unless you wanna give it to me as a gift, I insist... =P Just in case, I want the Sun Jar (Dual Colour).
Thanks!!! =)

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