Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coffee, Tea, or me? =P

Don't get startled by the title! I just want to write about coffee and tea today... Hehe...

I wasn't really a coffee addict before, and also not one now. But I love the aroma of coffee rather than the taste of it. If you want me to drink Kopi O, or black, black, black and blacker coffee, I won't give you a face that would probably look like this... XP *bluek!*

Although I'm not really a coffee expert and have not taste all the coffee in the world, yet, the coffee I liked the most is Latte... Green tea latte, toffee nut latte, vanilla latte... Too bad, Toffee Nut Latte is only avaible in the month of Christmas... But to be specific, I like Frappicino! Know why? It's because... of the CREAMMM!!! It's like Ice-blended coffee. But if you give me a latte, a hot latte, I'll drink it all up nonetheless...

I'm not really a Starbuck's kaki, but I think I will be glad to work in Starbuck's as a past-time barista... Being able to be surrounded by the awakening aroma and maybe make my own cup of coffee!!!

I haven't been buying cups and cups of Starbuck's, but whenever the rich Joyce spends her money there, all I can do shake my head and think, "My, my! Budak ni memang anak orang kaya!!!" Normal and "not-so-rich" people don't go buying Starbucks once they pass Starbucks! Haha! But I sometimes, i can't resist it! Joyce said I'm addicted, but I can swear that I'm not! Well, at least, not yet... =P But, Starbucks! Sigh! We need lotsa $$$$ to be able to be enjoying that or be able to step into the store.

But! There's a really rare and golden promotion on a Thursday 2 weeks ago, which was on New Year's day when I, actually, went shopping... Actually, I was being dragged there. =_= Buy 1 promotional drink (of the season), which was a Christmas drink (Toffee Nut Latte, Dark Cherry Mocha Frappicino or something like that, and another one which I can't remember), FREE ONE!!! BUY ONE, FREE ONE! How queer! Haha... I wonder if the manager of Starbuck's just stroke a billion dollar lottery... =_= So, how can we miss this GOLDEN OPPURTUNITY?!

Therefore, another friend who I guess wasn't much of a coffee addict herself, bought one Venti (medium sized) Toffee Nut Frappicino and I got another one for FREE! Actually, we split the price. So it's quite reasonable and cheap for a Starbuck's coffee... 50% discount! How can I not resist?!

For tea... I love Passion Fruit Tea, Iced Lemon Tea, Iced Peach Tea and Green Tea... Chinese tea is considered okay for me. Another genius drink, which according to somewhere I read, were invented by us Chinese! =) Brilliant! It is said that an Emperor was drinking water/hot water one day when a leaf flew into his cup and ta-da! Tea!

I can say that I drink tea quite often. Not because I want to, but it's because of my Dad or Mum. Whenever we have breakfast, lunch or even breakfast outside, we are not allowed to order any other drinks and my dad will bring his jar of tea and make everyone of us tea. =_= It's somehow like a tradition. But if the tea jar is at home, then we'll at least or soy milk or 凉茶. Hehe... So I have been drinking tea ever since.

I've seen people drinking cold Chinese Tea. Weird?! Chinese tea's supposed to be drink HOT! How can you put ice in it? Wouldn't it be like... only drinking water? Like my crazy little brother who will put ice in his hot soup, complaining that it's too hot for him to drink.. =_= Gosh! Weirdos...

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