Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tagged the Nth time...

Thanks to my childhood penpal, Vivienne, I have to spill out my werid habits and all the weirds stuff.. Man, this will take me some time. Here goes!

5 Weird Habits

1. I prefer to use blue pens rather the black ones. But still, pencils are the best! I'd prefer using black pens on Mathematics Examintion Papers. It makes me feel that I'm using my pencil and love to do maths with pencil because I usually don't do the whole thing right once. Then I'll have to "liquid" the whole answer and start over! Won't it be better using the eraser to do that?

2. I will feel tired once I think that I am and will feel that my eyes will go from alert state to sleeping state in 1 minute... Especially in classes... =P

Bah.. I really dunno what weird habits, normal facts and little known facts about me... =_= i have some habit that me myself don't realize... So you tell me! Will be glad to know it from you guys...

ps: I've got hands on Leehom's latest album! I'm lovin' it!!! <3

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