Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy weekends!

witThis whole Genting trip was really a last minute trip! It was decided almost in less than 24 hours. And I just came back from Ling Wee's house that evening...

On Saturday, I went Christmas Caroling when I don't need to. So I called up Qiao Fang and told her that I will be going. She asked me to call Cheng Syin and Joyce to come too. So when I called Cheng Syin, she said that she will be going to Genting with Joyce. I wanted to go since I was so bored. So I called up Joyce to... And the trip is ON!

Basically, this trip was to just attend a dinner which I don't have a clue was about before. J just informed us to bring some suitable dresses for dinner.

After Caroling, we sat J's parents car up to Genting. I actually lied to teacher that I have to go back to Klang to perform that night (which I actually really have to, but cancelled) to be able to go to Genting and not going to practice with Chung Hwa... =P But she actually called my cell the next day! I was in line to go on the roller coaster when she called. All 3 of us freaked out... =_= And ignored her call... Shhhh!!!

She called like, 3 times... Gosh!

After the dinner the night before, we changed into our casual wear and went out to breath some fresh, mountain air... Cool~ J and me even bought Starbucks! She was crazy enough to order the a Venti Frappacinno, which was the largest cup which cost me RM17! I ordered the Dark Cherry something, a Christmas drink, and it wasn't so good... So I traded with J, who ordered the Toffee Nut something something.

We were 3 girls who went crazy, drinking a cup of iced coffee and standing in the cold, night air...

The next morning, we were planning to buy the outdoor ticket (which I was quite reluctant, because I didn't have that much money), and I was lucky enough to escape cuz the counter said that it's too misty and all rides are closed... So we bought the indoor ride.

J and I went to try the Laser Mirror Maze where it's similar to those villains who wants to steal precious antiques or jewellary and need to pass through a maze of lazer beams. If we touches the lazer beam, the alarm will go off... Hehe, quite thrilling, but the game is too short.

Bah... Too lazy to tell the rest and I'm sure that you don't want to read anymore of it.

So, I've watched Twilight, downloaded it. It was not bad, all about romance and vampires. Frankly speaking, Robert Pattinson, who played Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the GOF, wasn't that good looking in that movie. I liked him more in HP4 and thought that it was really a pity for him to only come out in one movie of HP.

I've just borrowed to book from YYV and have start reading a few of the pages.

The amazing and wonderful thing of reading is that I can imagine the settings and characters in my mind while I read. So after watching the movie, I can actually think of Edward and Bella like in the movie. Edward's messy, blonde hair ( in the book, auburn hair), gorgeous eyes which changes colour (Coal black to Golden Brown), his muscular body and his pale, icy-cold appearance. Bella's long, black hair, slender body, and those misty eyes...

Many said that the book is better than the movie, a lot better... I'm looking forward to the next movie and hope to read the book, New Moon. According to websites, it already started filming and I hope that it would be better than Twilight. =)


ps: Gosh! December December, the fastest month in a year... It will be January in a blink of an eye! Help! Form 4-ers, get ready to stand into the battlefield...! CHARGE!!!!

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