Sunday, October 19, 2008

Embarrasing night... T.T

Yesterday night was a total disaster!

My mum planned to go visit my grandpa in Kapar yesterday night but my dad wanted to stop by the Mercedes Benz showroom to look at the new cars on display there... I didn't really know that so I just wore some casual wear. You know, the usual t-shirts and shorts.

So when we reached that place, we was like... WOAH! Dad, you didn't tell us that this was a function?! A FORMAL FUNCTION! I thought we were just gonna linger around the car showroom where there will be NOBODY ELSE AROUND! But the worst part is, I wasn't even dressed for that particullar occassion! My sister, my lil' borther, my mum and me were like... Can we not get out of the car? Cuz' all of us were wearing t-shirts and shorts and everyone there were like, wearing tux and coats and the ladies were wearing dinner dresses, looking glamorous! They even set up tents with 'fake' chandeliers...

So we just take something to eat and sit in a corner not wanted to be noticed. There was this guys sitting next to my sister, looking really prim and proper and I find him really familiar. My sister and me were just sitting there listening to the background music. There was this harpist where they invited her to play live. My sister was saying, 'Poor harpist, no one's listening to her play and no one will ever notice even if she played a wrong note!' So we listened while we were eating. The harpist did a mistake and my sister looked at me and I looked at her at the same time, laughing... I know that was bad! Sorry!

This function was so huge that there was even international French models to promote Jimmy Choo's handbags and shoes! Gosh! My dad called us to go up to a bar there to have a snack, saying that there were cheese! Haha! My brother and me rushed up the bar and pulled my sister along. She was so embarrased and don't wanna be there. She said, "You 2 ah, people can just take a look at you and know that you 2 are just here to eat..." =_= Can't help it! It's FREE FOOD! Lol... So we continued eating and my brother took a round, chocolate looking thing and asked me whether it's chocolate. I guess it was and wanted to open it for him. Luckily I didn't open it! Cuz' after reading the box that my brother took the 'chocolates' from, I realized that it was coffee powder!

So when we wanted to go home, we saw the guy who was sitting next to my sister before standing in front of a camera, interviewing the new young CEO of Mercedes Benz. That shook me and I realized that he was a TV reporter! My brother even purposely walked around the camera so that he could get on TV... =_= He saw the mic that the guy was holding and it says there, NTV7 Breakfast Show... That figures! No wonder he looks familiar! I saw him on TV before...

After that, it was almost 10pm and it was too late to go to Kapar which is an hour's drive from Klang at least. But my parents insisited on going there... I was studying for my History paper with the book wide open in front of me with my earplugs on, listening to Leehom and my mind starts wandering off... Lalalala....~~~

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