Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's October!

Hey! It's already the 10th month of this year... Time flies, not to mention like a rocketship! Firstly, I would like to apologize for not posting any of my blogs lately because of some, erm, things that I've been busy doing lately. For example, watching movies and downloading music and getting on my Harry Potter Craze that I've left a years few back... And you haven't notice the term "studying" that means.... But yea, well, I have studied... a little...

So, it's already October and the first thing that comes to my mind is -- Year End Examinations = Doomsday! Yeap, we're having our year end examinations now and boy, it's crazy! We've just finish first of our three weeks of exams. The first week is all about languages and additional maths paper 2! No hope... Although I think it's not that challenging but I can make really a lot of stupid of silly mistakes had lost 20 or more marks on that. Some just because I didn't change the add or subtract sign or maybe multiply or add or divide the wrong answer... =_= yeap, that's me.. Clumsy me... Well then, I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

I've recently read Wu Chun's blog on wretch and read about a thing or two on Happiness. He said that "Happiness is a journey, not a destination." Hmm... That is, saying something! I think he means happiness is not for what you are doing, it's the process of it. He also said that "Hope is a walking dream, Dream Far, Hope hard, Take action". I dunno if he took this phrase from somewhere else, but I love that phrase... =) On the other hand, Wu Chun's blog is really interesting to read, and most importantly, it's in English! His English is not bad because he studied in Australia.

So ok, back to me. I've been watching quite a number of movies and the movie that I want and hav not got a chance to watch is, Mamma Mia! I have so many people around me that have watched it and gave rave reviews about it. The musical is coming to town soon too! Although it's only showing in December, I heard that the good seats are already sold out! Too bad! T.T

This week is also a stressful week for all Form 3-ers as they will be having their PMR examinations! Good luck to all! Ahh... My time have passed... Thinking back to last year where I am still busy preparing on History and Geography. I think my 'not-so-hard' work ahve paid off! I got this results, I think, is because of some sheer, dumb luck... =_= and that's also me, lucky.

And I've been to KLCC last Sunday (the day before my Physics exams) to wait for my sister to finish watching her performance. My little brother wanted to go to Toys'R'us, so I followed. I saw lotsa witch/wizard hats and also lots of costumes, fake cobwebs, fake blood, wigs, dracula fang, mask and so on. That means, Halloween's just around the corner! I've never got a chance to knock on doors and say 'Trick or treat!' around my neighbourhood. There are 2 reasons, one, it's dangerous to do that in my society, or rather, my country with the crime rates skyrocketting each day. Two, is because people will think that I'm mad, seeing a girl under a white bedsheet and instead of giving candy, he'll most probably throw rotten eggs at me and I definitely, DON'T wanna take that risk! In other words, we don't celebrate it and I so hope that we do!

And also, I've finally got my Piano Theory exams and Iv'e passed, with 66 marks, a very, very, very save pass! It's because I'll fail if i got 65... That's what i said, lucky me! And with passing my theory exams, that means NO MORE THEORY LESSONS! I've been longing for this moment since I've just started learning theory! I've learnt the piano just because I wanna PLAY the piano! Not do theory homeworks! I'm quite surprised to know that a lot of my friends prefer doing theory than practical... Strange...

In the Raya holidays, oh and, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims out there! So, in the Raya holidays, I've watched movies, and 3 of them was acted by Shia LaBeouf. I didn't know his name and my brother always calls him Even Stevens. =_= So I watched Tru Confessions, Indiana Jones and Disturbia. I'm waiting for my Transformers to finish downloading or are there any kind souls who want to borrow me the DVD if you have it. Haha! I've also start to listen to English radiostation rather than Chinese ones. So I've started to listen to Justin Timberlake, some of Rihanna's, Marie Digby's, the Jonas Brothers', Colbie Caillat, Jesse McCartney, Leonna Lewis, David Archuleta, Jason Mraz and etc. I find that the all English radiostations always play the same, new music. I can listen to the same song over and over again for about 2-3 times a day in different radiostations. So, only after Leehom's album comes out in Nov, I'll stick to English radiostations. And, I have to admit that Jay's new song, 稻香 (Dao Xiang) is really nice...

HSM 3: Senior Year is gonna be in the cinemas soon. I know that some may think I'm childish or naive to like HSM, but I think the 3rd movie would be a blast! I've listened to some of the songs and loved most of it. Now or never, A night to remember, I want it all, Can I have this dance and so on. I will be watching this in the cinemas, right after my exams! It will be in the cinemas on the 24th of Oct, which is the day after the last day of my exams. It premiered in France and many said that it was really a good movie to watch. And I don't really understand why it should be premiered in France... =_=

Last Friday or so, I've watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone all over again, for the umpteenth time. I've finally understand some things that I don't before and my Harry Potter Craze has come back after all these years, I'm still in love with Harry Potter! Haha! Oh, he already got Ginny as his wife for heaven's sake! =P I've even joined the community in Wikia and looked up the list of spells in Wiki Wiki! =P Here are some:

Accio (Summoning Charm)
Pronunciation: Various suggestions have been made, including:
['ɑkkio] (AK-ee-o) - classical Latin (film, video game)
['ɑksio] (AK-see-o) - (audio book)
['æsio] (AH-see-o) - (Scholastic) English
Description: This charm summons an object to the caster, potentially over a significant distance.
Seen/Mentioned: First mentioned in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when it was briefly used by Molly Weasley on the Weasley twins to confiscate their Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes' products from their pockets, before they left for the Quidditch World Cup. Hermione was also mentioned trying to learn this charm during aboard the Hogwarts Express. Later on in the same book, Harry summons his broom to complete the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament.[GF Ch.20] Near the end of the book, Harry summons a Portkey he can't reach to escape from the Battle in the Graveyard. Also seen in Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows to try to summon Horcruxes, and Harry tries to summon a falling Rubeus Hagrid. One of the Death Eaters tried to snatch Harry's Invisibility Cloak using this charm, but did not work.
Suggested Etymology: The Latin word accio means "I call" or "I summon".[3]In the Hungarian translation, the spell is called "Invito", possibly from the word "to invite".

(Age-Line Spell)
Description: Creates a line that is impassable by people below a set age.
Seen/Mentioned: Seen only in Goblet of Fire, Albus Dumbledore cast this spell to stop underage students from placing their names into the Goblet of Fire.[GF Ch.16]
Notes: Fred and George Weasley, along with several other students made failed attempts to (though underage) pass the line using age potions. Fred and George claimed that this was the ultimate potion, but when they attempted to cross the line, it resulted in growing white beards.

Aguamenti (Aguamenti Charm)
Pronunciation: AH-gwa-MEN-tee (IPA: /a.gwə.'mɛn.ti/)
Description: Produces a jet of water from the caster's wand.
Seen/Mentioned: First named in Half-Blood Prince, when Harry is being taught how to perform this specific charm in professor Flitwick's class. Later Harry casts this spell in an attempt to create water for Dumbledore to drink after taking Voldemort's potion[HBP Ch.26]and then to douse Hagrid's hut after it is set on fire later.[HBP Ch.28] Then in Deathly Hallows, Hermione Granger uses it to put out Mundungus' searing eyebrows after Harry accidentally set them on fire.[DH Ch.11] Later on, Harry uses it in a failed attempt to douse Vincent Crabbe's Fiendfyre curse in the Room of Requirement.[DH Ch.31]
Suggested Etymology: The Latin word aqua which has morphed into modern languages like Portuguese as água which means "water", combined with a form of the Latin verb mentio which means to "speak, mention, or proclaim".

Ok, that's all for now! Taz!

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