Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy YouTube Phenomenon

Ok. So YouTube have been around since, I don't know, 5 years now?

Those who don't know what the heck YouTube, have you been locking yourself up and not seeing brad daylight until you suddenly come across my blog one day? =_= Ok, It's one of the biggest and largest website where you can post videos of yourself or maybe, (illegally) some movies or tv shows. It's owned by Google and was founded by 3 guys, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. I guess these people are now enjoying their fortune....

YouTube have been known almost all around the world. People posts anything imaginable there. From the Jonas Brothers having an official account there, to those who are on their way to stardom, like Marie Digby. From people performing their musical instrument's to people teaching them. From people who does crazy experiments to people who does rational Science experiments. From People who teaches us to hack their Household things to people who teaches us to cook something nice. From people who talks about life seriously to people who talks about life in a funny and entertaining way. From people who sings to people who dances.... Anything, Immaginable! But sad to say, there are also some negative videos on YouTube, and I don't wanna mention any of it here...

YouTube has made many impossible things possible. Like for those for love singing will post a video of themselves singing and have people to rate them. There are some people who had gone really popular because of their videos being posted on YouTube has received great comments from the publec. For example, there's Marie Digby (Ma-ri-ay) who was usually seen having a guitar in her arms or a piano near her, singing in front of her couch in her living room or on the bathroom floor. She's an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. She's well known for her acoustic cover version of Rihanna's Umbrella. Marié Digby, whose father isIrish American and whose mother is Japanese. She even released her debut album, Unfold, and have a chance to have a mini-concert tour around Asia, and of course, to Malaysia. I myself enjoys many of her songs:
1. Umbrella
2. Say It Again
3. Miss Invinsible
4. Stupid for you
5. Girlfriend
YouTube Site:

For some well known comedians, there are HappySlip and KevJumba. I'm sorry if I didn't mention others cuz I only know 2 of them... HappySlip is a Philliphino in the US and KevJumba (Kevin Woo) is a Taiwanese in the US. or or

HappySlip or her real name, Christine Gambito, is well known for her impersonation she have made of her family members, and was appointed ambassador for Philippine tourism by the Department of Tourism. She reflects her family background of a typical Philippino family in the US, with the strong accent and has proved her acting skills on some videos. She even sing and has received good response from the crowd.

As for KevJumba, I've known him from a HappySlip video where he acted as Mimi's (Christine's cousin) online 'boypren'. He is known for his humour and has recently went to college. His parents are both Taiwanese based in the US. His videos are not strictly comedy, but are funny because of his deadpan vocal delivery, animated facial expressions and tendency toward unexpected digressions. He, for a change, displays a typical Asian teenager's livestyle in the US. But most of his videos are about his perspectives on life and the way he looks at things and issues. His dog, Jackie, is sometimes seen in his videos and according to him, Jackie even sleeps on his bed...

There are also other websites such as MySpace where Taylor Swift with Teardrops on my Guitar and Colbie Caillat (Coco) with Bubbly has gone from MySpace singer to a signed singer.

There's also the Vancouver Film School or VFS where they post student's animations and it's really fun to watch! =)

Me myself won't really have the guts to do these but will only enjoy it. What do I do on YouTube? Well, I watch videos on almost everything. Not everything, everything. I watch crazy science experiments to videos like, BlendIt, or DIY stuffs to the HouseholdHackers, Taiwanese dramas, Korean Dramas, some Japanese dramas, Leehom's videos, MV's, a little of piano performances, a little of KevJumba, MarieDigby, the JonasBrothers etc... Hehe! I love YouTube! =)

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