Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cameron Highlands Trip

I've been to Cameron and back again! Well, the trip wasn't that excited but it was nice anyways. So here's the entry and kinda like a journal to this trip. This trip is actually Ling Wee's dad's company trip and Wee =P was kind enough to invite us to join the trip.

Hosted by: Ling wee's (no, it's not a typing error =P) mum
Friends: Ling Wee, Sherene, Ah Chua, Ah Boon, Ah Luz, Teck Kai, Teck Ken, workers from Ling Wee's dad's company n lovely lil' me! =P

Day 1 (25/10) Saturday
The day before, we slept over at Ling Wei's place since we had to get up quite early to prepare for the trip. We woke up at about 6.30am and had to get out of the house at 7am. Still dazed, I changed into my clothes and went downstairs to prepare. Because I had to stay over at Wee's, I had to pack one day earlier and bring all that to my tuition at night so that Wee's mum can pick me and the other 2 musketeers to her place.

Clumsy me, had forgot to bring my towel and sweatshirt.. =_= how silly is that?! I'm going to a chilly place yet I forgot to bring my sweatshirt! So Wee borrowed me one of hers... Thanks, Wee! I'll froze to death if I go without a sweatshirt!

So, to be together, all four of us, we decided to take the back seat of the car which will have 5 seats. But, no, it only has four... And, a worker had settled in comfortably there. So we had no choice but to choose a seat more up front. I sat with Ah Boon, Chua with Sher and Wee with Kai. Ken sat alone...

Before we start our trip, we stopped by a shop, which I had no idea where that is, to have some breakfast. When I took a first look at the shop, I didn't think of it as a restaurant, and it isn't.. Haha! It's actually kinda like an office where they sell health products. We were just borrowing the place for us to eat our breakfast, which is Chicken rice or Nasi Lemak.. Hehe!

So, after that, we started our journey to Cameron. Before checking in our apartment, we stopped by a market where they sell typical Cameron stuff, like Veges and flowers n fruits, and most importantly, they sell Sweet Potato Balls... 番薯旦 It's just mashed sweet potatoes added with a little flour and maybe sugar and other stuff, and it's rolled into small balls and deep fried till golden brown! Hmmm! It's sold 8 for RM 2, and the deep fried 'tempura' oyster mushrooms were nice too, RM 3.

After that, we went back to the apartment. Before dusk, we 'little children' have a little sense of nostalgic and decided to play a game of 'Pepsi Cola', if you know what it is =_=. At night, we have a telematch session where the workers are able to play mini games. I don't know why but we were 5 girls (Sher, Wee, Chua, Boon and me) were called out for a 'friendly' tug-of-war. Ps: The tug-of-war ropes were borrowed from Kwang Hua! Pride! =P So, before us the, sorry, 'older' ladies were against the other group of ladies, who are workers. Omigosh! It was so vicious! The ladies from our side tugged and pulled until they fall to the ground! We was like, Oh.... We're dead meat... Next up, our turn! We were against the Indonesia ladies? I guess. But, we won the game in less than a minute! And the same goes to the next round with the Vietnamese ladies. Yay! Victory! But, after that, I heard Wee and Sher or Chua said that the other ladies who were watching us was whispering something like, Gemuk Gemuk... =_= It means fat... Chua said that they were referring to us, since we won the match so easily... Huh! We won fair and square!

That night, it was all about UNO and Catan... We played till we felt soooo sleepy and finally went to bed...

Day 2 (26/10) Sunday
We woke up at 6.30am, again... For breakfast, we ate fried rice and fried noodles... Because we ate at the same restaurant for lunch the day before, I saw a poster saying 'Cameron Tea and toast' and I thought that it was for our next breakfast. But it's not... After that, we were off to the Cactus Farm or Park. But I don't see why it's called Cactus Park, because it mostly displays other plants than cactus. For example, roses, daises, tomatoes, water lilies, spider lilies, and no kidding, Apples!

Then, we went to the strawbery farm where you can pick your own straberries. 7 of us decided to stay outside instead of picking straberries. There was a small cafe in the farm selling everything made out of straberries imaginable. Strawberry ice (Yumm!), Strawberry milkshake, strawberry salad, strawberry with ice cream and banana, strawberry with ice cream, strawberry with sago, and strawberry with condensed milk. Sher, Wee and Boon bought strawberry, bananas and ice cream for RM 8, and they went bananas about it! They were savouring each bite while Chua and I was digging into our strawberry ice! Yumm... They were so bananas that they got another bowl of strawberry and ice cream and even decided to buy some strawberries and vanilla ice cream to make it when we get back to out apartment. But, they didn't because we were out of time. As for me nd Chua, after our strawberry ice, we bought a bowl of strawberry and condensed milk for RM 5. Before going back, I bought another strawberry ice! I'm obessed with it!

T.T I don't really wanna continue telling you guys about this trip as it is quite tiring... and I wanna sleep since I have school tomorrow and it's quite tiring typing strawberries over and over again. Bah... All that's just some lame excuse to run away from this post... But here's the summary:

- we've ate 面包鸡 Chicken curry covered with bread. Yumm!
- i've bought 4 boxes of strawberries, 1 jar of passion fruit jam, 2 packets of 鸡仔饼, 1 jar of Masala spices to be added to a cup of tea which I heard, is not bad, haven't try it though, and some other stuff for me to eat, alone... =P
- we' ve went to TRAP (Tmn Rekreasi Air Panas) Hot Spring in Sg Klah. @_@ Dizzy... Yet calming and soothing...
- our tour guide was always imitating a chicken rooster which is utterly annoying and can wake up anyone even when he's in a VERY, very deep sleep, when she wants to wake us up when we reach our destination.
- We bought quite a number of snacks and tidbits in the grocery shop which is beside the restaurant where we eat our meals everyday.
- Sher, Wee, Chua, Boon and even Ah Luz won the lucky draw during mini games on the first day, but not me... T.T
- when playing badminton with Wee, we lost 2 shuttle cocks in 5 minutes! One in a tree and another in the balcony of another resident's room...
- the jacket I was has a hoodie and I was just fooling around, wearing the hoodie and pulling the strings tight to make me all covered up. Wee and the others said that I looked like someone who is isolated and who have 自闭症 =_= I think Wee will post some pictures up soon and it will make the picture clearer.
- We talked abt our primary school days all the way back from our trip in the bus, though Sher didn't know what the heck we were talking about, I had a really good laugh walking down memory lane...
- i didn't eat the instant noodles that they bought on the night of Day 2 because I was already asleep. Even when Chua wake me up, I, unknowingly, said I don't wanna eat... Bah! I missed supper!
- we took turns playing the PSP Sher's little brother borrowed Wee and was almost fighting for it. ps: I played till the last stage of Metal Slug X!

I think that's all!

And! I've finally received Leehom's Laos Commemorative Book which I had ordered a few months ago! All that waiting and I've finally got it! Yippeeeee! =)

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