Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Post?! Already?!

Wow! My new post already?! Yea! It's cuz I have something interesting to tell y'all! Well, maybe not that interesting for you, but it sure IS for me! =) and, I have a new dream! I would like to live in one of the islands in Greece for 1 year! I fell in love twith that place after watching the movie! Almost everything there is painted in blue and white, matching the background of the sky and sea.

I've watched Mamma Mia! and I've enjoyed every part of that movie! I think Meryl Streep is a GREAT actress and Pierce Brosnan is not really a good singer ^^'. Sorry James Bond fans! I love Sophie's character too, I think her name is Amanda. She don't really have the good looks but she has a phenomenal voice! It's quite hard to listen to what they are saying too, because that DVD we watched didn't have the right translation. I was quite surprised that many people from many ages enjoyed this movie. And I thought that only people from my mum's generation would like this... =_= Since they sang the songs from ABBA's generation! But as I said before, I'm one of the older generations who likes to listen to oldies.
So, where or how did I watch it? Yesterday night, I was on a weekly routine to go for English tuition. But when we reached there, there was not many people attending the class. So one of the boys suggested that we watch a movie since our English paper is long gone. So Mrs Lim went over to her neighbours to borrow her DVD! Thanks, teacher! I have been longing to watch this and was thinking of going to the cinemas to watch it. But now I don't have to pay a cent! I've only found out that one of the actress ALSO acted in Harry Potter! Guess who? Yeap, it's Aunt Rosie! She acted as Molly Weasley in HP! Never noticed it till wiki wiki told me! Good information from wiki wiki everytime! =)
Oh! I forgot to mention something after the EST paper 2 yesterday. Yea, I find it quite tricky myself. So after the exams, the boys (there are only 10 in my class =_= poor, poor boys!) i think 8 or 7 of them gathered around my table and said, "Eh, look at the Pro's asnwers la..." I was like, "Huh?!" What.. Why don't you look at Dolly's? Her English is way better than me! =P
Ok, not much to say. Bye bye for now!

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