Sunday, September 14, 2008

Losing and Gaining Interests

Losing Interest in... :
  • Attending choir practice - Lesser and lesser people are attending it too and it's a waste of time for me going there and practice now. But maybe after PMR, I'll go back.
  • Attending Violin Lessons - I still have interest in learning it, but the teacher made me lost interest in it. Not that he's not a good teacher, he's skills are great! But maybe if i change a new teacher, I'll get my interest back.
  • Reading - T.T but I'm so glad that I've finally finished a novel in 1 day! It's Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys. I still have about 2 novels waiting for me to finish it...
  • Catching up on Korean or Taiwanese Dramas - The last whole drama I' ve watched lately is Coffee Prince and I loved it!
  • Blogging - LOL! But I sometimes enjoyed it and it's somewhere that I can spill my heart out. I'm just lazy to put entires here sometimes.
  • Physics - @_@ Many liked Physics because it can be applied to our everyday lives, but in exams, we need to consider the present situation to apply what to do and I'm SO not good in doing that. I can (maybe) memorize the formulaes but I don't really know how to apply to the questions.
  • Biology - I used to consider being a nutritionist or something to do with Food Technology, maybe just because I LOVE FOOD! Lol.. But since I'm not that good in Biology and memorizing the names of the terms, I'm thinking of giving this dream up and just consider taking up Contemporary Music. But I'm really trying my best to gain interest in it again. Sometimes, I think, since we are studying about our body, I used to think to just cut open my body and see what's inside and learn it better. Haha!
  • My hamster - Sorry, BiBi! I'm just lazy to clean your cage up. But still have fun playing with you... Letting you climb up and down and make my body your playground... =_=

Gaining Interest in... :

  • English Pop Songs - I don't really understand why I'm so crazy about the Jonas Brothers now. Their voices are okay but it's not that great. But I do like some of their songs, like Burnin' Up, S.O.S. and the best, When You Look Me In The Eye. Maybe also, because I like their personality. =)
  • Ice skating - I really enjoyed the cool air brushing up my face when I skate really quick. And feeling when dodging the people on ice is also quite thrilling, not to mention dangerous. You can 'accidentally' hug someone you don't know just because you want to prevent yourself from falling or bumped into him/her. Lol! That's maybe many couples go ice skating! =P
  • Lazing around doing nothing - That's what I hate about myself now. I have the urge to study, but then, I'll feel like I'm collapsing and my eyes are closing up. So, I have no choice but to lie on the bed 'for a while' and set my alarm to half an hour later. But I think I always off the alarm and I didn't notice it and ends up waking up at 4 or 6am when I have to prepare for school... =_=
  • Taking pictures - I love to hold on to the camera and take random shots at the blue sky or just an unnoticable flower beside the road. I'd rather take pictures with no one in it and if there's really someone there, I'll say, excuse me, do you mind moving away?? Cuz I'll have a great picture at this angle without you in it! =P Nah.. maybe not that harsh... Hah!

So this is it! I hope that I can change some of my 'Losing Interest' to 'Gaining Interst' and vice versa. Hehe... Signing off now!

Tata! =)

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