Friday, August 22, 2008

Friends, Joke with each other, when they are together!

First and foremost, I'm sorry if some of you find the chatbox annoying. I really don't know what she was angry about! And if she's angry with me, why did she come to read my blog? Funny, eh?
Don't mean to be rude or anything but I think maybe some people takes jokes way too seriously! They can't stand being laughed at and will think that you are embarrasing her. Some poeple need to take jokes as some things friends would do to have fun and learn not to get angry at little things. Do you expect to feel serious or all locked up, even in front of your friends? Do you expect your friends to treat you like they treat your elderlies? Don't you expect friends to play jokes and fool around with you?! Well, don't go overboard even if you are playing jokes on them.

I found out that lately, poeple around me have been acting really down and out. It affects me, don't all of you all know that?! I don't mean that you can't show sad feelings all written on your face, but can you just think of the feelings of the people around you?! The high rise feeling will just collapse with just the frown stuck onto your face! And that will make my feelings gloomy all day long...

Even sometimes during reccess, some you won't like to go somewhere else that I wanna go and you wanted her to accompany you all reccess long , like she belongs to you. During that time, I'd rather spend my time alone in the canteen. But when I reach the canteen, I feel really akward. I can see people around me having friends to talk to and sit or chat with there. But me? I have to randomly search for someone I know to talk to them to avoid being the strange one there. But sometimes, I'd sit alone if there is no one I know or no one I would like to be with.

Sometimes, it's tiring to hear all your complains about life or your family or your friends or even your studies. Maybe because I don't have much that troubles me and I'm happy with that. When you are with your friends, forget all your troubles! That's what friends do when they are together!

But if it's really something that you can't hold on to, spit it all out and my shoulders are for your tears to fall on or my ears are for yours to complain.

It's funny that somehow, some people will get irratated or annoyed or pissed off with just something bothering them. Maybe it's because I'm one those who doesn't care much about those small little things that annoyes me in life and are one of those who are really carefree all day long. Unless if something is really really, and i mean really annoying, I will only pay attention of feel gloomy and blue.

People around me, should learn how to be more cheerful and carefree. Stop complaining about how unfair life is to you. Stop complaining about how bad your mum treats you. Stop complaining about how you haven't study when the exam is still far away ( I didn't mean that you shouldn't care). Stop acting that you want me to be with you even if it's written all over your face that you don't want me there.

We can only live once. What's life with all these troubles? Try to forgive and forget. Try to let go of some things that you won't be needing it by your side.

Friends around me, please don't go gloomy or feel down or even get annoyed with a little joke or with just a eeny-weeney, tine bit of stuff troubling you.

So, friends, when we get together, let's laugh our hardest, play our hardest, shout our hardest and most importantly, life live... OUR HARDEST! =)

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