Sunday, August 3, 2008


Ok ok... I finally know what it means by saying, "You're Tagged!" though I know there's a game Tagged... "Tagged! You're IT!"

I was tagged by ah thengtheng... So here are 10 random facts about me...

1. My... thumb is "bendable" if you know what I mean... and so is the finger beside my thumb which I don't know what that finger is called... Ask my pals in school if you don't believe me...

2. I... am in a choir. Is that even a fact?!

3. I play the piano, violin and the guitar (only a little)

4. I... can whistle! HAHAHA!

5. I... sleep during school assembly and in my teacher's car to school and in class every morning

6. I can sleep wth the lights on and even when the radio's blaring just beside my bed and I am *a little* afraid to sleep with my lights off and I'm *quite* afraid of the dark... o=_=o

7. I'm not someone who's good with names or numbers. I can't really remember the name of a person unless I talk to him/her everyday. I can't really remember things like phone numbers but I can definitely remember the number of my house or my mum and dad or even mine and also, I can remember my Identification Card Number.. Thank God!

8. I don't have a clue how I can get full A's in my UPSR and even my PMR... I can assure you that mine was just some dumb luck! Although I hope that this lucky charm can last till I die! =P

9. I'm a HOManiac, which means I'm Leehom Wang's HUGE fan!

10. I sleeptalk...

So there it is! 10 facts about me... Gosh! I'm even revealing some of my deadliest secrets!

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