Sunday, August 3, 2008

Leehom, The Music Man!

Leehom's Music Man concert, 18 and 19 Sept 2008, Taiwan.

But I bet he will be coming to Malaysia for the concert quite soon. But the fastest is maybe, next year... So I'll start saving up for the VIP ticket! Muahahahaha! Anyway, I've been to the Heroes of Earth Concert last March in Bkt Jalil and it was... Woah! One word, Superb! It's my first time going to a concert, and he gave me a whale of a time! But I can only see him clearly on the screen, without the screen, he is the size of an ant.... =_= But I've shouted like hell that night! Haha! So I hope to get into the concert mood all over again!

He's album is coming out soon! As a loyal HOManiac, I'm definitely pre-ordering, and most probably from Taiwan! Hehe... You can't blame me, the pre-order gift from Tw is a hundred times better than the gifts from M'sia. Take the Change Me album for example, in Malaysia, they just gave us a Leehom T-shirt (mine was too large for me, so I wore it as a pyjamas!); in Taiwan, they gave those cool reusable chopsticks!

And also, there will be Japanese exchange students coming over to Malaysia next Tuesday! Can't wait! =)

There's many things going on in my life right now. And, my Piano Pratical is coming up! 18 August for Theory and 19 for the Practical! Oh Gosh! I hope it will turn out fine. I've FLUNKED my Yamaha Grade 5 Exam! Sob!

Anyway, the Beijing Olympics are here soon! 中国加油!北京,准备好了!And, of course, Malaysia Boleh! =)

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