Monday, August 4, 2008


Ok, so today was just another day of Monday BLUES... I only got 4 hours (or less) of sleep last night... O.O It was an accident! I swear! *Mum, Dad, don't kill me...!* I was only coming donwstairs to upload the new pictures I got of Leehom *Yay!* into my cellphone and I was like, Oh! I've the dwnload task for Titanic's done! So... I'll only get a "sneak peak" at it.. But I was mezmorized by Leonardo Di Caprio's Aqua Blue eyes... *drifting away~* Lol...

Some of you may be wondering, Why are you watching Titanic?! It's like almost 10 years ago! But, if I'm not mistaken, this is the 3rd time I'm watching it. My dad was quite a movie fan himself. So, he used to buy DVD's (sad to say, it's a pirated version of it! Eh, the ORI version expensive la~!) of the latest movies and even brings us to the movies! I've remembered watching Jurassic Park and James Bond on his treasured Surround Sounds System...

Just like almost every movie I've used to watch before I can even understand a word that they were saying, I'll just watch what's happening and laugh when everybody else is laughing or can only make out that, ok, this is the funny part or the scary part... So after all these years, I've finally have the urge to re-download movies such as, Disney's Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty [mostly the older musicals], Titanic, Anna and the King and so on... I used to remember watching Snow White when I was still in Kindergarten. I only remembered some portions of it like the Evil Queen poisoning the apple and the crow behind the skull where I used to hide behind a pillow to cover my eyes, and of course, the 7 dwarfs working in the Diamond Caves. *Heigh Ho!* It brings back memories... Sweet ones, of course.

I've just finished watching 13 going on 30, Anna and the King, The Girl who Leapt Through Time, Stardust, December Boys & Whisper of the Heart.

i) 13 going on 30 and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was both pleasant to watch. At the same time, it has a moral behind this story, Take your time to grow up and also DON'T meddle with time!
ii) Anna and the King. I got the urge to download this movie because we were talking about the Famous People in Malaysia. So we talked about Afdlin Shauki, a local comedian. Our teacher said that he was in this movie too. So I remembered watching this before so I wanted to re-watch to reall understand it was all about. I was surprised to find that the little Princess Fa-Ying was actually the young Melissa Campbell! Malaysians should know her as her appearance in local ads were quite frequent. She was the new ambassador for Silky Girl Cosmetics and have appeared in the Yakult Ad too. And of course, there was also Harith Iskandar as one of King Mongkut's assistant, Deanna Yusof as Queen Thiand the Head Wife, Keith Chin as King Chulalongkorn, Jodie Foster as the the British teacher Anna Leonowens, Chow Yun-Fat as King Mongkut and also Tom Felton as Louis Leonowens. I'm sure that Tom Felton would not be an unfamiliar name to all Hary Potter fans as Tom takes the role of the evil Draco Malfoy in the movie.

iii) Stardust was really a story of Dreams and fantasy. I actually wanted to watch this because Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian from the Chronicals of Narnia had appeared in the movie!! It was a story of comedy, fantasy and also romance at the same time.

iv) December Boys was just because I wanted to watch Daniel Radcliffe... Lol!

ps: Happy Birthday to Ling Wei who's birthday will be falling on the 08.08.2008! A very lucky number for us Chinese, huh? 发发发!(发财啦!~)=P

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