Saturday, January 2, 2010

Singapore Trip

Happy New Year! 2-oh-one-oh.. Yes, I know that I'm 1 day or 2 days late. But better late than never, right? =D

So on New Year's eve, I was on my way back from Johor Bahru/Singapore. To be frank, I hadn't had much fun in Singapore... Because we was staying in JB, we had to go through the checkpoint every time we want to go to Singapore. So it was a really tedious job to go in and out of Singapore every time.

Day 1
When we reached Singapore, my dad's fuel tank was almost empty and we forgot to fill up the tank in JB. So when we reach Singapore, my dad went to the nearest Shell station to fill up his tank and the petrol station worker teased my dad and said, "I've only seen Singaporeans going to JB to fill the tank and not see Malaysians coming to Singapore to fill the tank!" And at their petrol station was a 7-Eleven convenient store and it was very much different from the 7-Eleven we have here! They sell lots of stuff! And yummy ones, too! =D

So after filling up our tank, we wanted to go to the city but my dad had some problems using the GPS and we ended up circling around Woodlands, which is near the checkpoint between the barrier of Singapore and Malaysia. Oh, yea. But we had a chance to drive around the Singapore National University... = =

So back at the checkpoint, I find the checkpoint officers there a little rude and arrogant. My dad didn't really know the "rules", which is to open the car booth when entering the checkpoint because they were afraid that we are smuggling chewing gum or bubble gum into Singapore... == No no, just kidding. Okay, so because my dad was kinda like a newbie, he didn't open the booth for the officers to check. And the officer was like banging on the car booth and shouting for my dad to get out of the car to open the car booth for them to check! o.O I'm not sure if this is a M'sian-Singapore thingie or just a "i'm-tired-of-doing-this-everyday-so-i'm-on-my-nerves" thingie...

Anyway, we got into Singapore twice that day just to eat dinner and walk around Orchard Rd. The Christmas decorations was nice and I love the Christmas tree in front of the ION Mall! =D

Day 2
Sentosa Island!!

First, I must say that I'm impressed at the transportation system the management on Sentosa Island had provided. It was really systematic and clean and all things that we can't find here on our public transportation system. Since it was the 30th, they were preparing for the Siloso Beach Party and there was a huge tent on the beach. I don't understand why the people were still swimming so happily in the sea since the waters were, err, not at all clean.

So we went to the Underwater Park there to look around. I saw some giant sea turtles! I've touched and fed the Stingrays in the "Rays of Fun" pool. The cow-nosed Stingray was really playful and kept splashing us with water! But the other big-sized ones were lazing around the waters...

Of course, I've seen the clown fish a.k.a. Nemo and also Dory.. =P

I've saw the Angel of the Sea and I'm still wondering how they manage to capture this micro-sized sea organisms from the cold-water seas. It's really adorable... =D Here's a picture of it:

I've also saw the Jellies in a big aquarium where they light up with different coloured neon lights! Niceeee....... =D

Ah! There was also the Garden Eel who sticks out from the sand.. Haha! It looked like Slimy, Oscar's pet worm in Sesame Streets!

And the highlight of the whole tour was the Pink Dolphin show! Well, the Pink Dolphins I saw were not exactly pink in whole. But they are pink with a little patches of Gray.

ps: I didn't take this photo and the water in the Dolphin Lagoon wasn't that greenish and murky..

We visited the Merlion statue where we saw a Cambodian(I think) man was busy taking pictures of his wife with various kinds of poses which was hilarious! And annoying, because he kept blocking the view... = =

I wanted to go on the Luge which cost $16 for 1 ride. But my mum thought that it was dangerous... What?! @____@

Anyway, my aunt gave me and my 3 other siblings a $50 note when we reached Sentosa and we was like, What?! o.O *wide-eyed* I thought it was just a $10 note! = = So thanks to Be Ee... =) Athough I've only spent like $5.20 to buy a bottle of Green Tea with Jasmine to quench my thirst and also a $1.50 each Bun which looked so delicious! =P And the packaging was so kyute!

This is the bun I was mentioning! The DayPlus bread with natural yeast. It's a Singaporean product made with imported ingredients from Japan. I bought the Hokkaido Cream flavour and the Maple flavour... Oiishi..! =D

On day 3 (31st Dec), we didn't get into Singapore so my trip ended here...

Oh and by the way, I've welcomed year 2010 in the shower this year.. Haha!

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