Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm so lazy now.. Even to blog..

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay... I'm so bored these days and I'm feeling reluctant to even blog! Sigh.. But anyway, here it is.

So the latest update about me now, is I dyed my hair brown! But because of my 'coal black' hair =P, it's only quite obvious under the sun. This was a whole DIY process where my sister bought the hair dye in the pharmacy the day before my birthday because I wanted to try out. Initially, my sister prompted me to get a lighter or a redder colour, but I refused because I was afraid that it would turn out too red. But I should have took her advice in as my hair colour now is just a shade lighter than it was and it's like it was not point dying my hair!

I actually did this behind my mum's back. It was my little brother who had a big mouth and spilled the beans to my mum when he saw what was in the pharmacy's plastic bag... But her reaction was expected. Her angry face and her notorious finger pointing which my family is soooooo familiar with. =P She always shows that look when we are in trouble and even when she see kids cycling dangerously on the road! Lol...

The process was long and boring and quite exciting for me. But I did felt a little sting on my scalp as the hair colour was applied. The label said that I should stop the whole process if the stinging was too intense. But it wasn't, so I guess it was alright. It took more or less an hour to complete the steps and the results I got didn't satisfy me... =( Oh well, everything's worth a try...

Last Monday, the 25th, was my 18th birthday. It wasn't anything special. My family took me out to the Manhattan's Fish Market for dinner the night before and we ate cake on the night of my birthday. I stayed at home the whole, doing nothing... Because all my friends were busy working and some, studying... But I've received loads of wishes from my friends and family via Facebook and text messaging, and thank you all! =D

Chinese New Year always comes during or right after my birthday! So this year's celebration will be extra special since Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's day as well! =D

I might be saving up my ang pau money for my trip to China and Italy this year. Since my family's income wasn't satisfying, my dad didn't really want me to go for that trip. But my salary isn't at all, high enough to even cover 1/4 of the cost. D= Oh and btw, I just got my first pay check today! *Drum rolls...* RM63! Not merely enough, I know. But I only have one student now, what to do?? And now, I'm in a deep dilemma. I couldn't back out from both of my trips since my teacher had already paid 30% of the whole cost to the organizer and the overall cost is calculated by the number of members taking part in this competition! And now, my teacher wants RM1200 as the deposit for the trip to China. The choir had already promise to pay RM800 for this trip and the overall cost will be about RM2200. Is it too expensive? =/

And as for the other choir's trip to Italy, we are working hard to look for sponsors. We will be holding a concert in Klang this March. The cost for this trip will be RM5000++! @_@ Although we are trying hard to gather the amount of money to cover everyone's expenses, but I think it would be close to impossible to collect that much money for each of us...

AHHHHHHHHH! What should I do?! ='(

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