Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Music Lesson in months!

I've totally stopped everything "music" in my life before SPM started so that I could "concentrate more on my studies". Baahhh.. I'm not sure whether that's the main reason..

I've stopped 3 of my music lessons. Or maybe 4 lessons to be exact. 2 piano classes, 1 violin lesson and 1 choir practice. But now, I have only have 2 piano classes, no more violin lessons because my teacher is sick and couldn't give anymore classes, and 2 choir practice to attend to. And I would be flying to 2 countries this year. =) China, for the World Choir Games and also Venice, Italy (Yippee!!) for the Spring Choir Competition.

I've been to China the most. Hmm.. Lemme count. This would be the 4th time going there.

The first time was with my mum who went to 永春, 福建, which is my mother's side's grandpa's hometown. My grandpa's house was like those houses you see in movies set in the olden days in China? I meant those with the open-aired front yard in the middle of the house and the kitchen was "half" opened-air. So we were having Al Fresco dining while we were there.. =P Nah.. Just kidding. And the house have lotssssss of rooms and those rooms were empty. My mum said my grandpa renovated the house and build in more rooms so that when our big family visit his house there in China, they will have enough rooms for us grandchildren... =D There's a big garden in front of the house and a mountain full of Mandarin Orange fruit trees behind the house. There was a pig sty behind the house where my grandpa's sisters rear their pigs. And there was a gas station beside the house where my grandpa's siblings are in charge of. I've got to eat those peaches we usually see 孙悟空, The Monkey King, eating! Yummy!

The 2nd time was to Beijing, Tianjin and Chengde with my family and my cousins, both my mum's side and my dad's side. I've walked on The Great Wall of China, went to the Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square 天安门广场, Temple of Heaven 天坛, The Summer Palace 颐和园, The Beihai Park 北海公园 and much more places that I don't really remember. It was during the Winter months. So the lakes in the gardens and parks and also the drains are all frozen. I didn't get to see the snow fall, but I saw snow that had already fallen on The Great Wall and on the lakes of the gardens. I've sat on the tricycle 三轮车 going through the small back alleys 胡同 eating 冰糖葫芦... Hehe! It was years before the Olympics so it wasn't as beautiful as it is now. But that's ok, because I saw the Old Beijing and I liked it..

The 3rd time was in Xiamen, Hokkien. This time, I went with my choir mates where we went there to take part in the 4th World Choir Games and I'm about to enter the 6th one this year which will be taking place in Shaoxing, China this year. It took place in Graz, Austria 2 years ago and it was too expensive to go there.

And about the trip to Venice, Italy. I'm still not really sure about this trip because we're still not sure whether we are qualified to take part in this competition. But also, European trips equal to a HUGE sum of money.. So I will be performing in quite a lot of places to earn more money and also collect some donations from all of you kind souls out there.. =P

I haven't been touching my piano ever since my Graduation Day where I wrote a song for my class to perform.. =D Therefore, I'm afraid that my piano skills will worsen when I get back to class later... Although I've practiced for 1/2 an hour just now, I'm still a bit clumsy with my hands now. I'll see how it goes later on. I hope my teacher can be a little more patient with me and hopefully, be in a good mood today.. =P

ps: Oh, and I think I'm going to get my very first job next week as a piano teacher... Hopefully my students are not those spoiled brats for needs a good kick in their butts... Lol. I think I can handle this. Or at least, I hope I can... =3

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