Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had been so moody lately... D=

Maybe it's because of the financial problem my family's facing and also the problem I'm facing in my choirs.. My dad's asking me to choose between Italy and China. Of course, I'll definitely choose Italy since I've been to China for countless of times. But I can't back out from any of the two competitions! I've got myself into a HUGE mess that I don't know how to clean up... Sigh! So I'm so depressed with myself. My mum's urging me to go earn some money by looking for a job. I want to have a job! But the problem is the time since I'm having classes for most of my days in a week! I am having a job, which is teaching TWO students piano lessons which I will have RM126 per month. How is that going to be able to pay for my trip/trips?! So now, I'm kind of working in my aunt's office in which I was assigned to tidy her pile of clothes and categorize them into Baby Boys: Months to Years, 2 - 3 years old and Baby Girls: Months to Years, 2 -3 years old. I don't even know whether I'll get paid. It's not that I'm worried that my hard work will be just volunteered work, it's just that it feels weird working for my family member and... Yeah, it feels weird... And my mum keeps telling my aunt that I want to work there and blah, blah, blah! I didn't even say I wanted to work there and she made all the decisions herself! >:( And now when I say that I don't want to work there, she said that I'm making it hard for her as she already told my aunt about it! ARGH!

It's all that Starbucks' guy fault! If he hired me in the first place, I won't have to go through all this trouble!!! SCREWWWWW HIMMMMMMMM!

Ahh.... That felt good... ^^' I've been keeping this in my heart which made me moody all these days... Now, it's all out and my heart already felt lighter!

So now that it's a few more days till Chinese New Year/Valentines' Day, my mum's busy baking cookies and I'm the only one who had been giving her a helping hand since my maid who has an attitude and who is rude and annoying and loud is 'busy' doing things slowly in purpose so that she wouldn't have to help my mum. My mum said she regretted hiring her because no one wanted to hire her in the first place when she saw my maid in the agency! ARGH... I just loath her... =_____=

Now that money is a problem, continuing my studies in Form 6 is back in my consideration. I know that I may had made my decision final when I said that I was positive about studying Contemporary Music, but now that my sister's going off to the US to further her studies, my dad had also been worried about money. Therefore, now I was thinking, maybe I should be studying medicine to become a Pharmacists or a Chemist which will have a more promising future than music...

Sorry for my emo-ness... Like I've mentioned earlier, I had been moody for these few days...

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